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[ The camera is pointed sky-ward, briefly. The tops of buildings could be seen, as could the vast blue skies with puffs of pure white clouds that dotted it. The chirping of birds, the sounds of a bustling town could be heard as the camera remains idle. Then there's a soft fall of footsteps, followed by the scraping of a chair being dragged against pavement briefly.

The camera shifts, as it's delicately picked up between two fingers. A girl with blonde hair and bright blue eyes appears, and she looks no older than seventeen. The surroundings behind her shows that she was sitting at a local cafe in Heropa. It appears she's having nothing but a casual day, although she finds herself immensely lost in this place.

A small smile appears on her features, and she finally opens her mouth to speak; ]

Greetings, my name is Aigis.

[ There's a brief pause as she attempts to figure out what to say. ]

This is my first day here, so I am obviously new around these parts. I am making this video in attempts to find out more information than what was given to me... And to perhaps connect with others.


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