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16 ⚜ Video

[Crane is wearing clean clothes, new shoes, a new tie and frames. There is a clean-shaven appearance to his face. His eyes show rationality and sanity; he isn't staring intently at his captive audience. He's well-mannered, calm and polite - and doesn't wear that blackness that's special in the eyes of some.

Unfortunately, the people he'd spoken to this morning, those he had begun to find fascination in, had come over in a panic. Or a bad mood, perhaps. The reason for their avoidant behavior - and uncomfortable body language - is another matter.

A puzzling one.]

Good morning. This is Doctor Jonathan Crane.

I am a doctor of psychiatry. Psychopharmacology, to be precise.

Back home, I evaluate some of those brought to me by Gotham's finest, so it will come as no surprise to me to hear that some people here are mentally unwell.

[Awkward. He hesitates for a moment; then he crosses his leg and steeples his fingers, before angling his thumbs at the camera.]

My apologies. That is to say, I'm willing to lend a reliable ear if you wish to talk. About intimacy or anything else that scares you, really.

[He doesn't seem interested in talking about fear at all. His pull point is all wrong. The idea that he's a terrorist and an asshole hasn't been put to him yet. Someone has to drop the truth bomb. Also did he really just apologise?]

Moreover, if you're from Gotham, I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. Peculiar things have happened since this world spat me out.

I suppose talking to you will help, if you're even here...

[About? Uh, well, it's Gotham.]
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[Hey, so, out of all these reactions, have you gotten bald-faced disgust yet? Cause if not, you have now.]

Oh, please. You can't honestly think anyone's stupid enough to fall for that.
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[u better not be callin him stupid bro he'll cut u]

This isn't the first time you've tried the nice-guy routine, Crane. It's getting old. Why don't you do us all a favor and go back to whatever hole you crawled out of. [A little shooing motion.]