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[ This was not the route Charles wanted to take with this. But his attempt to handle it privately and internally had been met with the same level of dismissal as the conversation he and this version of Tony Stark had back in April.

Which was to say, complete dismissal.

After speaking with Peter, Charles had spent a few hours on the top of the roof considering his next move. Tony was … Tony had been his friend. One of the first he’d made upon coming to this new world, second only behind Erik and at times a support for him when Erik had been … Erik.

He didn’t want to have to do what his gut was telling him needed to be done, but if Charles had learned anything from tangling with En Sabah Nur; if he’d learned nothing else from Raven, Hank and Erik … he’d learned that he couldn’t just bury his head in the sand and hope for the best. Hope was important, hope was vital but it could be just as destructive when not balanced with the resolve to do what needed to be done, when innocent lives were on the line.

Though he had now been awake for almost two days straight, a fact that might be noticeable to anyone who knew him well, the professor was sharply dressed (three piece suit and all) and looked resolute from behind his desk. He had been busy, from well before dawn and up to this point.

He had shifted pieces all across the chessboard and while he did not delude himself in to believing that Tony was even in check, Charles knew the next moves would require aid from the imPort community as a whole. ]

Good morning.

It is with great regret and sincere apology, we must announce to the world that an internal investigation has revealed that the StarkTech “4” application is an abomination and an expression of the weakness and failure of its creator; Mr. Anthony Edward Stark.

[ Peter Parker is standing behind Charles and to the right, leaning slightly on the desk to keep himself in frame. Where Charles is dressed to the nines, Peter looks like he’s come straight from the lab--rolled-up sleeves, goggle hair and all. He sways forward as though he’s about to cut in, then just as visibly bites it back before he waves Charles to continue. ]

Though many of our customers believe themselves to be ‘the be the best you possible’; this is a false impression, that you are paying dearly to experience. Both financially and emotionally.

The founder of StarkTech, Mr. Tony Stark has been found to have developed the “4” app, outside of company resources, specifically in order to market it, hook users and gouge them for monetary gain. But worse than that, he is manipulating them into believing a false image of both him and themselves.

The powers we’re seeing across the various cities are not real. They are the product of the application. They include mental as well as physical alteration, that leaves people desperate to be the best, while in truth they are being manipulated by a man who is attempting to play god.

[ Peter cuts in: ]

Our best guess is that he’s using a variant of his proprietary Extremis technology--nanite chains that he seeded into the environment somehow, maybe by contaminating the food or water supply, and got into people’s systems. From there, it’d be as simple as activating the app, and he could rewrite its users--from the DNA on up--as easily as you or I would rewrite a grocery list.

[ The interruption is actually timely, as Charles found it more difficult than he’d expected to vocally challenge his friend with ’playing god’. Though he maintains a professional air, anyone familiar with him might see the hints of strain; particularly around his eyes.

Once Peter has said his piece, the professor squares his shoulders and continues, in a strong, business like tone. ]

Mr. Stark, you will find that I have seized control of all StarkTech assets, including your bank accounts. Yes, even those bank accounts, and those. I have also taken the preventive measure of seizing your personal assets and we are disabling all electronic access routes into these buildings.

[ Because trying to keep Tony from electronically accessing his property? Yeah, good luck with that one, but they could still pull the plug. So to speak.

However, after he makes these statements, a small crack appears in the emotional armor, and Charles sits forward, directing his next words to his friend. A last ditch attempt to reach him. ]

Tony if you are hearing this, and I know you are, I beg you … again to cease with this madness. This is not the ’future’. This is not how people grow and develop. You are attempting to change the face in the mirror and I tell you now, that this is not the way to find what you’re looking for.

[ After a pause, he leans back. ]

To the rest of the imPort community, I beg you to understand that these natives you are encountering, the ones with powers, they are under the effect of this application and not in their right minds. Please consider them victims in need of our protection, rather than enemies to be harmed.

Until we can disable the app, they’re as good as under Tony’s complete control.

[ They’ve said just about everything that needs to be said, but Peter can’t bring himself to leave it at that. Tony is more than a client-slash-boss or his oldest associate here. Sometimes, maybe most of the time, they barely even like each other, but he is family. Peter leans in close enough to the camera that he almost shoulders Charles aside, and adds, voice low and intent: ]

Tony, I know this isn’t you. Whatever our history, whatever disagreements we’ve had in the past, I know you’re not a monster. If there’s any part of you that understands this, and still has control, turn yourself in. I can help you. I will help you.

But we’re also going to stop you.
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[Meanwhile, through a lot of digging through the machine code (he's gonna be seeing 1s and 0s in his sleep), Qubit has just arrived independently at the same conclusion. And he's furious, although at this point it's still a seething rage.

He warned Tony. He warned him not to make Qubit his enemy. Mr Stark done fucked up now.]

I can confirm the nanite theory. It's all there in the binaries.

[and a heavily encrypted private text to Charles's comm:]

Xavier - psi me.
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It's good to have some independent confirmation. Though I almost wish I'd been barking up the wrong tree, as embarrassing as that'd be.
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private, so very very encrypted

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Did you work for him?
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In the past tense. Current tense, or more accurately very recent past tense, I was an independent contractor. And he's my mentor. It's--it was already complicated before all this.
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[Either way, it's betrayal. Qubit's expression softens a little. He knows it doesn't help to say "I know how you feel," but he does.]

You did the right thing. Now that we know, we can put a stop to this before he does any more damage.
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[ A wry expression. ] Don't suppose you've got any bright ideas? Most of what I know about this stuff is what I've picked up from Tony.
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[excuse u Peter all his ideas are bright ones! even the monumental failures.]

Of course I do, but none that I'm going to discuss here. [Even encrypted. It doesn't do to underestimate a guy like Tony.] How did you find out he was doing this?
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All credit to Charles. We were talking about how Tony seemed a little strange recently, and he decided to give him an, uh, mental once-over.
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[Qubit lets him in, albeit only far enough for communication, as ever. It's probably clear even at a glance that the rest of his mind is locked up tighter than a clam with lockjaw.]

First of all, you have my complete support. Stark's a fool if he thinks he's going to get away with this. If your location becomes compromised, contact me and I'll provide an evac.
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I'd count on it. You've forced his hand - I'd be more surprised if he doesn't try to kill you.

[That's the voice of experience. Tony kept him on the run for the better part of a week, back in April, and he hadn't even discovered anything concrete about his plans that time - just the lengths he'd go to to hide them.]

Still, every minute you can stall him is another minute for the rest of us to mobilize. I'm guessing that was your plan. You know him better than I do - what do you think he'll target second?