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[Sabriel's sitting at her desk at RISE headquarters, looking like she hasn't had a decent night's sleep for a few days.] This is Sabriel of RISE

Some people seem to have had their memories tampered with. We're still working out the cause- [Okay, Gansey told her Billy did it, but exposing a small child to retaliation is appalling. Billy can deal with the consequences one he's his proper age.]- but there is a possibility it's some sort of magic.

I know we've had some new arrivals- is there anyone here with magical skill who's interested in working with me to get to the bottom of this? If it is magic, the mage responsible has most likely anchored it to some object- if we can find out where they hid it, we can probably find a way to unravel the spell.
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[Qubit's at a desk as well, rubbing his temple with a couple of fingers.]

Of course it's magic. No wonder.

[No wonder he couldn't get any solid data on it, no wonder the effects were (from what he's seen) so wildly inconsistent. No wonder it managed to affect him, too. He sighs.]

If that's the case, I'm afraid I'll have to leave it to your expertise. You're sure it'll be as simple as that, though? What sort of object could he have used?
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Anything I can do? I suppose I could rig up a metal detector if you need, but that's not going to find one object in particular... plus your magic wreaks havoc on my tech, unfortunately.

[He really wants to help!!! It's just too bad he's useless against magic.]
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[Nods. Although, after yesterday, he has a sinking feeling he may have already blown it for himself.]

Fair enough. [And, after a pause-] Take care of yourself, all right? Given how ugly it got last time.