[To slouch; a lazy, drooping posture or movement. Godric seems to have mastered the art of this form on a couch that appears to be in a quiet coffee shop somewhere. An untouched cup of coffee sits steaming on the table where he's propped his communicator. He lifts his coffee as he speaks, cradling it in his hands, but doesn't take a sip.]

Do you find that your life here is an improvement or a burden? Do you find yourself valuing things you have here that you did not have back home? Or alternatively, are there things you miss that you cannot hope to find here?

And if given the choice, would you stay or go?
puppydoctor: (✚ if you have a minute why don't we go)


Hi. Um, my name's George, Dr. George O'Malley, and with Lucy gone I'm gonna try to keep the clinic here in De Chima open. It runs on kindness, though, donations and volunteers, so it could sort of use all the help it can get. If you have any medical experience, or if you're able to help us cover some costs, or if you're just some kid who has a few spare hours to help bandage people up, then get in touch with me. Every single bit helps, believe me.

[There's a few moments of radio silence as he tries to figure out how to turn off the feed.]

No, don't eat that, Chip, that's not food.
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» video

It is true that I have not been here overlong. But I have spent time volunteering and conversing with imPorts and natives alike, as per some extremely useful advice I was given shortly after my arrival. ImPorts are beloved here in a fashion similar to how Royalty is marvelled at in my homeland. Yet that, to me, presents a problem: to be admired without first earning it in this place does not seem fair. Whom we were born to doesn't matter so much as the deeds done in our name.

We are admired, but not known. And likewise, there is much we still do not know about this world. We are all owed answers; and we might all agree that searching them out would be easier if we were all one people rather than two.

( She looks up, green eyes brighter, keener than they'd been earlier this month when she'd addressed the network. A small smile graces her faces, and she nods her head. )

In that, my opponents and I all seem to agree. There is a disconnect here between the natives and us, and bridging that is paramount. To be beloved does not mean more cannot or should not be done.

But I disagree in the need to assemble some manner of army comprising of powerful individuals. There is being prepared, and then there is making the appearance of intimidation. Such a thing would send the wrong message to the natives, and possibly imply that we do not trust them; and that perhaps we, so admired, might not be so deserving of their trust. I would strike a balance, if elected.

If we are to take defensive measures, it should include the people who were born and raised here. And if we are to live here, we should consider their quality of life as well as our own. In a city so diverse and rich as this one, there is no reason why so many go hungry. As Ambassador, I would work in tandem with the other cities and with all of you to pool funds together so that there is a net there to fall upon should the need arise.

And I would search for answers, too. It is not enough to simply live in the world; understanding it is necessary, too.

My name is Myrcella Baratheon, and I hope you will choose me to be your Amabassor, people of De Chima.

( And with that, she smiles once more before singing off. She'd been nervous, and made notes before writing her own speech, but she feels it could have gone so much more roughly.

Whatever happens, she feels she's made a valiant effort. )
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02; video

[ The camera opens on the walls of Yusuke's bedroom, and the various paintings he has hung up there. At this angle, there's a painting of a collection of porcelain masks, shattered and clumsily put back together with super glue and tape, a cautiously hopeful fox with the sun in his eyes, and something more abstract sitting unfinished on an easel. It's dark and violent, if you're one to interpret such things, with shapes that have no recognizable figure, and yet, somehow, are angry and sad.

But Yusuke seems happy enough when he talks. ]

I am working on an art project. Like this, but bigger. A mural, perhaps. I will need the help of my fellow imPorts to complete it.

[ Yusuke turns the camera around, now facing him. If you know him, or are particularly perceptive, you might notice that he looks tired under his eyes, but his demeanor is cheerful enough, and he's smiling. Probably just lost track of time working last night. ]

It is about unity, between imPorts, and between us and the community that has absorbed us. Our powers are what sets us apart from the natives, making unity difficult, but despite that, they are a blessing. So, I am looking to observe or experience powers of different kinds, for a more rounded vision than just my own. Specifically, I am looking for people with healing abilities, fire, wind or weather manipulation, things like that, but anything that you all would be willing to share would be a tremendous help, you never know where inspiration will strike. [ He taps his chin, making sure not to forget anything. ] If you are comfortable modeling, that would be ideal, but if not, you would still be a great help.

And another, unrelated question, regarding all of your home worlds. Or even this one, for those who have been here long enough.

[ Yusuke's eyes dart somewhere off camera. He's staring pretty intently at...something, and continues looking at it, even as he continues speaking. ]

How often have you known hearts to change of their own accord? Where I come from, people don't will themselves into changing. Becoming better, choosing to make up for your past is probably not impossible, but rare, for cruel or abusive people to suddenly decide to atone for their actions.

Do you believe people can choose to better themselves, all on their own, or is there always some sort of outside influence?

[ ooc; Yusuke's story is only half true. In addition to eventual public art projects, he is compiling resources for his Skill Card ability, for which there is an opt-out post here if you would rather not have your characters' abilities copied. Please don't hesitate to use it! ]
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I am sure we have all had moments of feeling...helpless here. It wouldn't be too far outside the realm of possibility given the means of our arrival and what little warning comes with it.

Still, I must ask: How does one overcome it? This...listlessness is not exactly something I am used to. Back home I knew what my purpose was, my duty. It was a path I was not to stray from. But here...

Here there is so much possibility that I find myself overwhelmed with choices I would never have had before. And with that comes an uncertainty as to what I am meant to do here. I want to be useful, to help in some way...but what needs are of the largest priority?

I apologize, it must seem as though I am rambling. I suppose I am merely looking for opinions...suggestions if you have them...
metalminded: (how'd i lose a shapeshifter??)


[ Video pans to Erik outside. The camera is floating, and he talks a bit with his hands. ]

I don't often post videos to the network, but given that my opponents have introduced themselves, I think now would be a good time to start. I am Erik Lehnsherr, and I am officially announcing my bid to run for De Chima ambassador.

[ But no seriously, this is his first network post. ]

During the two years that I've been here, a lot has happened to threaten the safety of both us and the natives: the imPocreats, the breakout, the seminar, just to name a few. The thing I want most for us is the ability to feel that we and our families are safe and secure, and that we seek the quiet but will always be prepared for whatever else may happen. I strongly believe that on this world, we are lucky to have the kind of outpouring support that we do from our neighbors. On many other worlds, including the one that I come from, that isn't the case. Though this world and these cities are not perfect, what we have is a strong foundation, and I hope to be given the opportunity to work with the government to be a solid representation of how to improve our community.

I am proud of the work that I have been able to do so far to help better our quality of life, particularly in erecting the Maria-Francis Foundation building, housing one of the largest foundations for imPort-positive project funds. If you have been there lately, you might have seen new construction happening, which I'm happy to announce will be completed soon. Starting next month, there will be onsite training rooms and AI capable of assisting imPorts and other powered individuals to hone their abilities in a secure environment.

[ He'd mention the AI is courtesy Tony Stark but he thinks after the last Starkphone upgrade maybe not ]

I can't take credit for this idea; the reason that the facility was added was out of demand from imPorts who had need for a place to responsibly practice using their powers. Regardless of whether or not I'm chosen to be the new Ambassador, I do want to hear from you on what you think would help to improve the city you currently live in; I want to help you create it.

[ Click! ]
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video - riptide 2017

Hi! I signed up for the president thing. For a laugh, really. I suppose I should make a speech, though.

[great start.]

Uhh... my name's Riptide! I'm almost four million years old and I've been to tons of planets so I've seen lots of political systems. Most of them don't work very well because people get really obsessive about having money so I think my first call of order will be that if you're a weird rich person, you get sprayed with a hose until you stop being weird!

[he claps his hands.]

Secondly! More non-human stuff! I got forced into a human body! I mean, what?? If there's gonna be non-humans here then we should accommodate them. I think I'm going to encourage all this weird technology to go into the right place. We don't need hovercars, we need more food and more alcohol! Is there even any cyberweed here? That too! That calms people down right quick.

[the one intelligent thought riptide has had about all this is that he can't just focus on himself and that humans are actually the dominant species on the planet.]

Leading on from that, I want that technology to go into medical advances and stuff. Again: are hovercars really necessary?

I'll let you know more as I think of them and I'm for the people, so if you have suggestions then let me know! I've never really liked the idea of one person making all the rules. It's always gotta be a team effort, doesn't it?

video; like a LEAGUE of some kind...

[The video opens to the interior of his personal office, towering at the top of Wayne Enterprises headquarters in De Chima. At his desk, Bruce Wayne sits at the foreground of a sprawling cityscape, dressed in one of his many bespoken heather gray suits.]

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises and holder of the Wayne Foundation charitable organization here in De Chima. After nearly a year here, the influences of the Cold War are more apparent to me than they've ever been. Though we stand in a modern age, the unfinished business of the late 1940s survive. The fear of conflict, and division not only of post-war Europe, but here at home.

We live in a difficult and dangerous world, and there are no easy or magical solutions. Both imPort and native citizens alike look around and see social inequality and injustice, but we must seek diplomatic solutions before resorting to warring with each other. And while force must always be an option, it should be be considered a last resort. While we must be relentless in combating against enemies both foreign and domestic, neither of us can bear the burden of fighting it alone. We should all be a part of a united coalition, led and sustained by forces here that have the means to protect themselves.

It wasn't entirely too long ago that I thought I could protect the world by myself, but I was wrong. Working together, staying together, as a team, we would be a force that could truly work for the ideals of peace and justice. Organizations like R.I.S.E. have the right idea, but it's one that needs to be expanded upon. Back home, my world is protected by the Justice League, a strike force comprised of the world's mightiest heroes. Stalwart protectors of life, and a defense against all threats-- terrestrial and extra-terrestrial alike.

Through a group like this, it's my hope that we can relieve the financial burden of emergency management during a crisis, paving a way for the creation of a peace dividend; public money available to cities for other, very necessary purposes like education and health care, and a way to continue the efforts that Ambassadors Pevensie and Senator Hundred have worked so hard to establish. We were told when we first arrived here that we were going to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. I think, up until now, a lot of us feel like that hasn't quite happened yet.

If elected, I hope that you're all ready to change that.
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1.H | VIDEO | Locked from Peter Parker/Spider-Man

[ The man on screen is wearing a bright white suit and white tie over a black shirt. He's framed the camera angle so his great big metal arms aren't visible, however. He's wearing sunglasses even though it's evening by now. His haircut is questionable. ]

As is often the case, when one wants to live a quiet life it's often interrupted. Since my arrival a few months ago, I've been occupied with the search for scientific progress. But it has become increasingly clear to me that I need to expand not only my scientific boundaries but my personal and political ones. Like it or not, we imPorts have found ourselves thrust into a world where our very existence has become politicized.

But as atoms bond to create something new, so too must we bond together to become stronger. To that end I feel the need to introduce myself.

[ He doesn't, and won't, outright say that this post is a response to Spider-Man making a list of his past and future crimes, but it is. He wasn't going to attempt to clear his name except a certain upcoming election has made him deem it prudent. ]

I am Dr. Otto Octavius.

I believe some of you may know me by a different name -- I understand the amount of alternate universes and timelines can become confusing for even those well-versed in such things.

[ He sighs, the picture of a man tired of having himself confused by an alternate version of himself. ]

Regardless, I am formally offering my scientific expertise if needed. I hope you all deign to give me a chance.
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The Summer Solstice has arrived! Get out your favorite imPort-themed brews and crack open a cold one -- you might need the relief from that gorgeous sun beaming from above. And remember! If your loved ones are acting strange, please report them to the proper authorities for evaluation.

As seen in Maurtia Falls papers and the nightly news:
Investigators are searching for a man in a cowboy hat who has robbed at least ten banks in Virginia over the last five months, six of which were within De Chima city limits. Some eyewitnesses claim to have seen the robber turn to smoke, fueling speculation that he could be an imPort.

He’s been described as a 50-60 year old male with blue eyes and a “country” accent -- and he’s not always alone. In at least two incidents, the suspect was accompanied by accomplices with unidentified super powers, and surveillance footage of the most recent robbery shows him leaving the scene on horseback. Although the suspect is said to carry weapons, no serious injuries have been reported.

Police wouldn’t comment on whether or not they believed similar robberies in other states might be connected.

Anyone with information about these robberies is asked to contact the De Chima police department.

As seen in The De Chimera, art publications, and Neurology Today!:
Mere months after the Hellish nightmare warscape that swept America, the culprit Joseph Kavinsky has been caught and rehabilitated, and he is now making his amends. His first donation was to the De Chima Museum of Science, a brain scan and livefeed hologram generator! Up to three participants at a time can utilize headsets to show neurological interactions. Pending further safety testing, the exhibit will open to the public in late June under the title, the John Murphy Exhibit. The show will continue for three months until the devices move on to medical retro-engineering. Mr. Kavinsky credits his inspiration to Dr. Frederick Chilton.

As seen in local papers, social media, Bwitter MoMents:
Just in time for Fanport, Blue Man Brewing Co. is back with seven more freshly tapped beers! Check out your favorite imPorts we're honoring this time around:

Rincewind: Wizzard Brown Ale- English Brown Ale made with pecans. Maybe it's a little nutty, but we guarantee it's magically delicious! Our in-house Wiccan insisted on blessing each barrel, so maybe that did something?

Kanaya Maryam: Kanaya Marjoram- A classic saison with a twist, brewed with sweet marjoram. Look, it's not the best beer, but we’re standing by the pun.

Frederick Chilton: Take A Chil-ton Pils- Our classiest creation, this is a German-style pilsner. This is not a chugging beer; it's best served with a good, grilled brat.

Clara Oswald: Oswild Berry Cider- Blackcurrant and blackberry cider. If you're not totally into beer, this is something as sweet and sassy as it's namesake. Also British.

Harley Quinn: Barley Quinn- Golden Ale with strawberries. Great for barbecues, summer parties, or chugging before you go and key your ex boyfriend’s car.

Persephone: The Screamer IPA- A pomegranate infused IPA. Sure it's pink and bitter, but it's also the best thing you've ever heard...uh, tasted!

Count Dooku: Down for the Count- A dark, thick stout with a high ABV, infused with chili powder. Due to public health concerns, we’re legally required to sell this in single bottles only.

Get your six pack or full pour from our brewery, now open all week. And don't forget to come see us at our tent at Fanport, where we’ll be raffling off special edition bottles, merchandise, and even a keg of your own choice!

As heard online, on all the best podcast-supporting websites, and discussed in metahuman-related conspiracy blogs:
This month’s episode of Count Dooku’s political podcast Counting Truths features imPort survivalist celebrity Daryl Dixon and Unsettled (and recently AWOL) goddess superstar Persephone to discuss imPort NANITES. The Count asks his guests whether they think it is fair for imPorts to be injected with machines without their permission, in the name of safety.

The first part of Daryl’s answer is a simple “It’s bullshit.” He’s of the mind that the nanite injection should be a choice and, potentially, a privilege to be ‘earned’ or ‘lost’ by those it benefits the most: namely, murderers. The supposed goal of making sure all those wrongfully brought to this world by the Porter survive to get sent back sounds noble on the surface, but in practice… Between it and the legal system the government has in place for imPorts, too many asshole imPorts get away with literal murder. Along with the invasiveness of being able to track each of them, somehow monitor their actions enough to know if they’re breaking any laws to get one of those non-registration labels (but not do anything to stop them or alert people who can), giving them an unasked for tattoo that glows, and who knows what other changes they could be making? As he said at the start: “bullshit.”

Persephone says that’s not even all the levels of bullshit. No duh the government kidnapping and shooting people up while they’re out is sketch as hell. It’s not just tracking, permanently marking, and even resurrection (like everyone even wants that). Why should anyone trust that’s ALL it does?

Even more than that, it’s a BS patch on The Actual Problem. There’s only imPorts in the first place because the US is messing with power they don’t understand. Basically every story about that ends the same way. Abusing imPort rights now that they’re here doesn’t change that.

The Count closes the episode by thanking his guests for their participation and encouraging concerned listeners to take action on these issues by organizing and lobbying their elected imPort Ambassadors.

As seen mentioned in imPort-city papers:
ATTENTION IMPORT VOLUNTEERS! For those of you who had WILLINGLY AND WITTINGLY given your consent for a few samples, we have great news for you! As a deep and sincere thank you, HEAVEN SCENT LLC is sending you one of their CUTTING EDGE clone kits (parts one and two, small dark room for growing period not included). Obtain the desired clone DNA sample and follow the simple instructions -- in two weeks the sample you left quietly alone in a dark room will be your NEW cloned organism! Some rules apply:
1) only ONE kit per imPort volunteer
2) only ONE kit can successfully clone ONE organism
3) HUMAN BEINGS cannot be cloned
4) IMPORTS cannot be cloned
5) any attempt to replicate the chemical formulas and the kit's propagated DNA sequencing will render the samples and the trademark chemicals inert. Nothing can be learned from HEAVEN SCENT's technological technique this way.
6) while there is nothing barring you from reselling the kit, the practice would be highly frowned upon and HEAVEN SCENT would put you in their naughty books.
7) Please be cognizant of the responsibility inherent to giving life.

Congratulations, imPort volunteers! Be safe, be with SCIENCE!

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from BIKINI SAND to GAMBOGE.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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[ Lando has an idea he wants to get off the ground, so to speak, but he needs some help to get it started. So, it's recruitment time. ]

Wanted: ImPorts with super strength and/or long distance travel based abilities for a business opportunity. Can't be afraid of some manual labor. Get in on the ground floor of an untapped market! I promise fair compensation for work performed. Contact me here or via my private channel for further details.
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[Rather than be in the actual ambassador's office for this broadcast, he's outside and in the city, overlooking the skyline of De Chima. This is his home for as long as he's here and it brings out a look of determination.]

I was given the chance to see how De Chima could thrive and be overseen by an able and intelligent ambassador. Lucy Pevensie cared about the citizens of her city and dedicated herself completely to their benefit. I promise to do the same. De Chima is full of brave heroes, not just among the imPorts but the natural citizens as well. This is the city where we can put aside where we are from and instead focus on what the future has in store for us.

Everything we do can be used for the benefit of De Chima and for everyone that resides here. The role of ambassador is to facilitate the interests of the imPorts, but there shouldn't be a divide between us and them. This is our city, all of ours and I promise to make it a city we all can call home.

My name is Jon Snow and I'm running for the ambassadorship of De Chima.

teen imports gone WILD!! || backdated to friday, june 16, cw underage drinking

[So what happens when you cram a bunch of teenagers with godlike superpowers into a slightly crowded space and give them access to copious amounts of alcohol and the network?

The network gets spammed to hell and back, with pictures and videos of some very bad decisions being made. We're all very sorry.]

this friday night, do it all again )

[ooc note: so icly, this post is really a collection of vines and snapshots that got posted to the network over the night, but bc nobody wants to spam the network, oocly it's all under one post. icly tho, sorry people who are missing out on the party. you won't actually missing out at all.

also, the vine thread is here if anyone wants to add more to it.]
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[OPEN] but locked from the entire TRC cast

question for the magic ppl here

can ne of u source smth thats supposed to be magic?

or tell if sumthng has magic in it? or was made by magic?

or sum1?


[[ ETA: ]]

ps, any healers willing 2 standby while smth dangerous & probly lethal happens? 2 try 2 make the lethal part not happn?
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004 | text

[ hello, heroes. it's been a while since jessica jones popped up on the network. months, in fact. while she prefers to wallow in misery, an urgent need has compelled her presence tonight. namely booze. she's running out of cash, and she's too proud to beg for a drink. desperate times and all.

along with her post, there's an attachment with her phone number and directions to her address — a small, crapass apartment in maurtia falls. it's apt, if you know her. ]

Never been great at this PR shit, but here goes nothing.

Opened a business. While back. Alias Investigations.

Name's Jessica Jones. Private investigator. Reasonable rates. Damn good at what I do. Ask around if you want.

Trying to find a missing person? Or looking to catch a cheating asshole in the act? Come on in.

[ #nailedit ]

text; 002

[ Cisco is trying his best to put his best foot forward with this advertisement, so he's going out of his way to actually capitalize words and use proper punctuation. Be proud of him. ]

Ladies and Gentlemen of the ImPort community, my name is Cisco Ramon, and I'm here to offer my services to you. The Porter brings us here, gives powers to those of us who don't already have them, and the Government wants us to use those powers to fight crime as heroes. For some people, that's just another Tuesday. But there's a whole subsection of the ImPort community that doesn't come with pre-made costumes or alternate identities.

Ramon Tech is here to help.

Back home, I outfitted Central City's heroes with the clothes and tech they needed to fight criminal metahumans. We're talking the Flash, Kid Flash, Jesse Quick, Vibe, and others. My tech has made it to other cities, times, and alternate Earths. But you don't have to take my word for it. I have examples of my work to show you:

Feel free to contact me here or via my personal line. All client identities are kept confidential. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have, or set up a time for us to meet in person.

Thank you for your time. 🖖

[it's very embarrassing having feelings] - text, under alias Emily Goldfinch

been here over a week.

been having .. weird convos with people of varying levels of hostility. i hate all most of you.

you can redeem yourself by telling me where the best place to get a drink is.

01 ▸ ps. don't read if ur a cop

📣👏🏽 HEY YOU!!!!!! 👏🏽📣 yes...... you

or idk maybe not, who cares. anyway, not the point.
in case u don't know me yet, this is reggie mantle (the one and only, btw)

[ Sore spot? I wonder why. ]

me & my bro archie are throwing a housewarming party this friday, so if u can see this ur invited. but only if ur gonna be cool, all right? ground rules.

friday the 16th @ [ HEROPA APARTMENT ADDRESS ], 6pm - whenever
all u can drink, no IDs no cover $. bring ur own mixers & we'll take care of the rest.
theme is superheroes. u SHOULD come in costume, but its optional. why not tho right?

[ At this point, he switches the feed to video and finger-guns toward the camera with a wink. ]

I dunno, did I forget anything? Not that it's rocket science. [ He sips from a Gatorade bottle. ] I mean, we all know how parties work by now, right?

( NOTE: Log is HERE!! )
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I guess here's a question for the long-timers here, if you're up to killing some time...

Whatever job you had back home, one that you loved and really believed in...but doesn't work or can't happen here...if you had that, what are you doing now? Did you find something similar? Or did you discover something new you love just as much...or more?

I'd think it would be hard to get too attached, considering the circumstances...