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video; chalk off spot 3 on Doctor Bingo

[ The comm is obviously the Doctor's. And the background is obviously the Doctor's room in Heropa 11 (if you know what the Doctor's room looks like, that is). But there's some sort of hodge-podge device made up entirely of junk and taking up the majority of the bed. There's a fez sitting on a bedpost because the Doctor has money and Heropa has stores so the Doctor can buy hats. And the person who's grinning at the camera like a maniac is definitely not the Doctor. If it wasn't the lack of eyebrows, it's the bowtie and the fact that this Doctor looks like he'd be grumpy granddad Doctor's kid.

There's also a possum that's hanging out on his shoulders. Yeah, space granddad's affected like HELL due to the current plot.

Hellooooooo Heropa! Doctor here, or at least a Doctor, or at least a Doctor that you might not know, though that's the thing, isn't it! I don't know if you know me or not, isn't this fun? [ This Doctor does not shut up. ] But I do know that thanks to a few conversations with a few friends and a little bit of poking around here and there that some things aren't just adding up.

Now, someone mentioned magic. I don't know anything about magic, magic's not my wheelhouse, bother someone else if you want magic, but what I do know about are timelines. People who know people who've got weird memory issues, speak up! Who's affected, who's missing bits and pieces, who's backstories weirdly don't line up with your backstories, this might be a timey wimey problem and I'm the king of timey wimey.

[ There's a pause, while the possum yawns. ] Oh yes! This is Murray, by the way, he's informed me that he's quite happy with his living circumstances though he'd enjoy it if he had a few eggs. I think I'm taking Murray with me if the TARDIS ever were to show up here—he'll be new Handles.

[ another pause before ] Oh and also, I do hope that I wasn't the one who came up with the sonic sunglasses. There's nothing wrong with the screwdriver, screwdrivers are classic, screwdrivers are cool. Tell the other-Doctor if he shows up again that I'm rather put out by the changes! Right, Doctor out!
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Oh, not again. How many faces do you have?

['Cause at this point we're up to something like nine, only one of which he would actually recognize. He can't ever be Sylvester McCoy, can he?]

Anyway, I've already tried the detector from last time and it turned up nothing. So it's not another Porter attempt. Magic seems the most likely at this point, loath though I am to admit it.
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Well, don't take all the credit. I did all the actual building. But yes, last time it was an issue of temporal displacement, and between us we figured out how to tell who was affected. Although some cases ["i.e. you," says his gesture] are more obvious than others. So you don't remember a thing, then?
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Alternate universes? Yeah, that's what it's sounding like. But it does make it harder to detect. Nobody here's from this universe to begin with, there's no baseline to compare against.

... Not that detection alone will do us a hell of a lot of good. Somebody's going to go on a rampage before this is over, I'd put money on it. What we need is to stop anybody getting killed. Any ideas?
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So, making it up as you go along. Suppose I should have expected that.