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Mad Mabel Picante Pines ([personal profile] glitterateur) wrote in [community profile] maskormenace2014-07-10 05:40 pm

video (01)

[There's a little girl grinning at the camera when the feed clicks on, waving enthusiastically. Her face and hands are covered in three different kinds of glitter, but luckily her adorable sweatshirt (it has giraffes on it) has miraculously managed to stay clean.]

Greetings, fellow heroes! My name's Mabel. I don't have a codename yet but I'm working on it! Along with-- [She reaches off screen to pull out a square of fabric covered in stickers and glitter.] --this! It's gonna be my cape when it's done.

Anyway, since I'm new to being a hero, I'm open to any advice my more experienced superfriends may have! Whether it's about capes or masks or where the craft store is. Especially that last part, since I'm almost out of stickers.

--and if anybody in house eighteen sees some pigs in the kitchen, don't worry. Those are the Waddles Juniors and they're with me. If they're down there they're just hungry.

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