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[mirrornet | video] team building

[The wayward spell hit Qubit early in the morning, when he was still groggy enough not to notice anything awry. But at first glance, it didn't seem to change anything... except his plans for the day. Originally he was just going to go to work, like usual, but now... He's put this off long enough. Longer than makes sense, actually. Why didn't he do this back in August? There was a need for it then, and there's a need for it now. And that settles it. He'll put out the call at once.

The post is a video, which is unusual for him, but for some reason people tend to think you're not on the level if you stick to text. Which is ridiculous, but whatever, he's got nothing to hide.]

Good morning, imPorts. I know many of you know me, but for those who don't, my name is Qubit. Now, I'm not one for superfluous chatter, so I'll get right to the point.

The Earth I'm from, like several others represented here, is home to a fairly large number of superheroes. In particular, I work with a team called the Paradigm. It's a group of extraordinary people, dedicated to defending the planet and its people from threats both supernatural and mundane. [And he is so proud of them, you guys. They are so alive right now, you don't even know.]

Sadly, thus far, none of them have joined me on this ... extended jaunt. [He waves one hand vaguely, as if this whole thing is little more than an inconvenience to him.] But our mission still applies. And to that end, I've decided to extend a call for new members, effective immediately.

[Sternly, he holds up his index finger.] Before you reply, though, a few things you ought to keep in mind. First, and most important: the Paradigm does not kill, full stop. If you have a problem with that, don't bother applying. Second: no children, for reasons I dearly hope are obvious. And third: this is going to be a small team - no more than six to ten people - at least for now. Mainly due to logistics. If everything works out, perhaps we'll expand the operation in future, but one thing at a time.

[With those ground rules out of the way, though, he's back to a confident, inviting smile. He has no reason to believe it won't work out. Why wouldn't it? The last time he put out a call like this, he turned up more volunteers than he knew what to do with.]

I've set replies screened by default. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to working with you.

Qubit out.
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Aren't you in a chipper mood.

So what are the benefits of, say, assisting by crowdfunding SuperQ Squad?
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Throwing money at you. Investing, I guess. ...Are you pre-crowdfund era? You are, aren't you? Does Kickstarter mean anything to you? GoFundMe? IndieGogo?

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old habits die hard

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Out? What did you run out of, zura?

[Well... he said not to hesitate if he had any questions.]

We can go to the store if you wanna go get more, zura.
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"Headlight... fluid..." zura...

[He's making a list. He's making a list.]

There, got it, zura. Anything else you might need, zura?

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This is...pretty admirable, Qubit.

One question, though -- I understand the problems with killing, but... how sustainable is that? What do you expect to do when a threat has no other way of being taken care of? Or if it's the only way to save millions?

[ What he means is: it's great in an abstract sort of way. ]
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[ Oh my god Qubit. Grudge harder. ]

But I'm saying, what if you can't? I don't doubt that you've found a lot of ways around it -- and I think it's important to figure out any possible solution, but... sometimes we don't have that luxury.

Even geniuses can be outclassed. Believe me, I'd know.

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[ Well.

A lot of those words sounded familiar, as Charles had spoken along the same lines back in his own home world only a week or so ago. He was particularly intrigued by the fact that this man was requesting a process to protect that did not default to killing.

Alright, color him intrigued! ]

Good morning! [ Charles was going to be chipper right back at Qubit. ] Please, let me introduce myself, Professor Charles Xavier. I'm not sure we've formally met?

[ Err, if they had ... forgive him? The Porter might have scrambled the memory a little upon re-entry. ]
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Ah yes, yes I was and hopefully now as well.

[ He's kind of mistaking Qubit's inference and believes the man means from before Charles' ported out for a brief period. ]

I am interested. As for having done this sort of work before, that's a bit of a trickier question to answer. To be honest, I've tried very hard to ensure situations where people have to fight to defend the planet are few and far between. However, when efforts have failed, I've stepped in a time or two.

Err, in a manner of speaking.

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video; un: starlabs

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I have a few. [He isn't wearing the helmet, but enough of the red leather jacket with the golden lightning bolt is visible in the camera feed, it's clear that he has himself a uniform.]

First, your conditions— [A dismissive little wave] —fine. Good idea, all three. Second, I've been patrolling since I got here... [And there's just a second where he looks uncertain (has he been patrolling since he got here? he can't remember much of it) but then it clears.] And I wouldn't mind a few teammates. What kind of missions are we talking about? Anything that comes, or something more specific than that?
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And that's what it should be. I haven't been a part of a team, but if you could use a speedster, the Flash, at your service.

[And if he's privately thinking a team of heroes might be helpful in defending against his nemesis—Barry Allen, Zoom, blue lightning and death wherever he goes—he'll bring that up later.]
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What makes your team different from those that are already operating? Is it an ideologic difference? Or just... You know, the more the merrier?
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Well, you've got that going for you. I guess. I mean, the government here can lean a little heavy on the 'with us or against us' policy.

Not that you're automatically going to have a bad time. You've got the number one morally upright policy.

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You were part of an actual superhero team, Mr. Qubit?

[ Not that she'd disbelieve it for a moment, but still . . . it's kind of amazing. ]
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With costumes and special names and everything?

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