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Alfie Solomons ([personal profile] devoutish) wrote in [community profile] maskormenace2017-05-15 04:32 pm

💣 009 | text

ws lukng up infrmatn abt nu splngs usd n txt cmmncatn n fns n cmputrs etc n mst of wut I fnd ws fckng wingng abt kds toda bng lzy n nt noing hw to spl prprly as f ts wr a mdrn fckng invntn

tr r sum difs n nw tngs hv bn dn wi em tt we ddnt do n t pst wi r telgrfs ex t nos splly r clvr

inform8ion, 4warned, 2day

bt t ida ws crtnly nt invntd bi 21st cntry chldrn s py rspct 2 ur eldrs wo wr fr bttr t bng incmprhnsbl tn ur kds toda

wn i gt trd f mi tny tlfn kybrd im guna rite al mi txts lk ts

[OOC translation for people who don't hate themselves:

was looking up information about new spellings used in text communication on phones and computers etc. and most of what I found was fucking whinging about kids today being lazy and not knowing how to spell properly as if this were a modern fucking invention

there are differences and new things have been done with them that we didn't do much in the past with our telegraphs for example the numbers especially are clever

information, forewarned, today

but the idea was certainly not invented by 21st century children so pay respect to your elders who were far better at being incomprehensible than your kids today

when I get tired of my tiny telephone keyboard I'm going to write all my texts like this

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