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002 ➳ Video

[Daryl isn't showing himself with this video, instead, he's showing one of the superpowered and costumed natives he'd just beat down and hog tied (yes, hog tied, though the girl was allowed to sit up to wait for the cops to pick her up). A bastard in bright orange and blue with green lightning poorly sewn across her chest. At this point she had a black eye and a split lip. Not something Daryl was proud of, but when she was throwing punches the way she was, he'd had to fight back.

A smart phone, Stark Tech model, was brought into view and on it, already running, that app. '4'. With it's 'be the best you possible' slogan lit up under the day's scheduled events. One of which was 'supervilliany' from 5-9, right after 'golf with dad' from 2-4.]

Don't know about the first couple I ran across, but one of them hero-wannabes dropped hers during a fight and the guy she was taking down had it runnin', too. Been checkin' since. This is the eighth and every one of 'em has had this thing goin'.

[A moment later and Daryl tossed the Stark Tech phone at the girl on the ground, letting it land hard with loud crack. Phone didn't quite break (good phone), but the screen was shot to hell. His next words were for the girl, not his audience.]

Ain't really being 'the best you possible', asshole.
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[Statistically, that could easily be coincidence. Half the country's got a Starkphone at this point. But Qubit's been investigating the people affected for most of the week, and apart from living in Porter cities, there's been nothing they all have in common. He'd need to check, but if this is true...

"If you start down that road again, I'll know."]

You think Stark's responsible?
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Tch, go figure. That'd be tricky, using a phone as a transmission vector... Some kind of contact agent on the case? [Great, now he's thinking about how he'd do it. But... he needs more data.]

Have you been confiscating the phones? How many have you got? I need to take a look at them.
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Good, do that. [Qubit no that's called theft.] Let me know when I can drop by for it. I'd rather that not be recorded.
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"Something"? What kind of "something"?
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[Hngh... Qubit rubs his forehead briefly.]

As long as he doesn't alter anything.