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[007] video;

[ The video starts off jittery, as per the usual with Breeze, because she's holding her comm up as she jogs home. She looks casual and at ease with herself, and her tone of voice is casual, as well. Maybe deceptively casual. ]

Hey, so is Valentine's Day a thing where you're from? What kinds of stuff do you do?

[ The feed jumps, and Breeze is sitting on the front steps of her house, sipping at a water bottle and looking more pensive than she had been seconds before. This second clip is locked from Sophie Foster. ]

Also, like, if you had something big that you should probably tell someone, and it might come up eventually on its own, but it might not, would you tell them? Or would you just keep it to yourself? 'Cause if you told them, they might feel weird around you, and it might not ever come up anyway.
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[ Sophie's trying to look cool and collected, but she's actually smirking like an idiot. ]

I don't think I've ever celebrated Valentine's. It could have been because everyone in my class was at least three years older than me, perhaps.
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[ Their faces are going to freeze like that. ]

Ah that, I skipped that when I got moved a few years up in school. Nobody wanted to be romantic with the thirteen year old girl even in the slightest.

[ She's just not going to mention how she also felt like the ugliest thing in the classroom literally every day. ]

All in all I never paid it much attention.

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Video; locked

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[Hmm. Suspicious Chloe is suspicious here, but she won't pry just yet. She's sitting on her balcony in a jacket, smoking, and she gives Breeze a wave as she appears.]

Romantic shit mostly. Buy flowers, take them out somewhere they wanna go, get them a gift. Depends on how into it they are. Some people hate valentines and don't do anything for it.


For the rest, guess it depends on how big a thing it is. And how bad you wanna tell them.
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[Chloe almost laughs at that.]

Oh come kid. What's going on? Don't gotta be specific but I've been around a bit I'm sure I have some kind of advice.

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Vahl-en-tines? What's this Vahl-en-tiiihnes ( it just gets slower and more Australian, send help ) you're on about?
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i refuse to comply

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Roo's actually bloody good on the barbie. Wanna make sure it's medium-rare but, it can get dried out too easy if you go past that. Not exclusively a Valentine's thing either, but summer's good weather for it, usually.

( Dec-Feb are summer months, okay? Okay. )

Nah, same as most places. Lots of pink, lots of red, anatomically improbable hearts, the lot.

always 4 u

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Valentines is definitely a thing where Hermann and I are from and people do all sorts of dumb stuff. I'm taking him to dinner, because that's kinda grown up, I guess.

And oh my god. Is this a crush thing? Tell me it's a crush thing. Tell them. I almost didn't and I swear to you it would have been the worst thing ever if I'd never told Hermann. If your friendship can weather weirdness, regardless of outcome, tell them.

Then tell me how it goes.
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Not exactly, but loosely it is? Come on, kiddo, spill. I'm an expert on this stuff. I can totally help.

[Oo la la. Go Breeze!]
Edited 2017-02-15 00:47 (UTC)

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It's basically the same as here.

As for your second question... it depends on what that thing is. If it's something serious, like -- a bad something, then you owe it to them. If it's something... you know, less awful -- it's embarrassing or you like them or something -- then it's really up to you. You have to weigh it. How badly do you want things to stay the same, and how badly do you want them to change?
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Are you going to feel guilty if you don't say anything?

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[ Max has the comm propped on his desk, and he chinhands at the feed, interest piqued. ]

Something big, huh?

[ And then, in a mock Valley Girl accent: ]

Oh my god, girl, spill!
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[ His expression sobers up immediately. ]

Sorry about that.

Are we talking good big or bad big? Are you okay?

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I've gone out with my boyfriend a few times if I was dating someone at the time. Fancy dinners, expensive wine if it was in the budget—which it wasn't usually.

I kinda liked the years where I went out with my single girlfriends better, though. There was less pressure, and the price was right.
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Or whatever you like to do. The important thing is spending time together.

[Elena smiles. Ah, puppy love.]

You don't have to say anything to them if it's too much pressure. But it also might make you feel better.

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What is "Valentine's Day?"

[That would be a "no".]

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Cards, flowers, stuffed animals and chocolate make for a typical Valentine's Day back home.

[ it is all said with a slight brush of her red hair. ]

Dinner or a movie is always nice too either out on the town or at home. I always thought laser tag would be fun myself.

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