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[So hey, for once, it's NOT a video of Joseph. He usually likes to be the center of attention, so what's up with that? In fact, he sounds a little… scared?]


This is impossible… Ugh...

Hello… Earthlings.

[…Well, isn't that odd of him. But sure enough, the tag on the communicator says Joseph Joestar, and that is his voice, and his stupid British accent. What's going on?]

This little trip to the past has been fun and all, but I really need to be getting back to my own time.

That Porter thing is disrupting my- well. You guys all know about time travel by now, right? Ha ha ha... hope so, because pretty sure I just spoiled it...

Point is, I need it shut down so my Space Hopper can function again, and I can go back to where I came from. Going over five thousand years into the past is really not my idea of a good time, so can we get a move on with getting me out of here?

[That... doesn't sound like Joseph at all, does it? This looks like the work of an enemy Stand!! Or maybe just those lightning strikes that have only just started happening lately. But who's going to put that together, anyway?]
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[ instead of stuck behind her desk, rosie is apparently perched on a bench in a park in de chima. it's not storming so badly at the moment, but the video feed keeps getting a little static interference because of the woman holding it. she smiles serenely at the screen, instead of her usual bouncy cheer.

her voice seems more fluid, the words seeming to come easily. if anyone is using their communicators translation thingy they might notice that it's because she's speaking french. and if they're not, well, then they will realize she's speaking french because they can hear her...

speaking french. ]

Hello, my friends.

The weather here has been... violent as of late, but I wish to assure you that if you feel in danger, you need only come to see me. The lightning does not hurt me. [ to punctuate this point, lighting crackles in her palm, and the video feed has a little seizure like wow can you please not? ] In fact, it is singularly attracted to me. Surely, so I can protect you all.

Au revoir.

[ so that's weird. SOMETHING IS HAPPENING. ]
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[ Lydia composes herself and turns the video function on her phone, broadcasting her own face for a moment, body well off-screen. ]

We have a problem. If you’re squeamish, now would be a good time to stop watching.

[ Tapping the screen, she flips the camera, and instead of her face, the video captures an image of Dean’s body. ]

I don’t think I have to be the one to point out that an imPort did this.

[ Which means bad news bears for all of them: imPort crime has a way of lashing back to make all of them look bad. ]

[ Simon’s voice from off-screen adds, ] It doesn’t look like Lunatic’s work, not from what I’ve heard. Things don’t quite match up, and. I think. I think the victim’s head is… empty.


Jan. 20th, 2015 11:25 pm
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hey so can everyone do me a favor? look at this poster and let me know if you've seen this girl. her name is Abigail Hobbs.

Missing Person Poster )

if u have any info, call me or the police. If you wanna share or print the poster and put it up anywhere, that's cool too. i put some up in heropa but i haven't had a chance to use the porter, so i could use some help.

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[For once, Joseph seems a little pensive. Sitting backwards on a chair with his arms crossed, he starts off with the most lack-luster greeting he's done.]

Hey, guys…

When someone doesn't answer their messages, it means they're not here anymore, doesn't it?

[He doesn't wait long enough for there to be an answer, and winds up just sighing.]

David Alleyne's gone, I guess.

…Alright. This just means I need to ask around instead. I need someone I can go to if I have questions on technology stuff. I'm doing pretty good on most things, but I had David if I had anything that was really stumping me, and now I don't, so! Who wants to be the lucky person to help me?
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If the government ever decided that all of us would have to have a superhero name whether we like it or not, how would you choose yours? Or, if you already have one, why'd you choose yours?

Back home, my sisters and I were called the Paper Sisters, because we could control paper. We didn't make up names for each of us. Not that I want to, because we're not superheroes, and we don't have any secret identities or costumes or whatever.

"Paper Sisters" DOES sound superhero-ish though, doesn't it?

02 video.

Nov. 27th, 2014 08:12 pm
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Hey, uh- Happy Thanksgiving? I guess that's what's going on today from what I've heard from other shanks here.

[Okay, he's got greetings out of the way, now for the actual purpose of bugging the network at large.]

Can I get a show of hands from people that have ported out and come back with somethin' new? Is that normal around here?


Nov. 21st, 2014 11:41 pm
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I apologize for my... absence as of late. I've been in the lab running tests on... well. I will get to that. [ She offers a smile before pulling the clipboard she has off camera, closer.] First of all, I wanted to thank Mr. Stark for allowing me to use his labs to run the tests. And I would also like thank all who donated blood samples.

Here are my findings as promised: [ She takes a breath, reminding herself to keep things in layman's terms.] Unfortunately, in regards to my own queries, the results were mostly inclusive. I did, indeed, find self-replicating nanties in the blood samples I took. But they seem to do nothing to affect bodily functions in a significant way.

Long story short--[ she winces because she prefers to babble about science rather than shorten an explanation.] after extensive testing, these nanites do not seem to be the source of our "powers". At least not on their own. [ oh, she wishes fitz was here, he'd probably be able to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle somehow.]


Sep. 22nd, 2014 03:56 am
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You know, it just occurred to me!

I'm over six million years old.

And organics don't live very long.

And I bet the others like me aren't quite that old either. So.

That makes me the oldest living thing here! Right?

I'm your elder. Everyone's elder.

Fear me!

[This important message brought to you by old-as-fuck Tailgate.]


Sep. 19th, 2014 05:46 pm
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[ Peter looks mildly disconcerted albeit relaxed when he makes his debut. He's not sure he's all that keen on this whole being videotaped thing but he's keeping the focus on himself, not any of his surroundings. ]

So i've been here a couple weeks now. Still trying to get my footing, gotta admit it helps to have a job. Don't really know what that's about, seems a little odd to get handed out freebies just for showing up in a place. [ He shrugs, nonchalant. ]

Not really what I want to talk about, though.

[ A sigh and Peter repositions himself to get down to serious business, brow furrowing deeper. What was once disconcerted is now downright displeased. ]

Back home for me, not that i'm expecting anyone to care about another world apart from theirs, people with abilities are being hunted by the government. People who haven't done anything but live their lives, people who are just trying to exist. They're being chased down, attacked, drugged, and transported to an off site location. I don't really know where they're being taken, I haven't been there, but all I know is it's being kept a secret from the general populous. It's an undercover operation that nobody knows anything about except for those of us who've ended up on the run.

I don't want that to happen here. I don't really know if i'm expecting it to, I know the circumstances are different. Maybe I should have a little more faith in the system here. I mean, I don't want it to be happening back home either but i'm not there anymore to do anything about it. [ A fact he sounds mildly strained about. ] As far as I know, i'm stuck here until I can go back and that means living through whatever happens here.

Haven't talked to that many people yet and I just want to know what to expect from this place. Because of what's expected of me. I know we don't have anything at home like what i've signed up for here, but I still want to know more. What kind of treatment are we in for? And yeah, I know enough about the government here to know what's illegal and what's not, I get that much, but that doesn't mean that things can't change. That people haven't said things or done things in the past that might not be true to their word. People can change their minds and make decisions and it doesn't matter how far under the radar you stay. It won't matter who you are or who you know. Those people can effect your life just because they're scared and think they're in the right.

All I want to know is what it's been like for people here, if we're going to end up against the same things. I don't care if you've pledged allegiance to anyone or not, tell me what's actually been happening. [ a beat ] Oh- I'm Peter, by the way. Might as well introduce myself.

01 / VIDEO

Aug. 11th, 2014 10:07 pm
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[The video feed clicks on to show... an extreme close-up of a cat's nose pressing into the screen. The camera jiggles around for a few moments before the view lurches up and away, with an unmistakably annoyed meow being heard in the background. It isn't clear where this is being filmed... it's obviously indoors, but the room is dark, and the curtains are drawn]

Teekl, away from that thing! Give it here, you obstinate beast! Now then, how does this work...?

[The video gradually swims back into focus as Klarion squints into the camera, before finally holding the phone out at arm's length and giving any viewers a polite nod.]

Ah, there we are! Greetings, fellow imPorts... or should I say temporary kidnapping victims. I am called Klarion, and this is Teekl. [The camera swings down to show the cat, a large, impossibly fluffy ginger Maine Coon who looks less than impressed, then moves back to Klarion's face.]

First, I should make two things clear: one, I'm a witch-boy from Limbo Town, not a pilgrim, although I understand that my hometown's fashion sense has certain unmistakable similarities to their clothing. Ill-intended jokes about turkeys or thanks-giving day pageants are not appreciated, and will be met with extreme prejudice. Any jokes about these wretched blue creatures called 'smurfs' shall be met with even more extreme prejudice. Consider this your first and final warning.

Second, where might I find some 'iced cream'? I've heard that it's a delicious remedy to this absurd heat, and I should like to taste it for myself! Especially if it comes in strawberry.


Aug. 5th, 2014 11:45 am
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[ It's the witching hour. And the feed is very, very dark-- except for occasion sparking from the overhead street lamp, which briefly provides scant light to the sidewalk. In the background, an attentive eye might notice at the traffic lights are out. And all the business signs. And really every thing electrical as far as one might be able to tell.

There's the sound of fingers snapping, then a blue spark comes to life before settling into a flame at the tip of Jenny Quantum's thumb. The little light illuminates her face as she lights a cigarette.

Here's a word of advice for all you newbies:

Don't get attached. Don't give a shit. Don't get comfortable. Stay focused. Stay angry.

[ She sits down on the curb and snuffs the flame out by grinding her thumb against the pavement. Her voice goes on in the dim: ]

Otherwise this place is gonna break your fucking heart.

( OOC: Info here! )
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[ The first thing that may become obvious to those who have spoken to Sansa before is that she has apparently come around to the idea of modern clothing since the last time she posted to the network; the camera shows that she is wearing one of those fashionably oversized tank-tops with a wolf emblazoned across the front. She's seated on her bed, leaning back against the wall. ]

I've been having some peculiar dreams as of late. [ She is very good at making it sound casual, as though it has no reason to actually cause her any concern. Regardless, she isn't actually stating what her dreams happen to entail. She's not ready to give that much away just yet. At least, not without something in return. ]

At least, I think that they're peculiar. I have come to realize that I do not have much basis for comparison. So I have found myself rather curious: What is it that the rest of you dream about every night? Do you think that there's any meaning to them?
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Hello, there! I've got a proposition to make. I'm free, you're free, we're both free, so why not spend a little time getting to know each other? And what better way to do that than to play a game? Don't you love games? I do. Games are great, so let's play.

Couple of guidelines first! Do you know the word association game? I'm sure you do. Everyone knows the word association game, it's a universal staple, I've played the word association game with a forest on Thremkin in the 78th century and they don't even have words, what's your excuse? Just to be clear, in case you don't know it, the game goes like this: I say a word, you reply with the first word that comes into your head. For example! I say "cheese", you might say "mouse". Or "blue". Or "smelly". One word answers, please! Those are the basics... I'm adding an extra bit, though, for a bit of fun. We each get the chance to say "why?" three times, and we also get a "pass" each. So! Say you said cheese and I said "feet", you could say "why?" and I'd have to explain where the association came from. In that case, cheesy feet - bleurgh. If you don't want to explain a why, you can pass, but only once. It's no fun if you keep all those embarrassing associations to yourself!

Okay. Without further ado, I'll start. I'll give you a few, so pick your favourite and we'll go from there.

Your options are: gate, silver, star, book, stink, dream, tea or precious.

No need to tell me which one you're going with, just dive in with your answer and we're off!
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[ she fiddles with the communicator for a long time. we're talking hours of indecision. she takes a nap in the time it takes to decide -- which is weird, because sometimes she's still sure she's dead so sleeping while dead? that has to be a rule of the universe she is breaking. she hasn't ruled this out as an incredibly, disturbingly vivid coma dream either. especially considering she woke up... in a hospital... from a coma. this is probably not a thing that happens more than once in most people's lives, it's becoming a problem.

eventually, after a few deep breaths and careful alignment of her hair to hide her ear -- one thing at a time -- she pulls up the video component.

she looks a little pale as she sets it up on the side table so she can sit and look at it, but that seems to be explained by the bright white bandage on the side of her throat peeking out from underneath her dark hair. even with the hospital gown under her cardigan and the steady beat of the monitors behind her, she looks like a relatively average teenager, if not incredibly out of her depth. a skittish lost lamb.

help her. ]

I'm not sure how these work or what I'm supposed to say/ask besides everything. The debrief was... brief. I don't know if that's always the case or if the hospital had something to do with it. [ she swallows, appearing nervous, and licks her lips quickly before she continues. her fingers are just barely visible knotting the blanket together in her lap. ] I guess I'm looking for someone and it seems possible she could be here. Her name is Alana Bloom. She's a doctor. [ abigail will refrain from mentioning what kind of doctor at the moment. she already looks frail, no need to add damaged into the mix right away. ] If she is here, can someone tell her Abigail is looking for her?

[ and, you know, sorry again. about the thing. ]

I'm Abigail, if that wasn't obvious.

[ she doesn't ask after will because she isn't allowed to have nice things, they wind up covered in glass and rain and so much blood. if alana isn't there then her life hasn't changed much. if will isn't there, her life still hasn't changed much but she'd be missing the only person always in her corner. she doesn't ask after hannibal because hahahhahahahahahahah. hahahaha. ha. ha.

no. ]

Aside from that any help would be appreciated. Or french fries if anyone wants to smuggle them in. I'm getting a little sick of jell-o.

[ with a brief, thin smile that doesn't begin to reach her pale blue eyes, she reaches forward to shut the video off. later gators. ]

03 | Video

Jul. 19th, 2014 05:31 pm
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So... I was wondering.

If we suddenly solved everything and were given a choice to stay here or go home, what would you choose? I've been thinking about it a lot-- [She really has, especially since finding out that they're working on finding a way for imPorts to stay or go at will. She misses Ooo, but she has more friends here than she did there, and she's happy with her life here. ... Mostly happy, anyway.] But I haven't really decided yet.

Or what about other places? Not, like, other places here. But places people you know or like here are from. Is there any place somebody's from that you'd want to visit? [That question is really just curiosity on her part. Finding out about new places is interesting!]
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[ Freddie....sounds way too smug about herself. ]

I'm afraid that Dog Fancy will lose a devoted columnist, because I've decided to take up what I'm best at. Tattlecrime: Heropa is now up and running. admittedly a little bare bones at the moment, mostly because Heropa tends to be obnoxiously squeaky clean compared to Baltimore.

I've been thinking about branching out to Nonah, De Chima, and Maurita Falls as well. Thoughts?

[ she sighs, obviously sort of 'whatever' ] Anyway, check it out. I'm sure a few of you will find some stories very interesting.

[ and then she inserts a link to the Tattlecrime homepage. Unfortunately, thanks to a certain hacker who was inspired by a certain bait shop owner...the font of the entire web page has turned to comic sans. Freddie doesn't realize this until the web page is live for at least a few minutes. Then, she quickly edits this in text: ]

We're sorry, Tattlecrime: Heropa is currently experiencing technical difficulties.

on another note anybody good at web editing?
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[The video feed flicks on to show a young woman with staring back at it. She's sitting at a desk with a stack of papers and her file. And as soon as she's sure the video is working, she launches into a rapid speech.]

So, I've I'm not the only one who ended up on an unexpected trip to a rather odd version of Florida. The whole "powers" [her disbelief that that sort of thing is rather palpable] is going to take a bit of getting used to. Though I'm still not quite convinced that I have any. [a shrug.]

Anyway, down to business. My name is Clara Oswald and I'm looking for something and someone. The thing is a great blue box. Twice my size. Big enough to step inside. Says "police" on the outside. It's my transportation. And belongs to a friend, the someone. Calls himself "the Doctor" and is probably up to trouble. Your help reuniting us is appreciated. [She gives the camera a little nod in thanks. If she was going to get information and help, politeness would be the way to do it.]

Second point of business is that I've been assigned to be an English teacher at the high school. Fitting as that's my job. So if you're going to be a student of mine in the fall, report in. I'd like to know what you've read in the past and if you're doing any summer reading. Which you should be. As that will be your first assignment in the fall. [She shuffles the papers and adjusts them against the desk.] Unless you're in summer school. Then I suppose I'll be seeing you Monday.

[and the feed flicks off.]
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[When she turns on the feed, she looks as composed and made up as ever - lips red, hair caught up, neck covered by silk, diamond earrings dangling from her ears. If not for her appearance, though, Christine would be anything but. And not many people would know why.

But then they may have noticed she hasn't quite been herself for a little while. She hasn't been very present in the network or offline, has she.

There isn't a trace of a smile on her expression, but she refuses to show anything like vulnerability, either. Her lips are only a neutral line, her gaze incisive.]

Renee Montoya was taken back home. By the Porter, I presume.

[Her tone is dry. Almost bored. This is no grieving girlfriend. Christine isn't playing the victim today.]

For those of you who might be worried.

[For those who ever considered themselves friendly or otherwise. She doesn't care.

And the feed clicks off.]
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[ The video clicks on to Freddie, frowning at the camera, still dressed for winter, black beanie hat perched on her head. Frown on her face, she gives the camera a small nod, trying not to show just how freaked out she is.

Because spoilers: Freddie's pretty freaked out.

I've just got two questions. [ for now, at least. ] One, what's this nonsense about super powers? And two... [ now her expression changes to something that's purely 'I can't believe this shit.' ] who knows anything about dogs?


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