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I. [video]

[It takes a moment for the image to stabilize and come into focus. When it does there is weary face, wearing a stony expression. The man on the screen looks older than his 35 years, and it is hard to imagine that he has ever smiled. When he speaks his voice is just as grim.]

My name is Ned Stark. I am searching for my wife, Catelyn, and any of our children who may be here. Rob, Jon, Sansa, Arya, Bran, or Rickon. [He speaks each of their names clearly, pausing briefly to let them sink in. You’d better be listening, people.]

If you have met any of them and could tell me where they may be, I would be most grateful.

[There’s a flicker of emotion there, clearly visible if one is looking closely - a bone-deep sorrow in those tired eyes. He misses his family dearly. He’d do anything to have them back.]

Thank you.

[He murmurs those last words as he reaches out to turn off the camera. Because Ned Stark is too much of a man to let the whole city see him cry.]
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[ She can't quite make herself believe it to be true, much as she wants to. It seems like a cruel trick, too good to be true. She has tasted enough of the gods' bitter punishment to believe in something so sweet. But even if it is all some trick, she can't waste the chance she's been given.

A thousand emotions spiral through her, hope and regret especially twisting together with love, and while she does her best to hide it all, he would know her too well to be fooled. There is barely a tremor in her voice when she speaks. ]


[Just one single word, but she holds her breath on the answer. ]

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[Give her a minute because gods but did seeing Ned bring up all the feelings she wanted to keep bottled away.]


Where are you? [So she can come and assault you with hugs.]
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[The communicator almost breaks. Alas. Viserys' arm is not that strong.

His sister will probably want some sort of...well, not peace. There can be no peace with the man who helped so closely to their downfall. Not real peace, anyway. Something quieter, he supposes. His children could not be held responsible for Ned's crimes (not here; back home was another story) but the man himself? He was responsible. This was the father, the sins were his, and there could be no forgiveness. No clean slate. Not from Viserys.

He's wearing a button up, pitch black. Makes those lilac eyes stand out more and boy, does he sure look at Ned with barely concealed hatred.

You named a child for the Usurper.

[It's a question, despite not sounding like one. He's a bit Overwhelmed but priorities are in order.]

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[ There’s a face Theon should have expected, but it makes his blood run cold none the less. The device goes sailing across the room and for some time, he can’t bring himself to pick it up again. He wonders how he can continue to sweep his actions under the rug, away from Robb. It doesn’t look like an option when Jon Snow is so intent upon being honest and honorable.

Suddenly, he feels very, very petty. When he finally switches on his device to respond, he regards Ned with a cold, suspicious stare. This is not the same young man he left behind.

Have you not been equipped you with a way to find them yourself?

[ He’s bitter, cruel-tongued, and lacking in respect. He is full of salt. ]

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private video

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[ My name is Ned Stark.

Sansa's device nearly fumbles out of her hands when a strange jolt of shock and energy rushes through her. It almost feels like lightning and cold water at the same time, stealing her breath and making her feel weirdly dizzy but heavy limbed all at the same time. Then she can't feel anything in her body as her hand tightens around the device and she turns it to look at his face.

At first, she tells herself that it's just the ghost that had haunted her a month before but that vision had been mostly silent. This man is asking about his wife and his children, wanting to know where they are.

It proves to be a struggle to turn on her video because her hands are shaking so bad but she manages it a few seconds after he turns off his camera. She can't even pretend to be in control of her emotions as she tries to will him back into being. Most of her features are pale except for the high color in her cheeks and her eyes that are already turning red despite the fact that no tears have fallen. At least, not yet. ]

Father? [ She swallows thickly, praying she won't be sick. ]

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I'm unfamiliar with this place, but I will let you know if I see any of them.

I'm called Cinders. Do you need help?


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video; private

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[Lucy had once asked him whether or not he wanted his father to come to this world. While he missed Lord Eddard, he hadn't wanted to subject him to this place. Jon knew what it was like to be pulled from death back into the world. It would be worse for Lord Eddard, as it was for Lady Catelyn, because it was not a place they knew.

Still, when he sees the face of his father and hears his voice, Jon has to hide away in his room to answer him. For a moment, he feels as if he is a boy of seven again, chasing after his father and seeking his praise. The same sort of praise he offered Robb.

What would he think of all he had done with his life and who he was now? Would Lord Eddard think him a failure and an oathbreaker? It was overwhelming to think, which left him simply staring at the screen, unable to answer right away. Finally, with a shaky breath, he turned on the device.]

Lord Stark. [Not father.] Lady Stark and her children are in De Chima. We have a home in the country. I can help you find your way.

video; private

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video; private

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video; private

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Can't say I've heard of most of them, but—I know a Jon who wears black a lot. Said it was something all brothers of the Night's Watch wore, for some reason.


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Your family, huh? That's gotta be hard. Sorry, I don't know any of 'em, and I don't think I'll be much help since I'm still so new to ...

[being back on the planet? that sounds dumb. he just shakes his head and offers a small smile instead of following through that thought.]

But I really hope they can find you.

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[ Video ]

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The communicator allows you to search for imPorts. There is a list, so you can find familiar names there.

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[ Video ]

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text because he's a lazy teenager

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thats a crap ton of kids. which 1s ur favorite?

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[ Sorry Ned.

Sorry. Just. Enjoy a reflective helmet all up in the camera.

That's really your name?


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[Robb sounds pleasantly surprised when he sees his father's face.]

We are all here! Inside this farm house.


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» video, private

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I've got a friend named Jon. Tall, wears black, needs to smile more? He lives in De Chima.

( Kara keeps the feed private out of habit, because she doesn't trust a public network with much of anything except an offer to take people out for ice cream.

Her expression is gentle, though she feels more than a little pang of envy. Will her parents ever show up here? )

You don't need to thank me. Just be there for him. And if you had any hand in raising him, I should thank you.

I couldn't have done without his help last month.

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» video, private

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