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Video; Welcome to the Hotel CaliNoñah

Hey, everybody. Check it out!

[Open on a slightly run-down inn not quite IN the forest but near enough to it, and with a little of what looks to be a small town in the near distance. The shot pans back and forth over the old wood building a couple of times while birds chirp somewhere just offscreen.]

I know, I know! There are a couple of you I promised I'd talk to before I made a final decision, but you guys. The window was about to close and the deal I got on this place?? It was too good to pass up. So say hello to the future site of Granny's Bed&Breakfast, Nonah branch.

[Finally, the camera shifts and Ruby's face pops on screen.] Also Granny's Diner, if you're just looking for a bite and not a place to stay for the night.

Obviously, there's still quite a bit of work to do before it's ready, but I think it's going to be really nice once it's all done. We are very conveniently located far enough from the city for nice views and a little privacy, but not so far that it's a hassle driving out here for lunch sometimes. Or every day, you know, whatever. So keep an eye on this space for another announcement from me, hopefully soon-ish? Also, if anybody's looking for work or just wants to be a really awesome friend and volunteer a little time and energy to the renovating effort, let me know!

Now... congratulate me.
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[personal profile] dirtyredneck 2017-02-26 12:34 am (UTC)(link)
Congrats. Looks nice. You need some help with the repair work?
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Not everything you got going on, but I know my way around a hammer if that's what you mean. And electrical. Stuff like that.
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So I'm a sap now?
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You said 'a few more saps'. That sure does imply you think I'm one.

[His voice definitely holds a teasing edge]
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So being helpful makes someone a sap now, hmm?
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Nah. My brother'd've. But he was an asshole.
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He was older than me by seven years. Took after our daddy in all but a couple ways. Real jackass most of the time.

[He missed him.]
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Merle. Daddy told us momma named him. Wanted a girl so she could name 'er 'Pearle' but got a boy so she named him Merle instead. Ain't sure he weren't lyin', though.
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Oh, wow. Cool.
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Mate, you can live wherever you want.

[ She is feeling a little weird that Ruby never said anything, but then, it's not like Ruby needed her permission, is it? ]
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Well, congrats. I hope it goes okay.