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With the power back and business resuming as per usual, a palpable relief can be felt throughout the imPort cities. Any grumbling over the excessively generous reward packages distributed to bounty hunter imPorts has been a quietly growing sound as the new month marches on.

As seen in all major news outlets:
During the power outage last month, the unsavory among us used the confusion to not only attack and loot their fellow Americans, but some took it much further and stole away many a man, woman, and child. Dozens of missing persons cases were filed and only a few have been solved by the police. In this time of need many started looking to the 'Angel' who's been solving the odd case here and there over the last several months and it seems that their prayers were answered. At least ten children, all of whom were reported to the police as having gone missing during the outage, have been returned across the last three weeks since the power came back on. Investigations into another dozen who have been reported as now back home with their parents are currently inconclusive as to who facilitated this miracle.

However, there is a darker cloud over these fortunate reunions than there has been in our past reports. One of the locations the would-be savior left information about in their usual manner was raided by the police. The bodies of several men were found, having been murdered in a gruesome fashion, and left chained to a bed frame. Three of the returned children were reportedly found there.

It appears that the 'Angel' watching over our children is a vengeful one.

We went to the streets to ask for your opinions on the matter with mixed results. Jo Mamuh of Maurtia Falls believes "It's about time someone did something right for a change! These people have been preying on our children long enough. They deserved what they got!". Khold Shoder of Heropa said "Saving children is always a good thing, but this Angel should have left them tied up for the police to find so they could be held accountable in the courts for their actions." Anne Asole of Nonah questioned "Do we even know if the Angel is the one that killed them? They've been leaving information for the police to follow up on. Maybe someone else found those [redacted] and did it. We don't have proof it was the Angel at all!"

As seen in the best television news networks:
Thanks to the efforts of the known cannibal imPort, Ken Kaneki aka Haise Sasaki, as well as imPort ambassadors, Petyr Baelish, Lucy Pevensie and Miles Vorkosigan, a new petition presented to the government went through this past month, allowing imPorts who have proven special needs in order to stay alive to be able to receive these resources from the government regardless of their registration status.

Once closely read, this new law contains a series of sub-clauses detailing examples, amounts allowed, and many other specifics, but also partially frees the government from the responsibility of the imPort's needs. Officials have specified that should they be confronted with an imPort who has special needs that they have not yet encountered, they will have to assess it separately at that time.

While Mr. Vorkosigan and Miss Pevensie have refused to talk to the press, Mr. Baelish was ready to speak: "I believe today marks a new milestone in the relationship between imPorts and the government. Ken Kaneki was very brave, very well-spoken, and very concise in his ideas. It was an honor to work with him on this, and I hope others use this as an example of what can be accomplished."
Ken Kaneki himself has accepted answering some questions regarding his nature, but his focus on those who have helped him "Thanks to the government that has so kindly heard my words and reached this decision, we see it is possible for us to understand each other and live together, regardless of how different we are. I'm grateful to all who have helped and supported me, our Ambassadors who so readily extended their helping hand, and my mentor and friend, Count Dooku, who was always by my side during this."

"The Kennibals", Kaneki's now official fangroup, has reacted positively to the news, revamping their whole website with notes of "Victory" and "Fairness", not just for their Hero, but every Hero who finds themselves in a situation like Kaneki's. However, not all response is positive, as some natives claim this was "crossing the line" by allowing cannibals to legally eat.

As seen in The Fiscal Report, major newspapers, and the Walled Street Journal:
In the days following the dissolution of telecommunications conglomerate TT&T at the hands of the IRS, an enterprising imPort has taken up the reins of a few of the company’s surviving subsidiaries. CEO William Walker has promised to bring focus and integrity to the helm of newly rebranded Sweet Iron Communications (SIC), citing his own civic responsibility to invest in a safer, more secure future for natives and imPorts alike. Walker’s resume has not been made public, and little information about him is available outside of the official press releases regarding this acquisition.

Former TT&T CEO Boyd Dankfein, best known for his recent claim that he must have “accidentally” transferred a few million dollars overseas, could not be reached for comment.

As seen on Fuzzfeed, police radio stations, PD feeds, and Bwitter:
The suspected serial killer imPort known only as Sylar murdered imPort Sarissa Theron, sources claim. As this is an open case, no authority could be reached for comment. More to come later.

Here's the dish! Thanks to the lovely @RISESabriel's intel, a few imPorts got their OWN spreads in FEBRUARY'S TESTIMONIAL edition! Major-General Armstrong is a 10/10 hottie with an iron fist! Kaneda is true blue boyfriend material! And Magicman's kindness as described by @RISESabriel has earned him a fresh cult following! Posters of these imPorts will flood Nonah and De Chima over the next month, as TIER 1 IMPORTS has a lot of distribution in both those cities. People are starving to know about these imPort stars!

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from EBONY AS DARK'NESS to GRAY because BABY WE WERE BORN THIS GRAY. We're bureaucrats.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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[Responding to the Sylar story:]

Great. Another super-murderer. Just what we need.

If anyone's got information on this guy, let me or another RISE member know. We'll have our eyes out for... 'Sylar.'

Damn, his name even sounds like a supervillain.
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It is my pleasure to have been of assistance to my dear friend Ken Kaneki. And it is my deep hope that one day, all Unsettled imPorts will be able to enjoy full and equal rights. This law is a valuable step toward that goal.

[Someone sounds pleased with himself.]
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Without your support, I doubt this could have been nearly as successful as it was.

[ Sup, Dooku. Here's Baelish to help give you more credit. ]
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Thank you, m'Lord. But it must be recognized that without the official endorsement of you and the other Ambassadors, the government would most likely have never agreed to this request. You all took a significant political risk in backing this initiative, and it will not be forgotten.

[Right back at you, Baelish!]
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[ Mostly just me, Baelish wants to say. He wants to take credit as he feels as though the others merely followed his guidance. And god, he needs that boost to his reputation as the ambassador everyone should go to.

B u t. It would not court any favors to go badmouthing his fellow ambassadors on the public network. And so, he smiles gracefully. ]

It is proof at least that when we combine our voices, we can accomplish a great deal. Most merely think we are here for show. I hope this can help them see we can make a difference.
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[Dooku knows exactly how that feels- the sensation of having one's obvious greatness constantly trammeled and weighted down by incompetence, having to hold back well-earned condemnation for the sake of larger interests.]

I confess that I myself once doubted whether the Ambassador position truly meant something. I can now truthfully say that I was mistaken. I am sure this will be only the first of many improvements to come about as the result of co-ordinated action by our elected leaders.
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I do hope you are correct. The others are so busy with their respective duties and cities, they could not even find the time to make a comment to the press about this matter.

[ There. That's how he'll subtly bash the others. ]

I hope they will be able to speak out in the future, however. Something so monumental should not go without comment.
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You and I share the same hope, my friend. But perhaps they recognized your skill in dealing with the media, and chose to let you speak for them.

[Reward subtle bashing with unsubtle flattery. The way of the Dark Side.]
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[ The Dark Side is the best side. Petyr does smirk a little at that. ]

I do sometimes feel like a mentor to them. And I'd like to hope they look to me much the same way. With being older imPorts, I believe the wisdom we carry is invaluable. Kaneki's gratitude toward you, Count, is proof of this.

[ And swinging that compliment right back at you, bro. ]
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[This is why he likes chatting with Petyr. It's stuff like this.]

The other Ambassadors are rather young, aren't they? They're fortunate to have experience like yours to draw upon.

As for Kaneki, he has become very strong with the help of my guidance. I am... rather proud of him.

[Just saying that out in public so Kaneki can hear it too.]
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[personal profile] baetiful 2017-02-24 12:26 am (UTC)(link)
Will you both be celebrating this victory in some way?
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I believe that for both of us, the satisfaction of this accomplishment is celebration enough.

[Especially for Kaneki. He may have become more assertive, but his natural modesty is still intact as far as Dooku can tell.]
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Most would hardly be as humble as you both. That said, if you do change your mind, I am most certain the Castile would welcome your company, and the drinks would be on me. Is Kaneki able to drink?
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I doubt he is able to enjoy conventional beverages, due to his unique diet. But I have been known to enjoy a glass of wine at times.
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[personal profile] baetiful 2017-03-12 03:21 am (UTC)(link)
Then please allow me to buy you that celebratory drink, my friend. We can toast our successes, past, present and future.
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As Lord Baelish said, much of this was possible thanks to you, Count Dooku. I cannot thank you enough.
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[personal profile] dun_moch 2017-02-11 05:35 pm (UTC)(link)
You are most welcome, Kaneki. And let me once again praise the courage you've shown in pursuing change on this issue. I must say, you've become quite a leader.
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It was something that had to be solved, sooner or later.

Though this did interest me a lot. [ kind of? he can actually find food so easily in this place it's almost creepy. But he was worried about his little sister who doesn't hunt neither knows where to get food, mostly ]
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Of course it did. It's in your best interests to keep this place from becoming too much like your home, after all.

[Now Kaneki can add 'at least they're not putting conditions on food' alongside 'at least they're not summarily executing me' on his list of things he likes about this Earth.]

I must note, however, that Senator Hundred's name is not mentioned as one of the sponsors of this petition. Did he not join with the three Ambassadors in providing his support?
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Indeed. If more ghouls do show up, I think it's of everyone's interest. [ because that would be... wow. ]

No, he did not. [ he was far more worried that Kaneki didn't wish to be registered. ] It's understandable.
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Understandable, of course. As a Senator, his position depends on the approval of the natives and their government- not the will of the imPorts. And it is the government that put you in that situation in the first place.

Still, we asked for his aid in an important cause... And he refused. That will not be forgotten.
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Ah- [ well, he doesn't want Dooku and Hundred to be at odds, honestly. he himself never expected any positive answer from this, not from all ambassadors, not from all the imPorts and not from the government certainly ]

Please don't worry about it. It wasn't something anyone was prepared to deal with, so I can't blame him that he refused. It was surprising he was the only one, in fact.
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[Look, people like Dooku need enemies to rally others against. It's nothing personal.]

You are too kind. But there is truth in what you say. To be honest, I also did not expect the Ambassadors to unite in support of you.
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I think it helped that it wasn't exclusively about my situation. [ including other imPort's needs seriously helped ] Still, I was pleasantly surprised. In the future, I'm sure we can do more. [ and a lot less creepy than letting cannibals eat ]
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I quite agree. And perhaps now that he has seen what we are capable of, Senator Hundred will be more agreeable toward aiding us in future campaigns.
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It's about time they've been able to do something for Sa-- I mean, Kaneki.
Edited 2017-02-11 23:42 (UTC)
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Both are fine. [ he is okay with both names ]
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[She laughs nervously.]

Thanks. I'll get used to it, though.
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Which do you prefer?
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Kaneki's fine! It's kind of cute.
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Cute, uh?

Alright, let's stick with "Ken Kaneki" then.