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004 {video}

This is the worst thing I've ever seen. It's uglier than sin.

[There's no Sookie on camera, only a brightly colored tshirt with some godawful chevron details. It's got a stylized picture of Sookie's face, next to the words "Oh bless your heart!"

She didn't even buy the damn thing. She'd been so mad she stomped out of the store with it.]

I found this shopping at the Y'all-Mart. Is this legal? This can't be legal. Who do I yell at for this?

[Baby's first unlicensed merchandise. How sweet.]
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Wow. [Have you asked for Chilton's opinion? No? Good.] That is a criminal offense.

I mean, visually.
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"In style now"? Oh no, no, maybe some years ago. I fear they have you discounted.
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Find a lawyer and sue them
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Could try asking nicely, I suppose, but I've had better luck with the lawyer route.
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I fail to see why it wouldn't be.

[ Modern laws: do you know them? Theon doesn't. But he's also--he's comfortably dressed in a fur coat and a t-shirt, so he may not understand modern fashion either. ]
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[ He smirks, eying the chevron atrocity once more. ]

You needn't concern yourself with anyone making money from that.

[ That means a lot coming from the man dressed like...well, dressed like Macklemore. He's yet to find a happy medium between the fashion of his own time and the fashion of the modern age. Take away the fur coat and it really wouldn't be half bad, but he seems comfortable enough. ]

Aye. I suppose I should thank you for that.
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If you have a manager, I'd say her. If not... maybe look into getting one?
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Maybe look into getting a new one?

[Though really, she's famous now. That's just the way things are going to be.]

Sorry I'm not more helpful. Thankfully, this one hasn't come up for me yet. At least not that I've seen.
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Don't sue, just threaten to sue if they don't cut you into their profits.

Import shit sells like fuckin' hotcakes, doesn't matter how awful it is.
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Won't happen. They'll just make a new website or set up a stall somewhere else. You're a marketable product now, girl. [Chloe shrugs.]

Either ignore it or take advantage of it.
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Is that your face on a shirt? How the hell did you get your face on a shirt?

[ Never mind that it's ugly. That's beside the point. ]
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[ Video ]

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It happens all the time, here. We are "heroes" and considered public figures.
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Goddamn. [Sam is equal parts horrified and amused as hell.] Can't say I'm surprised you got yourself a fanbase way quicker'n I did, Sook.
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Yikes. This is precisely why I don't do t-shirts, because the people who buy t-shirts have the worst taste. Sadly, this is par for the course, and trying to control it is more stressful and expensive than just knowing it's out there.

You should have seen some of the Halloween offerings.
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Wow. Wow. That's... so awful it kinda comes right back around to being amazing.
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It might be. Depends whether or not it was produced by a third-party producer of knockoffs or if the show you're on licensed your image. If it did, there's probably nothing you can do—the release would've been included with whatever mountains of paperwork they threw at you before you went on camera.

[Elena speaks with both authority and sympathy. GIRL SHE HAS BEEN THERE.]
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It could always be worse. It could be drug paraphernalia.

[Having smoke-based powers means she's popular with some very specific crowds.]