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[And here is Max, bright red and looking extremely sheepish.]

Uh, so... how do you make it up to the neighbors for a noise complaint? I had some friends, and my girlfriend, come over and it got pretty loud. I mean, I'm not going to do it again, but I still feel really badly. Does anyone have any ideas?

[Chloe, John, and the Doctor are terrible influences, film at 11.]

I usually play music at home, but I haven't had anyone else here with me, and things sort of got out of hand.

[Understatement of the decade.]
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video; out of costume

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Cookies? I've never tried it myself because offering the neighbors cookies I baked would prolong the feud, not end it. But it is one of the traditional ways.
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So is it safe to ask what happened, or are you coyly avoiding the subject on purpose?
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Oh my god, could you two be any more of a cliche.

[ Much to Peter's delight. ]
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You're great. He's tolerable.
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I think you're gonna have to work harder to sell me on this one.
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[Chloe's at work, so Max gets text.]

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Seeing how it wasn't night?

They're just being assholes.
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Re: [text]

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We weren't even playing that late, Max!
if it were like 3 am i'd get the bitching
but it wasn't
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See, that's the part you're doing wrong, Max.

Just don't feel bad about it.

We were awesome. They got a free concert.
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I dunno, food? Cookies? Cake? Cake with cookies in it?
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I'm really feeling the cake, though.

And ice cream. Ooh, ice cream cake with cookies?
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That's a shame. Cake's great.

Cookies are a pretty good second place, though!
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Promise to invite them over next time!

Re: [video]

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Wait, wait. How old were the whiners in question?

Re: [video]

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Wow. I guess they were serious about being joykills. I dunno, maybe just go over and say sorry? If you hadn't seen your girlfriend for a while maybe they'll understand...

Re: [video]

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[he scratches his beard for a moment, thinking.]

Alright. I'm thinkin' maybe you tell 'em you were just havin' a wee celebration on bein' together and apologise for waking them up at ass o'clock. Promise it won't happen again.

If they're dicks about it, then do it again. Fuck 'em.

Re: [video]

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That's only the last resort! Only if they have a problem with your apology and explanation!
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A sincere apology is a start.
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If you can't work yourself up to the latter, the note will work. You did say it wasn't going to happen again, but I'd offer them the option of letting you know if there's ever a problem in the future.
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Loud, hunh?

[ He's not sorry. Long time no talk, Max. ]

Cookies help.
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lol damn
Might want to include a sincere apology with those cookies.
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Dare I ask what happened?
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[ There is such a judging you face directed at the text message right now. ]

What made you think that was a good idea?
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Just don't do it again? Or let them know beforehand so you can coordinate things.

I mean, it's not like they're demanding some sort of retribution, right?
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Practice? Like, a band?

[ Max is suddenly 80% cooler in Sophie's books. ]

Soundproofing should do the trick, I think.