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What do you do when a constant external factor prevents you from moving forward with the practical application of your research?

[ qubie qubie qubie months of work and all he has to show for it is what is essentially a glorified ham radio he is very sad. all the sad. time to move back to the nanite research. ]

And has anyone here with shapeshifting abilities given themselves an extra appendage, removed it, and then studied how the nanites react to it?

((ooc: didn't make ac this round and so will be dropping out for august. if anyone wants to continue if i make it back in september just let me know!))
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[Did you mean: my life]

[dryly] Generally I keep attempting workarounds until either something works or the whole assembly gets defenestrated.

Now what was that last part again? That's not something you've tried, is it? [Bad enough Newt goes around dismembering himself for science...]
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[Agito pls.] Hah. Ha ha. Tell Agito not to quit his day job.

So parts of one?