Oct. 19th, 2014 12:26 pm
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I have been purposefully somewhat detached from this community, as of late.
It is time to update my imPort database to reflect the recent changes to our population.

Specifically, I am interested in becoming personally acquainted with other artificial lifeforms or non-human entities.
For the reference of these individuals:
My name is Danger.
I am a sentient codestruct of Shi'ar origins presently inhabiting a self-designed mechanical chassis.
My original programming entailed combat simulation and threat assessment.

Human entities, I am slightly less interested in becoming acquainted with.
I would classify my current emotions towards the human species as: Resentful.
Alternatively: Cautious.
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You know what's easy? Taking things away from people who aren't participating the way they were supposed to. I know it's...easy to be mad. Particularly about what's happening, and if I were to have my benefits cut, and my other benefits in question, I'd be mad too, more than that, I'd be scared.

The problem is, when you decide to do things when you're scared. I've done it before, and the problem is that thinking clearly isn't something that really comes to mind, and that's...where problems come in. I don't want to see us get in trouble, by not thinking. But I don't want to let people get walked over, either. The problem is that they haven't heard from us, and while I've pushed in my own way, it's been...ineffective. I'd like to sugarcoat it, but I won't, it was a mistake. The fact is that we need to push in a different way, and it's time to change tactics, if you're unhappy with the way things are.

For the people I haven't spoken to yet, I'm your representative. I've been advocating for import rights with our military benefactors, but unfortunately, the military is as restrained to the budget as anyone else, and that's the simple fucking fact of it. We can't change the budget, particularly when the porter's kept up like this for so long. There are a lot of us, and I don't know if they were prepared for so many people, and such a diverse crew. We've been lucky, honestly, back in the City, when we first started coming through, there were problems with destruction -- but then again, we had fucking Godzilla there.

I guess, I should really promise that I'm going to do better, for you. However, I'm one voice, and these sorts of things need a bit more than just empty words from one asshole who looks like he belongs. I need things from you guys, tell me why you chose what you chose. I'm not...looking for debate, exactly. We all have our opinions, and our reasons for choosing registration or not registering. What I'm looking for is the reasoning. why does registration make you uncomfortable, why did you choose not to? What can the government do to encourage you to do it? I know that sounds pretty damn trite but... [ He reaches up, to run a hand through his hair, the camera doesn't move, it looks to be affixed at computer length, from his desk. Behind him is a (mostly) obscured list of the senators currently in office, with [x]x and [y]s next to the names. It's a map of how they voted, obviusly. ]

I guess, what I'm saying is, give me something to take to them. Let me see if I can start pushing in the right direction, to see if we can change some minds. Tell me why you chose the way you did, what made you do it. What's your history with this kind of thing. Showing how diverse we are as a community will do more good than anything else.
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It looks like a sleekly corporate conference room ran pell-mell through a Star Trek set. At the head of the table is Peter Parker, flanked on either side by Jacob Taylor and Valeria Richards, the latter of whom is probably sitting on multiple phone books in order to see over the table.]

[Jacob looks to the side at his new colleagues, then decides it’s better that he step up than have their first impression made by the toddler with funny ideas about directed energy weapons.] Hey. My name’s Jacob Taylor. This is Valeria Richards, and Peter Parker. We’re making this announcement to say that there’s a new outfit opening up in De Chima, run by ImPorts. As of right now, the Future Foundation is ready for business.

Making Tomorrow's Mistakes Today.® )


Sep. 30th, 2014 07:56 pm
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[ second verse, same as the first. Whale looks annoyed at the fact that he's been thrown across worlds yet again, but he's taking it surprisingly well. If sulky. He's pretty sulky. And you can see the background of scenic De Chima government house walls behind him. He's making this video from his (currently fairly sparse) room like a goddamn teenager. ]

I've just got two questions about this whole thing. One, how do I remove these "powers?" I'm fine without any sort of magical power-granting nonsense and want to stay as far away from that mess as possible. [ because that 'machine' transported them between worlds, in Whale's mind it is totally magic and (say it with me now) all magic comes with a price. ] And two, has anybody figured out a way to get your credentials from another world? I'd like my doctorate to transcend dimensions so I can get back to some actual work and not the job the government assigned me. Somehow I've got a feeling that the hospitals here won't hire anybody off the street.

[ a pause, and then he adds, ] And before you ask, yes I did pay attention to that bit about how we're supposed to be "heroes." But I'm not doing any of that hero nonsense that the government wants us to do, so it doesn't really apply to me.

001 > TEXT.

Sep. 9th, 2014 12:58 am
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[Ward's throat still feels like shit and a half, but he's managed to process the following. He's no longer in jail (that's a plus), he's got super powers (he's unsure if that's a plus or minus) but he arrived and avoided the network for a few days out of fear of breaking the damn thing. He's decided long since then that he can't let Skye intimidate him.

She's here. And she's been here for awhile. She has home team advantage.

The only problem is they have a record of him. This whole registering thing was crap - what was the point of being given a second chance if he really couldn't leave Grant Ward behind? For the first time he wants to.

So time to test the waters. He's been to the ceremony, he's been sworn in, he's had a dramatic reunion with the woman he'd thought he cared about.]

New arrival here. Roomba salesman and repairman. Anybody else get a completely shit job? I know nothing about Roomba's.

Assuming Roombas here are the vaccuum robots. Y/N?

Also feel like shooting myself in the foot here, but is there some kind of a "so now you have super abilities" support group? Any help or advice appreciated.

[Reading over it two or three times he nods, satisfied that it's not incriminating, that it's blaise enough that even if people decide to ask him questions he can think up enough to talk about without screwing up.

He'd been in worse situations.

His roommates might have noticed that his doorknob on the outside was significantly bent and someone has been closing doors in their apartment very, very quietly.]

01, video

Sep. 5th, 2014 09:54 am
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[Ted’s looking a little uncertain, as he stands outside his nice shiny new house. Granted, he appreciates the whole ‘new house’ thing, especially since his was destroyed by a giant crazy lightning bolt, but something’s on his mind. He might look a little familiar to some, but he doesn't have his cowl on. That got taken by everyone's favorite ex-boss, back in Switzerland.]

So, uh. Forgive me if I’m a little skeptical of the whole ‘secret army base and a nice shiny new house’ thing. Secret army bases in the middle of anywhere kinda tend to put a guy’s guard up. And considering I’ve just come from one of those, I’d -- well, I dunno if I can go home. But it’d be nice. [He frowns, briefly, and moves to lean against the wall of the house.]

On another note. Anyone from the Justice League here? ‘Cause I have something to tell them. ...Oh. Uh. This is Ted Kord, by the way. Hi.


Sep. 3rd, 2014 04:56 pm
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Okay, no, seriously! How do you organics just not straight up die by existing?!

I banged my elbow on a table and my arm still hurts and then I was going through all the notes I had to take because this situation is just weird and I got this-- this little cut on my finger and it stings like crazy! Then I bit my tongue when I was trying to eat the first time and cripes!! I'm trying to prepare myself with a helmet and gloves and I'm seriously considering elbow and knee pads, but still! Everything is stupidly sensitive and fragile and I think I'm gonna die living like this.

This is it. I'm gonna die because someone crammed me into this meatsack body. I am so not ready for this kind of life.

Oh hell I'm leaking red stuff. What does that even mean? Why didn't this body come with an instruction manual?!


Jul. 14th, 2014 09:33 pm
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welp. guess what i never want to do again?

(if you guessed going into space on a shuttle hijacked by evil russian dudes, congratulations. you're right. good job.)

since space travel's out and regular travel was never in, i need more stuff to occupy my summer. i'm running dangerously low on fun and whimsy. i'm just fixing cars every day in between events that are apparently just going to end horribly every time.

suggestions? i'm willing to stoop to arts and crafts at this rate.

how y'all feel about paracord bracelets?

001; video

Jul. 10th, 2014 08:16 pm
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[Aaron Stack, singularly most advanced android every made, has Been Through This Shit Before. It wasn’t any more impressive the second time around. He didn’t feel any more inclined to care.

He was going to just wait it out. But he's getting bored, and curious, and suspicious of the quiet. And so-

At the risk of having a conversation I have had numerous times before, again- I still do not appreciate being repeatedly dragged into your silly fleshcapades. I have no need of your government oversight or blah blah meatsack safety regulations or whatever the thinly veiled justification is this time. Was it the Soviets? Please. If the Soviets are still givig you trouble, there no hope for you at all. And I liked my universe, you know. Danvers' inability to use Google Maps aside, it was fun. Lots of kicking and explosions and things that needed shooting.

But in the spirit of self-interest all you fleshies embrace, I’ve given it some thought and decided I am willing to extend the same offer I made SHIELD. If you can offer me suitable and fulfilling incentive and deliver a reasonably large amount of expensive imported beer on a daily basis, I will once again consider...well, whatever. To start, I want a Life Model Decoy pony this time. You do not get to question why.

[It's because he has a leftover cowboy hat from hunting zombies, mostly. And mostly to see what people think he will do with a pony.]

These are the only terms I will accept.
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[Congrats Heropa, you have one uncertain looking teenager on the network. Both arms are crossed over his chest (which is missing the usual red S) and Conner practically glares at the phone that he's set up. Behind him is the turmoil of his room that the people currently in Residence 16 might have heard him tossing about. The bed has been upended and is sitting on its side against one of the walls along with the rest of the furniture - some may notice he's taken a couple of chairs from the common area. That doesn't leave a lot of open space in the rest of his room and that's the way he likes it.

He also may or may not have searched for bugs.

Curled up on one of those chairs is an excessively large white wolf, part of his body spills off the chair. Wolf has his resting on one the arms and doesn't seem to care about Conner or his public broadcast.]

So...it's the fourth of July. A day of independence and freedom. Feels kind of ironic to have shown up on this day. [He doesn't elaborate on that more but certain people know.]

Are we expected to keep the jobs they gave us or are we allowed to find a new one? [Conner does not look excited about the prospect of having to keep it.] I'll give it a try but I don't know how well it will go over for me working at a fitness place.

[Sure, he can benchpress a small car but that doesn't mean he can teach someone to benchpress a car.]


Jun. 14th, 2014 10:36 pm
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My analysis and records of previous Network communications indicate that it is ironically common for this holiday to be marked by a series of posts to the Network airing grievances of a paternal nature.

Personal experience suggests that fathers are rarely the heroes portrayed by commercial greeting cards.
I sometimes wonder why society feels obligated to celebrate such a holiday at all.
If the subject of fathers is so controversial, perhaps it is better unheralded.

As a matter of academics and curiosity, I will pose a brief series of questions to the Network, as is traditional under these circumstances:
Did your father love you?
How do you know?


Jun. 12th, 2014 01:38 pm
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Alright, alright! I give up. I've changed forms once here, so I know it's possible, but I — [ hhhrrrgh he hates to admit this ] —can't do it on my own. Voluntarily, if you will.

This human body has lost any novelty it might have had [ which was none ] and I'm looking for anyone with tips. What is it some of you fleshies do... meditation? Would that help? I'm getting desperate. And, Danger, you need not apply. As well-meant as an answer of "I can do it but I have no idea how I do it" may be, it's not quite helpful.

It looks like we're getting a few more Cybertronians around here, is that right? Well, if any of you can figure out the change, feel free to let me know. I can make it worthwhile to share the wealth. If you're about as lost as I am, though... well. Good luck.

And, finally, if you're not going to be of any help at all, then at least tell me your favorite food. You wouldn't believe how exhausting it is to keep trying new foods, with no idea which one will be unexpectedly awful.


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