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XIV - VIDEO - New Father

[ The feed opens up focused on a small green iguana with tiny wings crawling all over a hand.

Max lifts the hand up, and tilts the camera up as he holds the baby lizard up to his face and grins like a madman. ]

Look! Look at my new baby! She has wings! Is that not the coolest?

What do you guys think? Does she look like a Marduk or a Brigid?
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[Why does she have wings?

why do YOU have wings riku]
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[oh fuck she's cute]

Heh... they suit her.
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[Riku considers, then closes his eyes, searching his brain for something good. Finally he makes his announcement.]

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[There was someone here by that name once upon a time, wasn't there...?]
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A bodyguard...

[Riku considers.]

I feel like I met him.
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A new friend, Max?
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I'm sure. And she has such fine wings, as well. That is not a standard characteristic of this world's reptiles, is it?
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My vote's for Marduk. Regardless, I'm sure she has a great life ahead of her.
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She'll be very happy with you. I'll have to come see her at some point.
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[Oh hello big baby lizard, meet Leon, Naminé's tiny leopard gecko. He's sitting on her shoulder while she adjusts the camera and gives Marduk/Brigid the most unimpressed look ever.]

She's very cute. Is Marduk a name popular on your world? [A pause.] It kind of reminds me of a normal duck.
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[She makes a small curious sound, then glances at the lizard.]

Probably! I'm sure she could do it if she wanted to. Though she looks a little sleepy right now, instead.
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It must be! Thank you for all your hard work, Marduk.