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reversing polarity (video)

[Doc's room's a mess and his hair's even messier, so all appears to be back in order with Doc. He looks a little weary, but for someone who was dead a few days ago he seems to be just fine. He does look intensely uncomfortable, but that's all to do with the content of what he needs to say.]

Hello again to the imPort community. Dr. Brown here. I'm sure this will be obvious to any of you who know me, but I had no intention of running for De Chima's ambassadorship. I don't support the other Emmett Brown's proposals, they're entirely insane---investing in education is sensible, yes, but not to the extent of our Russian friends! Whatever that man had planned, I want no part of it.

So I'm ending the campaign effective immediately. I apologize if I frightened or disturbed anyone over the last week.
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[Ayyy! Guess who missed the part about you being dead. (Like, I'm sure he heard somebody died, but the news didn't release the victims' names at the time. And also he was a little distracted what with the sudden return of his terrible memories and all.) So while he's been somewhat depressed since the end of the event, seeing Doc looking normal again cheers him up quite a bit.]

Nonsense. It's just good to have you back.
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[A very telling pause.

He can't just say no, he's not going to lie to Emmett's face. Buuut Qubit is nothing if not a master of deflection.]

Well, I was rather busy trying to prevent any untimely deaths. Other than that, though, not much. [which ≠ "nothing," but shhhh.]