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i am kaiju, hear me roar

[And Newt is back from his excursion through the Porter. Power update is go.]

(Private) Direct Call to Hermann

Hermann? Hey. Look, I don't have my keys on me and I think I got Ported out? If you're pissed at me, let me just say this is no more my fault than the submarine was, or than your German excursion for you, but--no, that was ACTUALLY KIND OF your fault. It was within your power to control, so-- So anyway. Not the point.

You home?

(Private) Direct Text to Qubit

Hey, can I have a portal or something from the Porter to our--mine and Hermann's--apartment?

Public Post

What the HELL? I go away for two-three--FIVE days and KAIJU attack the cities? Please tell me someone saved me a piece of the action. A brain? A liver? A spleen, even? ...A scale? And I hope it's been preserved, because I'm getting REALly tired of ground-up, slice-and-dice samples left out to decompose. Doesn't anyone have any appreciation for what I'm trying to do?

This is bullshit. Seriously. The most prominent kaiju-xenobiologist in this dimension-- It DID that on purpose!
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direct text

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[Qubit is actually very relieved to get this text. Hermann had told him Newt was gone, and while he'd been hoping it was only temporary, he's at least half pessimist, so...]

Newt! Good to hear from you. I can't 'port directly into the lab, but if you're on the surface I can do that.

Is everything all right? Does Hermann know you're back? - No, of course he knows. Does he know you're en route?
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Don't be absurd, of course he didn't. He's been disconsolate.

Portal incoming.

[And portal get! Qubit is on neither end of it, since his presence isn't strictly necessary, and he figures Team K-Sci will want to get their reunion on without some third wheel in the way.]
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A favor? Should I be worried?
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[tbf newt he uses his portals constantly, but]

Well, now you have me curious. It's not about drifting with any supernatural forces this time, is it?
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All right, then. Take care.

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some time later, once the post is up

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They weren't kaiju, incidentally. They appear to be imPocreats. Jury's still out on how they got there, though. Nobody's claimed responsibility for the attack.