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video: the non-experiment (road not taken)

[The man facing the camera might be familiar, or he might not. His face and voice resemble the Doc's, and the ID still reads 'Emmett Brown', but his demeanor has entirely changed. The man's hair is short and neat, he wears a prim and proper suit with conservative polo, and the eyes behind his glasses bear a stern impression, nothing like Doc's wide-eyed wonder. Perhaps strangest, his room is the vision of neutral sterility, lacking the inventive chaos and sprawling blueprints that usually surrounds him.]

Good evening, citizens. I believe this is the appropriate forum for introductions? My name is Emmett Brown and I have recently arrived in the town of De Chima. I've had a fine welcome, and I thank you, but I confess I'm troubled by some of what I've seen.

I see discord, grit and grime, compounded by the chaos these 'supernatural abilities' are said to bring, and I wonder, perhaps: if there might be a better way. You see, I'm the leader of a peaceful and thriving town, and if we're all to remain here for the time being, I believe I should offer my services to you as well. With some careful planning, we can make this town a cleaner, brighter, and happier place.

I therefore toss my proverbial hat in the ring for the role of Ambassador, and I'd be honored to receive your vote of support.

[He steeples his fingers, glasses glinting in the light.]
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[Okay who are you and what did you do with Doc. Qubit doesn't bother replying to the post, since... he's in the same house. Instead he'll just poke his head in the door assuming it's at least ajar, looking concerned. Enjoy the disorderly hair.]

Emmett? What's this all about? You've lived here for months, for one thing.
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[He's not the only one displeased by this development. It's a big red flag, too - Emmett spends more time with the pups than anybody else does. He loves those dogs. Qubit folds his arms, leaning on the door frame.]

You didn't adopt them, I did. But you're the one who named Kepler.

[Is this another temporal displacement thing? It'd explain the memory loss, but not the... anything else.]

What's the last thing you do remember? Before, uh ... the haircut, I suppose. [Gestures vaguely at said haircut. This is perhaps the part that bothers him the most.]
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So you're the mayor. [-he infers aloud. Even that much doesn't sound like Emmett, though. Neither of them are much for politics.]
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How do you mean?
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We already have a civil society. You're not making sense. [Glancing around the room-] What did you do with all your blueprints? You didn't throw them away, did you?