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backdated to swearing-in.

heal plz

if youre at swear in

by the fuckt busted tree youll see it

make it in 5 min otherwise rez plz

(( OOC: The boys got in a fight. First healer to respond to this post wins the prize but feel free to point and laugh. Also, no need to tag the log. We can thread it here. ))
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not here

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I can heal, and I'm heading there right now.
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just gonna slap him in, since he's here, but feel free to skip/ignore him

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[ john murphy, who has never ordered a pizza in his life: ]


[ but he's squinting at sabriel anyway, not bothered by the fact she doesn't have a pizza with her, and honestly, probably would be if she did. ronan had said 'healer' and that sounds a lot like 'weird grounder shaman people who pray over wounds and wave smelly stuff and expect that to fix it as opposed to actual doctors'.

here's hoping sabriel has something better than that, because he'll slap ronan if that's who he just called here for a freaking knife wound. ]
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[Sabriel doesn't look like a shaman. She's tall and unnaturally pale, dressed in a suit and tie that might make her look like a bureaucrat or office worker save for the way she moves. There's a graceful efficiency in her movements as rolls up her sleeves, revealing wiry forearms and pale, calloused hands, even if she looks like she's preparing for a fight rather than a healing- she regards them coolly, sizing up their injuries and frowning.

This is nothing she can't handle, but the knife wound and blood loss will take a stronger spell than what she normally uses. Particularly since she's not sure how her magic will interact with the magic she can already sense within him. She flexes her hands, reaching into the Charter for marks that appear and start to twine around her fingers, shimmering like reflected sunlight.]

The knife wound first. [She's tense but not panicking as she lets all the Charter marks around her right hand move to her left, leaving it free as more and more marks appear around her left.] I'll have to pull the knife out first, then put the healing spell on immediately after. It will close the wound, help with the pain and blood loss, and help prevent infection. Then I'll deal with the rest of your injuries.
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[ meanwhile, murphy's just watching this shiny, fancy nonsense going on, and easing away to the side.

just in case, you know, ronan explodes or something. from whatever the hell that is. nothing personal, buddy, but living is more important.

also, he just bought these clothes. ]
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[Sabriel nods, half distracted as she reaches into the Charter for a master mark, one that takes a greater effort of will to draw forth, and speaks a word- not one in any language they'd know, one that leaves an aftertaste of power on her tongue and a dry feeling in her throat as a blindingly bright mark forms in front of her.

The rest of the marks start to shift, connecting to each other and the brighter mark and forming a long, spiraling chain. Sabriel moves her left hand close to Ronan's arm, her expression focused and intent as the spell follows.]

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[ it's really bizarre, to hear his own voice screaming like that, while not actually coming from him, this time. murphy's eyes go between ronan's face and the wound, uncertainty and concern written there.

that's a lot of blood. crap. ]
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[Sabriel's hand goes to the wound immediately, marks flashing as they go into the wound and wrap around his arm, seeping into flesh, and dulling the pain- it quickly ebbs, but doesn't entirely fade, lingering as a pale shadow of what it had been- and halting the flow of blood as the wound closes up.

Of course, it doesn't get any of the blood back into his body, but as Sabriel uses her hands to smear blood out of the way to look at the wound- or rather, the ugly looking scar where the knife had been, Charter marks still moving over the surface of the skin before sinking deeper in. When she speaks, her voice still has a certain intensity, but it's softened.]

Don't be too active with that arm for the next week or so or you'll disrupt the spell and the wound will reopen, even if it feels like it's better. The scar should fade by the time the spell's done. Let me know if something goes wrong, or get to a hospital. [Sabriel straightens up, apparently not bothered by having her hands covered in someone else's blood. She regards the two of them, looking at the other's arm.]

Is that dislocated? Let me set it.
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[ well, he's glad the screaming stopped, and ronan isn't bleeding out anymore. murphy's still not sure how he feels on all this voodoo going on, but if it healed ronan and didn't explode him, seems just as well. ]

Yeah. Popped out of the socket.

[ he knows the bone isn't broken, but it definitely isn't sitting right. just looking at it can tell that. murphy twists some, offering the shoulder to her. ]
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It's dislocated. [Sabriel frowns. Her hands are still covered in blood, and some of it smears on her face as she pushes her hair back. Distantly, she realizes they might be new and all this might be alarming, but she pushes that aside. They decided to have a knife fight at a swear-in, they can deal with the consequences, and with her.]

I'll have to set it by hand.
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I take it that means this isn't gonna be fun for me?

[ he knows how fixing dislocated joints goes. murphy was pretty sure they were headed this way for fixing it regardless, but hey, he'd been hoping magic had a fancy means to it. turns out, no, this is just going to suck. letting out a sigh, he waves his good hand to indicate her to go ahead. ]

Go for it. Have a ball.
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Not a bit. [Sabriel offers him a grim smile before she moves. She's stronger than she looks, but not super humanly so. As soon as she's done, she gestures again, calling up another healing spell- weaker than the one she used on Ronan, but it should take away most of the pain.]

Next time, don't fight at a swear-in. What possessed you to think attacking each other was a good idea?
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[ there's a gritted shout of pain as the joint is reset, but not as much as scream as ronan's. it's still tender and aching after the fact, but the spell takes good care of it, murphy rolling his shoulder with a wince, as sabriel gives them the talk. ]

Personal business. [ murphy drawls, with a look that says he's not interested in divulging the specifics of it. ] When we're looking for a relationship counselor, I'll let you know.

[ and now he's looking around the vicinity for the knife ronan had just pulled out of his arm, because hey, that's his knife and he wants it, thank you very much. shit wasn't free, okay? ]
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cw c-word

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whats the name of taht old-ass shitty sci-fi show
> there can be only one
did u cunts at least slap on some baby oil
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[the what?]
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[ he is literally right here, omfg ]


U showed up
i had a knife on me
u were annoying
i stabbed u in the arm and not the face
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cw c-word

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jackass when wuz the last time i stabbed u iwth a fuckin knife
btween the 2 of us im pretty sure u the emotional cunt wit violent implse control problems
goin down the ptsd symptom chekclist every day of ur life

how deep he go

[look. he's curious.]
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cw drug joke

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prob wouldve told him to drop some ghb in ur drink
u know me


pointy end came out teh other side?
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ok sweetheart
why r u still trying 2 get on him

[genuine confusion. i mean he knows a few masochists, himself probably included, but none of ronan's old friends seemed to stab knife blades through is extremities. so.]
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there r probably safer solutions 2 gay loneliness

[says the most reliable source of information on the planet.]
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cw homophobic language

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w less faggot innuendo
the question is
motherfucker stabs u why u still hangin around wit him

[when kavinsky is the one asking the sane questions]
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yes babe ok that is very nice fo him 2 pull the head out of apocalyps eass
but he stabbed u
is that what u lik enow
do u want me 2 stab u
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w a knife
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is that how were going 2 bcome friends
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abt him or abo me
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w/e drama queen, ive seen ppl live thru worse

[ murphy texts with one hand, right next to this nerd, texting with one hand.

but seriously, don't die, or he'll feel really bad about it. ]
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[ murphy snorts a laugh, and lifts a foot to kick lightly at ronan's ankle. fight him, you big nerd. again. ]