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02 [Video, open to all including her current roommate] Frustrating roommate

Okay, since this is getting out of hand... Is there anyone who knows how to deal with... difficult roommates? I swear it's like living with a six year old. Some context? Well, other than causing some 'slight' property damage (which I'm surprised no police have come to complain about) and keeping everyone up in my area of De Chima... I'd appreciate some suggestions on how to deal with this problem. And if my roommate is listening? Stop causing problems! Geez. 
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[ And, without knowing who she's roommates with: ]

Do they have any belongings? Throw them away. That's what I'd do.

[ Bad Advice Droid. ]
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What sort of property damage? Is it destroyed furniture, or destroyed housing structure? There's a different.
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Then report them. They are damaging, essentially, government property. You can at the very least get them fined.
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Those guys keeping me up nights are your roommates?

[This is the look of a girl who is horrified at the hand that fate has dealt someone she's talking to. Seriously, she can hear them.]
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I'd offer to let you stay over, but, uh. That wouldn't solve anything.

[She lets out a long sigh.] Maybe try calling the police on them? I personally don't trust the police, but they'd have to pay attention if your roommates are this disruptive.

[She rubs at the bridge of her nose.]

And don't be sorry. It's not your fault you got the worst roommates you could possibly get.
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Are you familiar with the term 'gaslighting'?
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It's a series of methods by which you convince someone they aren't sane. Works best on someone you live with. Though it does take a month or two to really get effective.
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Naming and shaming them in a public forum tends to work.
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John has a good point.

[some men just want to watch the world burn]
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You don't live with the world's worst flatmate without learning a few tricks.
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You've endured a valuable learning experience.
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[Not knowing who her roommates are:]

Move out. Or get them to move out. Plenty of space in the other cities for your or your roommates to settle in.
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Maybe ask who's willing to let a complete stranger move in with them, while you're complaining about your roommates here. Seems like the network's full of some very helpful people.
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You're welcome. [Leaning back in his chair.] I gotta ask, who are your roommates anyway?
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Ear plugs and find a safe spot for anything you don't want damaged.
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Well, I could cast a silencing spell to deal with the noise, at least. [She's joking. Probably.]
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No, I mean I could cast it on them. You're in house number eight, aren't you? I'm in house seven.
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Have you tried headphones?

[She's not very helpful at all, sorry.]