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video; June 11th

[The video feed opens to a tight-lipped Dr. Gottlieb looking tense and faintly worried, but silent. The camera is set down for a lovely view of sand, ocean, and a setting sun. And then there's Newton picking something up, making wild gestures, and babbling on about sand dollars and where they came from.]

--Normally they'd be soft and any number of colors, but the sand dollars you find on the beach have been dried and bleached by the sun and--DID YOU KNOW, you can determine the age of one by counting the rings in its exoskeleton? Kind of like you do with tree rings and--

[From his voice, Hermann's trying hard to seem interested]

Yes, I'd always wondered..

[He's at least trying to pretend it's sarcasm, but instead sounds something approaching terrified.

And then while Newton's back is turned again, Hermann sets his cane down and lowers himself to kneel in the sand, on one knee specifically. He fusses with his jacket a moment, clutches something in his palm, then - yes, it's a small jewelry box - opens it up and holds it out for the inevitable moment Newton spins around again.

Though he's several feet from the camera, there's still a visible tremble in his arm and he's perhaps not the most balanced.]

Dude, are you freaking out about sand dollars... it's--

No Newton, it's just- it's been.. six months, 196 days - give or take three weeks for various bits of lost time - but it's also been nine years or twelve, depending on when you begin counting. Though I suppose if you want to get technical--

Holy shi- [Newt takes a deep breath, covers his mouth, can't decide WHAT to do with his hands, actually, and resorts to just kind of standing there in the sand, staring wide-eyed at Hermann. His hair has been tousled by the sea breeze and the sunset off the ocean catches in his glasses.]

Anyway, the point is, you've been a constant in my life for approximately a third of it, and I find myself very interested in reaching the point where the portion of my life that I'd spent without you is eclipsed by the percentage in which I've known and- and loved you.

[Newt inhales sharply again, now with a barely-contained squeak, and he looks out at the ocean, at the sand, grinning against his knuckles, just shy of biting them to keep back another enthusiastic and ridiculous sound. Newt might be vibrating with excitement.

He nods, emphatically.]
YES. I--YES. This is the only time you're going to get me unequivocally agreeing with you, Hermann, and it's 100 billion times: yes.

Well that's- you didn't- I was trying to-

[Hermann clears his throat and straightens up a bit, raising his head to look at Newton directly]

You'll marry me then?

[Newt nods while managing an unimpressed eye roll that is ruined by his irrepressible smile.]

Oh no, I asked you two-three times in the last six months just to say "no" when you finally steal my thund--What do you think?--What did I JUST say? I swear to god, Hermann--

You've only really asked me once. Alluding to the subject is not a formal proposal- not that your first one was. But if we have a long enough engagement, it'll be a year--

You're going to make me wait a YEAR?

No, another six months will add up to a year. I think that’s reasonable-

Oh yeah, what's another six months after 12 years--if you're going for some sort of perfect mathematical...ratio…Hermann, I--

For god's sake Newton, just wear the damn ring! We'll negotiate the details later.

[Newt bites his lip and steps closer, eyes on Hermann as he sticks out his hand with a blend of awkwardness and giddy anticipation. He wiggles his fingers.

Fondly, and slightly choked by emotion:]
You are such a pain in the ass.

[Hermann plucks the ring from its cushion- something golden and blue flashing in the sunlight- and carefully slides it onto Newton's finger. He doesn't respond immediately, but when he does it's with even less steadiness than when he started]

Y-yes well, you're the bane of my existence so it's only fair.

[Newt looks up from admiring the ring.]

That's still going in my vows. [He wipes his cheek, skewing his glasses briefly in the process. The glasses need to be cleaned, but he doesn't bother, instead taking Hermann's hands to try to help him to stand.] Come on.

Oh, I don't think that's going to-

[Hermann wobbles in place, then catches himself before he can fall into the sand. He gestures back toward the camera and shifts to sit on his side]

I'll be alright. But we have something of an audience, so why don't you go entertain them a moment.

[ He follows Hermann's gesture to the camera and then grins uncertainly, as if to ask 'you did this? For me?' Public displays of affection and romantic gestures are not things Hermann is usually comfortable with, especially one that is so public and recorded. But it's something Newt has repeatedly desired. they are.

Newt crouches down beside Hermann, his tone is affectionately scolding.]

Oh please. "Newton, go ham it up and pander to the audience." You know that's not how to--

--Well, okay, fine.
[Newt leans in to kiss him, nearly toppling them both in his enthusiasm.]

[Hermann is shy in regards to public affection, but this is a special occasion and a good portion of the imPort population just witnessed his rather flawed proposal. So he leans into the kiss, half-laughing when they nearly fall back together.

He pats Newton's shoulder and straightens up]

You're an engaged man with a new ring to show off. Like you'd ever miss the opportunity.

True. I am engaged... [Dreamily and then, as if it's just sunk in.] I am engaged! Holy shit, he put a ring on--you put a ring on it! I'm engaged! Officially!

[Scrambles over the get the camera and bring it back to where Hermann's sitting. He holds up his hand to show off the ring.] Alright, who wants to see this bad boy?

[ooc: Orange text is Newton, and blue text is Hermann!]
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[Very nearly laughing] Good Lord, Hermann, I have no idea why you of all people decided to film this. But congratulations, the both of you!
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[please, "Mr. Qubit" is my father........ wait, no it's not]

So that's what you were worked up about. It all comes of making things harder for yourself.
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Stop bugging him with logistics, Hermann, and let the man look at the ring. You can see about shuttle service later after you give him a real invitation.
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Please, he's like...Best Man by now.

And, well, he's already seen you enough so I don't need to show YOU off, so let me show him the ring.
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[Oh my god you two. Yeah he is not gonna miss this wedding for anything. You could pretty much sell tickets.]

Well, which is it? Best man or valet parking? [That's just him joking, though, he doesn't leave time for an actual answer before gesturing "come here" to the comm.] Right, let's see it. Is that - it doesn't look like a diamond. What is that?
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He has said what--it could be radioactive for all I know. It goes fluorescent under UV light, he says, a claim he makes when we're conveniently devoid of a light. This, okay, are you seeing this? This is the color of Kaiju Blue and....this gray? Blue gray? I don't know what to call it. It's like...kind of like the color of some Kaiju themselves. Well, lighter, but close. Some were bluish, some a little more indigo , some greenish, but this, right here? Very Kaiju. They usually has bright bluish bands, veins, markings and the stripes are reminiscent of that and...

It's beautiful, isn't it? I feel so shiny and expensive, like holy cow, he robbed Tiffany's. This is ...this might transcend rockstar.