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Three Griffin Feathers | video

I realize that six-

That seven months isn’t quite enough time to adjust to everything available when there is such a large change in technology from my world. With that in mind, can anyone tell me how to prevent someone from contacting you over this?

[She taps the screen. Someone has had far too much interaction with Ikki]
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I can. Someone been harassing you?
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Right. Well, the comm client doesn't include the option natively to block individual users, unfortunately - the closest thing to that is the filter feature, but that only applies to broadcasts like this, not direct messages. It's easy enough to extend, though. I can send you a simple mailer-daemon to bounce his messages, if you like.

[Kudos if you understood any of that. :') ]
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Mailer-daemon, yes. [... oh, right, medieval times.] It's not an actual demon, no. Just a bit of code running in the background. You won't even notice it.
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[Bwuht? He appears genuinely surprised at that, but then smiles and shakes his head.] Don't worry about it. It'll take me all of three minutes, anyway.

[As a matter of fact, he's already typing. Ask him about the time he threw together a full-featured evil AI in under two weeks!]
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[wow excuse u he is a scientist]

If you're going to insist, then just consider it a favor. Now, who are we blocking?
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[ok for starters thats an oxymoron by his definition of magic. and second how dare you B| ]

[and yes we definitely need to distinguish him from all those other Ikkis running around]

Ikki... Minami. [type type type.] All right. Give me a minute, I'll call you back.

[call ended]
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2/2; text

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[And true to his word, shortly thereafter, he sends over a text with an executable attachment entitled ~QDAEMON. (Do all his filenames start with Q? Who knows)]

Program attached. Just run and done.
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Don't mention it.