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Herodotus Antiques is hiring.

I've been running the place for two years now and have come to realise that I may need a little extra help. Business is doing well, but even I need the occasional time off. I want to maintain a professional reputation for my store and make sure that my loyal customers will not be affected. Hence, the need for someone to step in when I'm not around.

[There's a pause for emphasis. Bela clearly means business.]

Ideally, I'll need someone who is highly detailed orientated, has steady hands and good customer service experience. In addition to this, I would prefer to have someone who has an interest in antiques and keen to learn more about them, but this isn't a prerequisite. I promise to train the individual well and pass on my knowledge to them regardless. They would be well-paid for their work, but if necessary, I can negotiate a salary, depending on experience.

Any interested individuals will need to fill in a short application form for consideration. Interviews will be confirmed at a later date, provided on receipt of more than one application.

Should you have any burning questions please ask them here or direct them to my private contact

Thank you for your time.

[She places an attachment to the end of the message]

Application Form

Applicant Name:

City of residence:

Contact details:

Relevant experience (if any):

A brief overview of your career/experience to date (back home and here):

What kind of skills could you bring to this role?

Do you have an interest in antiques? (Optional)

{{ooc: Feel free to PM on Bela's account if you have questions OOC-ly. You can also use it as an IC contact for your character :)}}
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Are you looking for part time, or full time?
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When I arrived, they insisted that I continue my schooling, despite it having nothing to do with my alleged reason for being here. But an antique shop in a different world with a different history sounds stimulating.
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voice; it's all good!

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I'm holding one currently. But I only just arrived here a few weeks ago.

[ Does vigilantism count as volunteer work? ]

I worked for my guardian for many years. I'm good with deadlines.
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He was an artist, as I am. We collaborated.

[ Which is a polite, not wanting to burden some poor woman with his life story way of saying that Yusuke stayed quiet while someone else stole all his work. Close enough? ]
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Yusuke Kitagawa. I am hoping my knowledge could be useful to you.
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It's a pleasure, Ms. Talbot. I will send you an application.
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[ antiques ... there weren't many of those on the ark, and far less on the ground with the grounders. raven may not be one who likes history, save for the stories of war and the growth of weaponry, but she can see the value in keeping old stuff. there's a reason she continues to hold finn's metal raven necklace very close to her heart, after all. ]

[ but being born in space and thrusted into a war on the ground means she didn't have much time to understand the reasoning and passion behind selling antiques. aren't they all incredibly damaged? ]

What does someone who looks after antiques do? Aren't you just waiting for someone to come in and buy something that's old?
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VOICE (don't apologise! it's all good c:)

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What about the antiques that aren't in pristine condition? Don't they have the same value?

[ if it's chipped or broken, does it decrease in quality? it's a heavier question than raven would like to admit, but she still equates it with herself. once upon a time, she would've thought herself to be one of those pristine antiques, but now she thinks she wouldn't even make it to the shop. ]

[ this is what happens to her when she doesn't have a project to work on — she thinks too much. ]
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[ raven listens attentively. it sounds a lot like how she used to go around scrounging for parts. that pod she'd dropped to the ground in had been 100 years old and damaged, and yet she'd made it work. she wonders if that would be considered an antique, or just a piece of garbage to ignore. ]

So what you're saying is that it depends on the customer. Some people like damaged stuff, don't they? I know I do. I like fixing things that are broken.
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I am — [ raven catches that and amends: ] — was a Zero-G mechanic. [ at first she begins as though she's not proud, but by the end raven isn't exactly boasting, but she's not sounding like she doesn't believe in herself, either. ] I rebuilt a hundred year old pod to launch myself down to Earth in, and I've rebuilt a damaged radio system. I guess you'd say I'm more into fixing technological things than … antique-like things.

Antiques aren't used, are they? They just sit there and look pretty and remind you of what once existed?
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[ cue the disbelief. ]

You think so?

[ on the ground, sure, her skills are necessary in a post-apocalyptic world. raven had known the moment she'd dropped down she was of use. when she'd lost her legs, when wick and the rest of the ark had come, she felt like she was made to take several steps back. in a place like this, where there's mechanics, engineers, and a thousand different types with different skill sets, she wonders where a zero-g from a world that seems post-this one fits. ]
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You never told me that's what you do. [It's probably clear it's Enid voice, but she still sounds vaguely unsure Bela remembers it.] How antique are your things?
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Hi. [Honestly, she's glad she recognizes her voice, and she, as her tone can only help to give away, smiles even.]

Wow, uh... I didn't think things that old could exist anymore.
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Re: voice

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How did that start?

[Because if Bella wasn't aware of any antiques, there had to be an interesting story behind it.]

Been keeping myself busy. Quit my one job and created my own with jewelry making. [It's something they strangely have in common now.]
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You're really lucky.

[It may not be interesting, but in comparison to some jobs she's heard people mention.]

It's not bad. I work a bit less now, earn a little more than I was before, and can focus on school. Yes. If you want, you can come see my work anytime.
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Yeah. I can appropriate a little how this society is with treating us as stars.

[The rosy color that appears in her cheeks is only very slight, happy with the acknowledgement.]

That works for me. I'll be around.