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[Video] June 9th-10th

[For the East Coast imPort cities, it's very late, but in Hawaii, it's about 7:30. The video turns on in an elevator, clearly belonging to a nice building (in this case, a fancy hotel). Hermann Gottlieb stands across from the camera, minding his own business. He's dressed fairly nicely, though casually, as if coming back from a dinner. In the hand not occupied by his cane, he has a box that appears to hold a cupcake or two. Leftovers from dinner, perhaps. It's Newt who is holding the camera, as is clear once he begins to sing obnoxiously.]



[The elevator doors open and Hermann looks like he's trying to leave Newt behind. Newt follows down the hall, calling after him.]

Hey hey! Tell everybody how old you are. I want everyone to hear I've got a hot, young, 27-year-old-- [Hermann shoots him a perturbed look over his shoulder. The joke here is that in 2016, Hermann would have been 27. But their pull point is early 2025.] 37. Excuse me. Fine.

[He turns the camera to himself. Stage-whisper:] Blow up this nerd's phone!
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[Cause you know, normally he prefers text, but for you guys...]

Many happy returns, Hermann!
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[One person he's actually moderately pleased to see]

Qubit, thank you. Of course Newton had to make a big production about it.
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Of course. But consider: if he hadn't, I'd never have known.
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Oh I'm almost certain it would have come up at some point. And even if not, it's not particularly important. Technically I should have been 37 six months ago, considering the six month gap in time we experienced in arriving here. It's been roughly 18 months since my last actual birthday.
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Heh - fair enough. Time travel's funny like that.

[Actually, the same's probably true for Qubit. He left in late summer and arrived in late summer, true, but then there's that one week he repeated twenty times to take into account...]