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💣 003 | audio

Yeah. This Christmas thing. It's just fucking over the top, innit? You do know we're barely into December? You need to calm down, all of you.

[Alfie's tone is chiding, but in a light and teasing way that isn't really meant to be taken as a serious condemnation - he's actually been in an okay mood these past couple of weeks. This is just one more car on the culture shock train. The Christmas celebrations and decorations that he's is used to seeing at home are much more subdued, and definitely don't start this early in the season.]

Is this an American custom, or a twenty-first century custom? If I were to pay a visit across the ocean, would the Europeans be kicking up this much of a fuss? Fucking hell.
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[ She shudders lightly against his touch, but she's not quite ready to give into him just yet. Instead, she lets him shut the door, plopping down onto her bed. She watches Alfie go about undoing the buttons on his shirt, her own shirt and pants remaining on, daring him to do something about it. ]