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[ The Doctor gives the camera a grin and a little nod. ]

Hello network! Just have a quick question here, time to take a roll call! Who's got magical creepy healing powers?

[ this is "being subtle." Sorry Clara. There's a big grin before, ]

Oh! Also, how do you own a shop? Apparently I got promoted. I've worked in a shop before but I don't think I've ever owned one.
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What did you do this time?

[Side-eyeing you pretty hard here. Call it a hunch but he kinda doubts the Doctor would be asking about healers if he didn't either need one, or anticipate needing one very soon.]
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[Haha yeah Qubit can spot technically-trues a mile away sorry bro]

Uh-huh. Then who did?
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Oh, okay, well, that I can almost buy.

Except for the part where you're actually thinking about this ahead of time.

[said the pot to the kettle]
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[opens mouth

closes mouth. and switches to private anyway.]

Look, don't change the subject. Is someone hurt or aren't they? Just tell me straight out.
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[GM: "Roll for Sense Motive. That's a 15.... hnn, close, but he does seem to be telling the truth. You're still not totally convinced he's telling the whole truth, but damned if you can tell what he's leaving out."]

All right. Nobody's hurt.
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Mm, I suppose that's true. [He rubs his chin, but... all right, fine. He'll drop it.]

... [And pick up the other one to be mean about.] As to the, uh, shop ownership, I'd think keeping your revenue higher than expenses may be a good place to start.
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[A slight inward hiss through his teeth.]

Yeeeah. Unless your watches also make phone calls, give directions, and/or print money...
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[Heh.] One out of three isn't bad. But can they text?