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Doctor's Log 1 | Video

[Angela turns on the feed. She looks a little tired as she's spent most of her time trying to learn about this place as well as working. She's speaking with a slight German accent.]

I thought it may be time that I talk here and introduce myself. My name is Angela Ziegler, I was a surgeon and field medic back home among a few other things. I might be employed as a school nurse, but if anyone thinks that they may need healing, don't be afraid to ask me for help. I promise I don't charge. Well, at least not a lot. [That was a joke and she smiles as she says it.]

I've been here for a few days now, I've learned a few things but I would welcome anymore information people can offer.
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[You had me at "heals."]

Well, welcome to Earth-beta, Miss Ziegler. What sort of information are you looking for?
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"Qubit" is fine. And no, officially it's just Earth. I've been calling it beta to differentiate it from all the other parallel Earths.

[He sits back a bit in his chair.] Let me see. The incidents you're referring to were unrelated, actually. The kidnappings were back in January and February, whereas the other one - that wasn't "ages being swapped," per se, but a large-scale temporal displacement. It was an unfortunate side effect of an otherwise mostly sound experiment. Not one of mine, of course. [Because his are completely sound, you see.]
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handwaving and technobabble ftw

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I do know. A few of us got together, and we managed to invert the portal's wave function long enough to reverse its effects. The whole thing collapsed shortly thereafter, though, so it's unlikely we'll have a repeat of that scenario.
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Don't mention it. Although I certainly wouldn't have turned down a good field medic.

So is that your actual power, now? Healing?