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005 Video

[Sherlock's face appears, his eyes are watery and he sniffles slightly. He's obviously been exposed. The bad thing was, he has always been incredibly and intensely emotional, he's just suppressed it and ignored it over his entire life. He's got Vulcan-level control--until now.]

So, erm, I just wanted to amazing a person John Watson is.

[He also has no idea that he's been exposed and can't quite explain why he's feeling this way. Or can do anything about it right now because he just has so many feelings and he just has to say something okay!?]

He's been through so much and I want everyone to know that he's so strong and just so...

[What are words even? He pinches the bridge of his nose and shuts his eyes, attempting not to bawl. A deep breath before he speaks again.]

Everyone needs to know what a wonderful person he is. He's fantastic and he puts up with so much and even when I've been stupid...After everything I've done to him and he still stays. He still stays! Can you believe that? I don't deserve a friend as good as him.

And anyone that dares to hurt him I'll snap in two.

[Okay then.]
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Right. Stick around where you are. Would you prefer hypnosis, exorcism, or straight scotch? All three is a valid option, too.
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Getting all weepy's not really your style, yeah? Figured maybe something took your body for a walk. Can yeh think of any spirits that might wanna malign your reputation, mate?
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M'not the nicest bloke, y'know. Surprised you haven't figured it out by now.

[ Yeah, he can't even be arsed with his usual cool exterior for this. The hell was wrong with everyone today? ]
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Not something anyone's ever actually accused me of before. Whereabouts are you, mate?
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voice to action; (If that's cool?)

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[ Its an hour later when 'other John' makes it through the porter and ends up on the doorstep of the Baker Street duo. After hammering on the door a moment he leaves a voice message. ]

M'outside mate. Why don't we, ah, talk this out?

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[ well then. this is incredibly embarrassing. it could have been oddly sweet and touching if it hadn't ended on such a threatening note.

problem is, this declaration of friendship has also come out of nowhere and john has every right to be suspicious after his recent drug problems. ]

Okay. What have you done?
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[ john's eyes widen. oh christ. he's seen that expression before. except it's usually when someone from scotland yard comes to him with an interesting case, not just when he sees his ugly mug. suffice to say, it's a little disconcerting to be on the receiving end of it. ]

Yeahhh, you only start gushing like this when you've done something and you're trying to make amends.

[ he can recall a gloomy morning in grimpton where sherlock was bounding along after him and showering him with praises. john actually enjoyed it, up until sherlock reverted back to his normal i'm-clever-and-everyone-else-is stupid spiel and spoiled it.

picking up his communicator, he walks through the flat, looking for him. ]

Maybe don't threaten to, uh, snap people in two? We've already got one imPort serial killer; we don't need people thinking you're one too.
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[ there's no denying that, but at least most of the trauma sherlock's inflicted on him has been unintentional. well. he hopes so. he didn't know about that lost wednesday until he announced it at his wedding and he doubts that was accidental. ]

Yeah, they were great. [ john grins through gritted teeth, opening his bedroom door. he stands in the doorway, watching his best friend blubbering over his communicator with a puzzled expression. ] Okay, I'm here now. You can stop telling everyone how great I am.

[ because he really isn't. ]
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Yeah, I've been telling you that for ages. It's now gotten to the point where Mrs. Hudson has started doing it as well. You do know she called me and Mycroft idiots right? Though apparently it's fine since I'm a doctor. Mycroft though...

[ john has always considered him an idiot. ever since he offered him money to spy on sherlock holmes. not that he knew they were related at the time but still, anyone who sells out their little brother to psychopathic consulting criminal and locks their younger sibling away from the world needs to seriously reconsider their life choices. ]

Come on Sherlock, give me the communicator. This is a bit embarrassing.

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You...should probably put your communicator away. Maybe tell him directly? I mean, it's a nice sentiment. But not a great one to just put on the network.

[Her Future Mortification Alarm is going off.]
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[Changing tactics.]

Oh, they probably do, if they know him at all. If he's that great, it must be obvious, right?
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That's right, it's not. Even then.

[A pause.]

It's way better to let them be stupid on their own and demonstrate
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Sometimes, yeah. [Damn her honesty.] But maybe not in this case. Consider it.

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