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[It's actually very difficult to place exactly what's going on in the broadcasted video--it's very dark, almost pitch black, but there's enough vague shapes to sort of discern what's happening. The camera appears to be pointed at a pair of very nice--but slightly muddy--shoes, quicky making their way across dimly lit grass. Honestly, it's kind of alarming, especially since it takes the cameraman about thirty seconds to actually start talking.]

I don't like any of this. I don't trust any of this.

[Somehow, his voice strikes the exact midpoint between petulant and paranoid.]

Is this some--I don't know how this works. I was told that this would be visible. Very generally--"visible". I don't know who all is here or what joke you're trying to pull, but I frankly find it annoying. If this is some kind of...I don't know, some kind of prank, you're all going to regret it.

[After another few seconds of voiceless footage, it may become apparent exactly what's strange about the video of the ground: the grass moves away from Saionji's feet like it can sense his footfalls, leaving him only empty dirt to step on. If he notices, he doesn't address it.]

I'm looking for a red car. Convertible. New model. White leather interior. That, or a mall. I sell knives, now. I guess? I guess this is what I do. I sell knives in a mall, but I can't find this mall. Or this car. If you're going to pull a prank, make it a good one.
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[Did someone turn their device on by mistake? After about thirty seconds of silence Utena's ready to move on, when she hears a voice, and she has a sinking feeling about who this mystery man is]

...Saionji?! Is that you?

[Unlike Saionji, Utena has figured out how the camera on these things work. He can actually see her face! Her confused, disgusted face]
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What?! Of course not! How could I pull off something like this?


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[Lucy, who thinks about things before doing them Unlike Some People, did some practice before this and therefore isn't quite as garbage at cameras. Admittedly it's still a little Blair Witch-y, but she's from the past, cut her a break.]

Those seem like two really different things to be looking for at the same time. [What makes a convertible different from a regular car? Fuck if she knows.]
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. . . This is public.

[Which, I mean. Technically he didn't ask for her opinion, but this is public.]

And forgive me, but I'd be able to help you more if you gave me more information.

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Is it a specific car you're looking for that happens to look like that, or is that a list of demands you require for a car?

( not that ellie can help with either, she's just nosy. )
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O-H-T-O-R-I. ( helpfully, she writes the letters down on her hands, as if she has any intention of looking whatsoever.

hey, at least if she happens to spot it she'll know it's the right one? )
Got it. You just arrive here too then?

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Hmph. None of this is a joke. [Niko, be nice.]

What kind of knives do you sell?
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[And one quick 'net search later.]

Pocket knives? those folding ones? Steak knives? Hunting knives? Lots of knives to pick from.

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[Archie's eyes had been peeled for the jump scare that he was absolutely sure was coming after that creepy, quiet intro. Distractedly:]

What's the name of the mall? You could google that for the address. [And then, because even though he's been around for two months everybody's powers still seem so novel and cool to him...] Hey, are you doing that to the grass?
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They didn't tell you the name of the place you're working at? [Like, weird, but also not the Important Part about this post. Clearly!!] I mean, you're not even stepping on it. It's, like, moving out of the way.

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[Wow, this guy is super edgy, huh? Gar thinks he can understand at least a little, though. His first few days here were super disorientating.]

Hey! Someone has probably already told you, but this isn't like... some super clever prank. I kinda wish it was. That'd be cooler than the truth.

We're just stuck here, I guess. How do you know your car got here too? Or did those soldier guys give it to you?? Can they get me one too!?

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It's not a joke, nor a prank. What they've told you when you arrived is true.

There is probably the address to the mall, though. You can use the communicator's map to find where the mall is.

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How do you intend to make anyone regret it?
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Your car come in with you? That one of your powers or something?

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Another guy selling knives? huh. Do you know the address of the mall? Or what city?

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