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001 | Video

[The video feed opens on a television set currently playing Nonah News. The lead reporters are just finishing up their segment and signing off to the Weather Man. Said Weather Man is a tall, blond man wearing a blue suit. Despite his smile, he looks deeply uncomfortable and nearly misses his mark to begin. Nearly.]

Good morning Nonah! I'm Andrew Pulaski and this is the Weather the Weather Corner! This next week is looking to be a sunny one, reaching highs of about 88 degrees. It's time to put away those winter clothes and break out the summer wear. [Even as he's pointing to the weather chart behind him, he keeps his eyes glued towards the camera-likely focused on reading the prompter.]

The lows are staying at a mild 70 degrees, giving us a lovely week to look forward to. As for the weekend, expect sunshine with no sign of showers in sight. Back to you in the news room!

[As soon as the weather segment ends the TV is shut off and the camera shifts around to face its owner, none other than the Weather Man himself. Andrew smiles a little awkwardly.]

Okay, so it's clear I didn't miss my calling as a Weather Man, but go easy on me. I've never been on TV before. [Pause.] At least not on purpose. But that's what I'm here for; I'm curious if any of you have any tips you can give me. But let me stop you before you say 'don't stare at the prompter the whole time'. I've heard that one loud and clear already.

And, just out of curiosity, how many of you have been assigned a job you're actually qualified for? I'm like ninety percent sure we're being trolled with these job assignments.
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[ Video ]

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Most jobs don't fit the people getting them, so you aren't the only one.

I was lucky.
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[ Video ]

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Aha- [ a shake of head follows his quick laugh ]

Actually, I started out as a book store clerk. That was the job they gave me. The coffee shop came long after.
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[ Video ]

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I am. [ you've seen his coffee shop ]

Well, just- a lot happened. I was sent back and forth to my world by the Porter and... I needed a change. A lot of changes- [ kaneki had a lot of jobs ]

I worked at a library, then at a coffee shop, as a teacher, as a police offer, private security - now coffee shop owner.
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[ Video ]

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It's good to know a bit of everything. [ he chuckles softly ] I also do some tutoring. [ but that's related to teaching ]

And I guess I like quiet life, hence the coffee shop. [ also because that place is being used by non-humans to get their blood and similar... ]
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[M debates whether or not his input would even be welcome right now. They were at this strange stage where they're cordial, yes, but he isn't sure exactly how to define their current relationship. He knows the awkwardness is there and doesn't want to stoke it further... but at the same time, he feels he's already spent too much time ignoring Andrew as it is.

He switches on the feed.

Being on camera suits you.

[The smile he gives is brief, but genuine.

He quickly moves on.

The other guy apparently was supposed to work at a daycare. I'm fairly certain he never went. I certainly didn't.
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You might have stared directly at the camera a little too long, but I'm pretty sure it's impossible for you to come off as awkward.

[M isn't biased in the least, of course.

He chuckles.

Now you understand why I never went. Guess the other guy had a few skills I don't.
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Bet you that same guy thinks imPorts are secretly Russian spies too. [Nope, not biased at all.] It's just nerves. Pretend the camera is someone that needs saving and the masses will be dazzled. [A pause.] Either that, or start trying to bribe the porter to bring Emma over.

...We've been over this. I don't know how to talk to children. I can't relate.
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Not impossible, but I have my doubts. After everything that's happened he would have been flushed out by now.

Who doesn't want to hear "I know there's a hurricane outside, but if you just stay indoors everything's going to be okay"?

[The voice he uses starts out as a poor Andrew impression and somehow ends as sounding more like Mrs. Doubtfire without the Scottish accent.

And no, M's never seen Mrs. Doubtfire.

She can turn any broadcast you don't approve of into one with cat videos or something.

[He's starting to see why she was originally on the team.]

They're... innocent. I don't know what that feels like, Andrew.
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I figured, but it's still good information to know.

[Either that or M's also being a troll, using facts to cover it up.]

I don't think people expect their weatherman to stop all forms of bad weather. Superpowered or not.

[He's not sure what he did to make him giggle like that, but he'll take that win.]

We should go file a petition or something. Don't worry, she'll come after me first. After all, I'm the one who kidnaps her when things go south.

...And what if I break them instead? [He's a weapon, that's what weapons do.]
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I think you should learn to read the prompter before you try and stop the weather. Baby steps.

[A smirk.]

In a heartbeat if you needed her.

[The words come out fast and with conviction. It takes him about half a second to realize he said that out loud. He decides to hope Andrew doesn't notice.]

Andrew, I was created to kill things. Adults I can maneuver around. It's taken me a while, but I kind of get the hang of this socializing thing. Kids... Kids are too small. Too fragile. Too trusting.
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Andrew, you do know that reporters aren't actually superheroes, right? They just stand in front of the camera and read you the news. Or in your case, the weather.

[Now M's imagining a super team filled with news reporters. They'd get slaughtered almost immediately, too distracted with trying to tell the story they're a part of while they're still in the thick of it.]

Like everything, it comes with practice.

Hey, I think I've gotten pretty decent as semi-regular human interaction. With adults.
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From what I've learned in my limited interactions with superheroes over the past few years, it's normal to have a boring day job and still punch things senseless at night.

[Of course, M doesn't follow this rule but he also knows his case is not the norm.]

And once you do get the hang of it, just think of how the ratings will soar if you have to cut out early to go save someone.

That's the difference between the two of us. You find that refreshing, and it fills me with dread. A pause.] But... I'd be willing to try.
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[ While Skeets is on video in all of his small gold robot glory, his voice carries a distinctive robotic flavour.

While I have never taught before, they did assign the job of "history professor" to someone who is an expert in history, albeit an alternate Earth's history. But studying up on the differences was relatively simple.

As for television, sir, as a friend of mine might say -- the trick is to be your charmingly handsome, charismatic, white-tooth grinning self. A more practical suggestion would be to make sure you've practiced, like you're doing now.
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I'm not sure if I would say I have an interest in history so much as I was built to guard a museum before being stolen by a time traveller and programmed with an extensive historical database, thereby learning as much as I could by sheer necessity.

[ He says, matter-of-factly, as you do. ]

The cliché is one for a reason, sir. But perhaps another one might help -- fake it 'till you make it. If you have difficulty being yourself, than pretend to be someone who is good at it.
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Re: Video;

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I see no reason why I need to want anything else, sir. Other than returning to my home universe, which I've accepted is outside my control.

Break a leg, sir.
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While circumstances may change in the future, for now I am aware of both my own limitations and the lack of recorded success. Acceptance doesn't mean giving up hope, but rather being willing to put it aside and deal with the day to day.
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( video )

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I can't say what my first assign job was. All I know from friends and colleagues alike that I used to work at an all you can eat buffet before being discover by someone working at the local news network after catching me making it snow from my singing or predicting the weather for the next day accurately.

[With a soft smile, Nike will give him a light wave.]

You seem more natural than I was the first time I had to do it. Having a prompt to follow is nice and all, but it didn't help in making it seem natural. I was so stiff the first time around! You'd think I was made of glass or something. [Sheepish laugh.] I usually ask for the data before going live to memorize it while other times I usually practice in front of a mirror before going live on the air to feel more relax, knowing how I will move or smile to the camera. It helps knowing how you'll look after practicing for it.
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( video )

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[There will a light laugh before shaking her head a little.] Predicting the weather is a team effort. The scientists that acquire the data for what affects the weather are just as important too. I think we can make a good team if our stations allow us to work together.

No problem, and thanks. That was actually my issue. Am I moving fluidly? Am I smiling? Am I showing too much or little teeth? Are they white? Do I look presentable? I'm not scaring anyone, right? [Sheepish grin.] There was a lot to think about since first impressions are really important, aren't they?
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( video )

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It doesn't hurt to ask! We could always pitch the idea that would benefit both stations by allowing us to collaborate together as we do whenever we need to save the city from danger of the month.

Definitely! You'll get your own fan base in no time. Most people seem to gain a small following after a while. You may get yours sooner if you keep up the good work.
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A good tip for anyone on the news is to tell the truth. [hahah get it? sick one-liner.] Past that you need to be confident in yourself. Watching you was a little painful.

[Anyone can read a teleprompter. It's how you perform that matters.]
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Confidence can go a long way. If you don't like being in front of the camera, you need to fake it. Pretend like you're talking to someone you know.
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No. Don't ever intend to either. I pity you honestly. Sounds like a terrible gig.
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The prompter? You've god a man out of sight, feeding you your lines?

[Guess who knows nothing about television production - this guy.]
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Is all television like this?
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Fucking hell. I've got a radio show, and they let me ad-lib.
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[He certainly is that.]

And you, what do they do to you if you go off-script?