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[It probably says something that the irritability doesn't raise a red flag here.]

A hand? Cultivating an interest in physiology now, are we?
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Of course I can. It's a complex system of bone, flesh, and sinew evolved for the purpose of fine manipulation. One of the trickier mechanisms to duplicate through robotics, actually.

... But that's getting off-topic. [Is it, Qubit? Is it?] Where are we starting, here? Bone structure, muscles, tendons? Sensory and motor nerve endngs? Blood supply? ...
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Are you working on a robot hand? [If he's not concerned with the parts that make it organic...]
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Well, I'd be interested to see what you've got. [He's guessing Tetsuo's already started on it, since he's not really the type to ask for help before he absolutely needs it.] Come to think of it, I never followed up on your pinball machine, did I? How did that go?
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Then can I have a look at that one? It's done, isn't it?
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[which of course Qubit has never heard of.]

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[oh yeah some of us are even like... anti-psychic.]

You named your-? Never mind. I'll drop by in a minute.

[and to further prove he is not a mind reader, he will indeed portal in ... at Nonah #005. Because he may or may not have assumed Tetsuo was talking about the house garage. Doorbell!]
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What do you mean, "what"? I'm not going to just break into your garage.

[This is starting to become a bit suspicious. Sure, Tetsuo's default setting is antagonistic, but it's not as if he doesn't know why Qubit's here.]
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[Qubit catches it before it can latch, pushing it an inch or two.]

Tetsuo. Is something wrong?
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[Yeah no he's familiar with that tone. So now you've got him not just curious and nosy, but also worried, which is probably the worst of the three.]

What's going on? Did something happen?
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[Now technically that second bit is answering a question that wasn't asked. And since he's obviously lying...]

The hell you are. [Qubit pushes the door in further, trying to get a better look at him. The cape is new, isn't it?]
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[Qubit follows him in (that was basically an invitation, right?), but after just a split second of confusion he realizes what's wrong here. His breath catches, his eyes widen.]

Good God. Your arm.

[All at once the pieces fall into place. That's what he wants an artificial hand for. A prosthetic.

Ordinarily he might temper his response - Tetsuo's never responded well to sympathy - but this is a pretty potent callback on a couple of levels. For a second he can't even find words, and for Qubit that's saying something.]

... Tetsuo, what happened?
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[The shock wears off quickly. He doesn't have to say everything; Qubit's good at filling in the blanks, and a few are safe to guess at already. Tetsuo got in over his head somewhere, and was too proud to ask for help, and the situation escalated and now he's short an arm.

Qubit finds himself starting to see red, but for once, the anger's not directed at Tetsuo. Which isn't all that rational, really. The humiliated silence, the avoidance of eye contact - logically speaking, there's a significant chance that this is at least partly Tetsuo's own fault. He has a history and all. But... he's finally starting to turn his life around. He's come so far from the drugged-out, half-psychotic shell of a human being Qubit found in the trash a year ago. He's still proud and temperamental and, worst of all, a teenager, but he has so much potential.

... Logic has nothing to do with Qubit's feelings here. The essential truth is, at some point he started genuinely caring about the kid's well-being, and now he's in too deep. His next words come out low and chilled.]

Who did this?

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