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video; 001

[ The video begins with a deep sigh as a somewhat disheveled Theon Greyjoy. He's gotten himself all angry and frustrated just by struggling with the device. He's responded to others, but never had to record his own message. Now that he's gotten it figured all out, he's angrier than he normally would be and his voice comes out in a hiss. ]

Would someone care to tell me what I'm supposed to do with this?

[ He slams an open hand against the wall behind him, perhaps with a little too much vigor. When he lifts his hand, the image of a fearsome golden kraken is emblazoned onto the wall. He looks annoyed. Clearly, he has not yet seen its full potential. Merchandising, Theon. Merchandising. ]

It's the sigil my House, House Greyjoy. The rulers of the Iron Islands. Great seafarers and archers, and once great kings. [ The typical spiel, but definitely the cliff's notes version. ] Every time I touch something with too much force, the same thing happens.

[ He slaps another kraken onto the wall, just to prove his point. As proud as he is and as willing as he is to fluff up his House's reputation a bit, this is ridiculous. ]

What point is there to this? What use is it to me?
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So what happens if you punch yourself in the face? Do you get a tattoo?
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You could use it if you get lost somewhere. [an immediate, confident answer from a man in a pointy hat.]

You can leave yourself a sort of breadcrumb trail with it that the crows can't eat.
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[that's hurtful, Theon.]

Typically children with a fondness for sweets, as I understand it. But that's one useful thing for your list.

Anyway, that bit about House Greyjoy - was that a name you lot chose? Seems a bit conflicting, you know, "Grey" and "Joy", they don't quite make sense together.

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text always;

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Open an etsy.
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Online shop. For kitsche crafts. Animal patterns. You could put the squid on little pillows and shit.

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[ Mark's eye lights up in a purely capitalist sort of speculation. ]

I have a few ideas.
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[ Mark isn't offended by the surliness. Hell, he hardly even notices it. It's the precise sort of surly he gets sometimes, after all. ]

That's your House Sigil, you said? Are you willing to make a profit off it? [ He makes a dismissive gesture, brushing aside the protests he's anticipating. After all, his own father - and brother, for that matter - would probably pass out if t-shirts with the Vorkosigan family livery were sold. His mother would find it hilarious, he thinks. But, well...He's expecting resistance. ]


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Oooh, put it on a pillow!

[ none of these people are offering good ideas. ]


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I bet it would make a neat t-shirt.

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[A pause.]


Well, that would be most bothersome.


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: video;

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[Coming off a fit of laughter, amusement lingering in his voice,]

Is that... is that your only 'power'?


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[ Well, if Carl had a sigil of his own, he'd be abusing that power for profit. But this guy seems to be big on everyone knowing the house - family? - name. ]

Well, my idea is to beat up some bad men and when you are done, put that sigil up so everyone knows who did it. Or just do something awesome and then put the sigil up.


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a month later. voice. private.

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I trust that by now your temper has cooled, Theon Greyjoy. And perhaps you've been given some answers of any use, too.

voice. private.

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voice. private.

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voice. private.

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voice. private.

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