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Today is mother's day. I admit that I never knew a holiday like this one existed until yesterday.

[Guess who works overnight to sleep for most of the day if she wasn't out and about doing something else with her friends or Ryuuka? Yesterday's swear-in reminded her of it. There was a lot on her mind concerning this particular holiday. What better way to distract herself with than talking about it in text form?]

It's a good idea though. Dedicating a day to our mothers. They really do so much for us. Like, protecting us, raising us, and guiding us on the correct path, no matter what the cost. They're responsible for our personal growth and help prepare the basic aspects of our personality before we make any important decisions about it on our own. Since they're usually the parent we're suppose to spend the most time with, they're usually the most influential person in our lives.

I don't know of the type of relationship many of you may have with your family back home. Your mother's, especially, but I'm interested to hear about it. I want to know just how similar my point of time is to your own; how similar our worlds are. Did this holiday existed back in your world? What kind of gifts did you give her?

And for those who do not have a mother, who raised you? If they were here today, what would you give them as a present if they were here with you now?

In my case, I would give them the flower bouquet I made at yesterday's swear-in. Maybe take them out to a spa, so they can have a relaxing day to themselves. I think they both would like that. Considering they're both too sickly to do anything else.

P.S: let's keep that info our secret if my grandmother ever finds her way over here, okay?

[Because she'd eat her head off. Please don't let her dear grandmother eat her head off. She rather likes it on her head.]

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