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video (ID: L Lance)

[It was only on her second day here that Laurel decided to address the network at large, figuring it was the best way to gain some vital insight. She had read the file that was given to her upon her arrival several times, taking a special interest in the abilities that had been supposedly given to her. Not only did Laurel have extra powers but she also had her weapons and vigilante outfit (neither of which she had put to use yet)

When the video feed comes on, Laurel flashes a smile before getting to her point. She's friendly, but on her guard at the same time.]

Hi. I just have a few questions.

[She was used to speaking in public, given her career path. But there was something different about this, reaching out to virtual strangers over a device.]

First question - Does Star City or Central City mean anything to anyone here?

Second question - Where is a good place for coffee? I need caffeine.

And finally - Anyone have any experience with flower arranging? I can't say that I'm an expert and they didn't teach that in law school. [A wince.] But I really don't want to get fired from my job so any tips would be great.

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1. Star, no. Central, no, unless you mean the one in Colorado. But no one here's heard of Sky City, and it's not the first time I've heard of particular major cities simply not existing here. Bit of an odd assortment, though. For instance, you never hear about Earths that don't have New York or Pittsburgh or something like that.

2. If in doubt, get an espresso machine. Less expensive in the long run, and it'll never spell your name wrong.

3. No idea.
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No trouble. Incidentally, there's nothing to stop you quitting the job they assign you, if you'd rather do something else. That's what I did.

[Actually what he did was call off for the first month, and then they sent him a pink slip when they realized he had no intention of showing up ever.]
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Fair enough. It's largely word of mouth, I think. Or the usual channels - websites, classifieds, etc. A few imPorts have their own businesses established already, you could ask around. What kind of law do you do?