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It seems the Porter hasn't become any more reliable in my unplanned absence. I apologize for disappearing without making proper arrangements beforehand. For those who have been brought here in the interim three months, my name is Death the Kid, and I was previously here for eighteen months.

Should anyone here now who recognizes the term "Shibusen", please contact me immediately, and if anyone has the time to help catch me up on the events of the last three months, I'd greatly appreciate it.

[ a pause, and then: ]

... How ironic, that after having been here for 18 months, I've returned in time for my eighteenth birthday.
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[Oh hey he remembers this kid!]

Well, happy birthday, Death the Kid. [The name sounds a little stilted the way he says it - you could shorten it to "Death" or "Kid," but neither one sounds right somehow.] Good to have you back.

So you're looking for a recap from May onward?
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[personal profile] superposition 2016-08-10 08:44 pm (UTC)(link)
All right. So you know about the attacks in July, and the, uh... magical accident, I suppose, in June. [What we learned from that one is, Billy Kaplan should have his magic license suspended.] Oh, and the ambassadorial elections. Where would you like me to start?