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mirrornet | video

[The video opens without ceremony to Qubit seated at a desk, his hands resting on it with fingers laced. There's some blue glow on him, as if from a large computer screen somewhere out of frame.]

Good morning, Qubit here. You may recall that a few weeks ago, I put out a call for anyone interested in being part of a super-team. This is just to follow up on that.

First off, my timing was a bit unfortunate, considering how many of us were operating with altered memories. [Himself included, though he leaves that out.] Some, severely so. So if any of you who expressed interest are longer interested, I won't hold you to any kind of commitment, but do let me know, please.

If you are still interested - or if anyone else is, either - the offer remains open. This wasn't just a flash in the pan, I've had it in the works for some time now. [Even so, when the spell wore off, it took some deliberation to decide not to withdraw the offer. But in retrospect, he's sort of grateful to Optimist Qubit for doing it. It turned out to be just the kick in the arse he needed to get this train rolling. Limiting the offer to people he knows and trusts isn't feasible, since uh. he doesn't totally trust anybody.]

The conditions outlined before still apply, naturally. No children, and no killing. With that in mind, if you want to join, let me know ASAP so we can start hashing things out. Thank you.

[He gestures to the camera, and it ends the feed. As before, all comments are ICly screened.]
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Forgive my curiosity, but what sort of work would you expect to be doing with such a team?
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Cooperating with local law enforcement then? I'm not sure where the government draws the 'vigilante justice' line.
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[That was sarcasm, just to be clear]

What sort of heroes have you been recruiting then?

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I don't do teams well. [ he's TERRIBLE at teams unless it involves the Doctor bossing everybody around, which he knows isn't going to happen here because Qubit is Qubit. ]

But I'm up for being Q Branch or occasional team-ups or something like that.
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It's James Bond! [ the Doctor responds, as if it's the most obvious thing ever. ] Did they have James Bond in your universe?
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We'll have to change that sometime. They've got James Bond in this universe, don't they?

[ the Doctor was stuck on Earth in the 1970s. He's great at that decade of pop culture, not too much on others. ]

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When you say no children, what's your draw line?
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Ah, well actually I just turned eighteen. Sound good?

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I may not be much of a fighter, but should you need a technical support team, I'm offering any resources I have.
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I always have extra electricity on hand. And I've been considering expanding my stable of inventions---if you're not killing, perhaps you'd find containment bubbles useful? I'm working on something with my shielding ability as a base.

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What's the cut-off age for 'children'?
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Good. [ it pisses him off that he's dismissed so easily due to age, because he knows he has more experience than many older people around here - but on the other hand, it means no actual 'children' can have a chance to fuck up their childhoods any worse than they have already.

...even so, he was born to protect, and has been a law enforcement officer or sorts since said 'birth' - it bothers him to not be permitted to do the things he was raised for. ]

We're busy with more important shit anyway.

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Uh. Hi.

I never actually killed anybody. That was kinda somebody else.

So... If nothing else, I felt like clarifying that would be a good idea.
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That's understandable. Most people don't want to have in-depth conversations with confessed killers.

[ It's still unsettling even if it was her life and others on the line, and she's still iffy on excusing it herself. ]

I like to think that knowing about a possibility like that will help me to react differently if I'm ever faced with a similar situation. That's really the most I can take from what happened.