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You know, when I was first ported in -- the first time I remember being ported in, that is -- I thought this was all just one of those bizarre things you can't help but get into when you throw on a wrestling outfit and fight crime. We'd been kidnapped by a mysterious cosmic entity? Fine, so we'd kick the mysterious cosmic entity's butt. Then we'd go home, have a party, feed our loved ones implausible excuses, do our laundry, end of story. Normal life resumed.

But that was four years ago. Almost every other imPort who was here when I came is long gone. I've switched universes, I've even been ported forward in time once or twice, but I've never been home -- and now this is what normal feels like.

It makes a guy wonder. We're all the sum of our experiences, right? Every little change accumulates, every decision leads to us making a different set of decisions. So at what point do my experiences as an imPort here add up to a different person than the one back there? If I finally get sent home and lose all my memories of being here, is that really a homecoming, or is it turning into someone else?

On an entirely unrelated note, Val Richards tells me that my future/alternate self was temporarily possessed by one Dr. Otto Octavius. That's Doctor Octopus to the SHIELD files and Doc Ock to his -- well, he doesn't have any friends, go figure. So, FYI for those of you who've had run-ins with future evil me: not really future evil me, yay! Actually Otto wearing me as a meat-suit, yeuch! There's your dose of body horror for all of 2015.

Seriously, though, everyone who got dragged into that meshugaas, I'm so sorry -- I don't know how to apologize enough. Thanks for not unfriending present me even when you thought I was predestined to turn into a sesquipedalian megalomaniac.

(Though, seriously... no one noticed? Guy talks like he swallowed a thesaurus, it's not exactly subtle.)


Dec. 8th, 2014 09:54 pm
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[ Carl's second post involves text this time. He feels a little nettled, but mostly shy and uncomfortable and doesn't want to show it. ]

Hi everyone.

I kind of have a question. Or want advice. Whichever. Although I know not everyone can really give advice on this sort of thing.

[ This is kinda uncomfortable. ]

Let's say you saw things that got really bad. Like, things in ruins, no more cities and history and no normal life, that sort of thing. So bad that you are pretty sure it will never be the same. Now you are here, with cities full of people and running water and electricity.

If you had a life before it fell apart, did you ever try to go back to it now that it's an option?

I'm just asking because I was in school when it happened back home, and I'm back in school but it's hard. It's just not the same.

[ The bells ringing for classes never failing to startle him, his classmates, ignorant of who he is, what he is, laugh at his discomfort. His uneasiness with the classrooms, the twenty or more bodies almost pressing in, and no exit to rely on. The classes were hit and miss at times - he would write down notes but would feel restless, uneasy, sometimes forgetting as he thinks to himself why isn't he outside when he remembers where he is.

Math is, surprisingly, the easiest subject for him. It's the easiest subject that he can cope. Numbers matter to him. English and History is the hardest. He keeps thinking on the books written back home, and sometimes he wonders if the authors there have been ripped apart, or dead and walking, or really dead and rotting, or still trying to survive. Thoughts that hadn't crossed his mind back when in his own world. ]

Anyway. Happy Holidays, everyone.
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hello everyone! this is aiichiro nitori again.
i didn't realize so many people talked on here until now, but i don't know if i would have said very much anyway. i feel like i have a ful schedual with school and a job, plus getting sick over break wasn't fun (๑-﹏-๑)
i've a pair of questions, however! one is that i need help with something, and another is advice.

1) is there anyone who's good with animals. see, my powers are that i turn into a duck, and i'm not sure how to do that yet, but i think i figured out how!
the problem is that... i'm worried that i might be more duck-like than person-like and might fly away or something. or event that it could take a while for me to turn back.
if there's anyone who doesn't mind watching over me for a little while, i can pay you a little as well!

2) how do you deal with homesickness?
i'm from japan originally, and not a very big city at that, so everything still feels very... overwhelming.
or is it just something you get over eventually? (′︿‵。) it feels like forever already.
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[The feed clicks on, a little too close to a deeply disgruntled and slightly uncomfortable face. Ratchet pulls the phone back, scowling.]

Great. Like I didn't have enough things to do.

[He picks up his file, shaking it at the camera, and his lip curls slightly.]

I have no idea what the hell half of this means, but I suspect I'm going to find out. In the meantime, does anyone actually know how we got here? Or how... our bodies may have been potentially altered? [That last is a little cagey. The last time he was on Earth--and this does seem to be Earth, even if it's a little weird--most of the humans were not terribly Cybertronian-friendly.] Either way, this registered/unregistered business is a load of slag--if anyone needs medical attention, I'm in Residence #036, I'll see what I can do.

And, not to inspire a fit of overconfidence in anyone, but if there's a good place to brush up on medical procedures and general practice around here, I'd appreciate it if somebody would let me know.
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[On the video: a very disgruntled and unhappy looking girl about seventeen years old, her hair a mess of blonde curls that doesn’t look very cared for at the moment. Despite the very hard, very grumpy expression on her face, her eyes are a little droopy; it’s probably impossible to hide how tired she is, but she breezes by that.]

[Speaking of breezing - something very small and fluffy swoops by behind her, before disappearing into the room.]

Florida. Cute. Totally the first place that comes to mind when people throw around the word “superheroes.” [Resisting urge to roll eyes...!] Someone just tell me it’s not as humid as the normal Florida? [Because she’s been there, and this place ain’t it.]

Does anyone actually know how they – get all that information on us? [It makes Annabeth uncomfortable, though that feeling doesn’t show. She’s taking care to keep herself more composed over a public feed like this, beyond her inability to hide the grump, but there’s genuine curiosity in her tone too. The mishmash of this world’s style plus technology is interesting, in spite of herself.]

If there are any good libraries, public records, maybe even not so public records. Just somewhere to start looking. [Her wrist still says ‘Registered Hero,’ ok?? Sneaking around can totally be legit. Something croons off screen, almost a hooting sort of coo.] I’m sure I’m hardly the first person who wants more answers to bug the anonymous abyss of kidnapped heroes for them. I’d be sick of it if I were you. [Only a little bit of a lie.]

[Her lips purse for a second, and then a very small burrowing owl lands on her shoulder. She gives it a sideways, judgey look, before shooing it away.]
And I need to know if Percy Jackson is here. [She doesn’t really want to go into or ask about anyone else, not when he’s her priority; and anyone she knows who might be here will answer to her face or the name anyway. In the meantime, she has information to gather. The owl lands on her shoulder again, just before she flicks off the feed.]
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[The feed is of a Japanese man who looks to be in his late 20s. He has a pretty sour expression on his face - when he speaks in somewhat accented English, the tone isn't as angry as his expression and is mostly just really wry. From the background, he appears to be indoors at his government appointed residence.]

I don't want to sound ungrateful, really. I do enjoy the free trip to Florida and the place to stay and everything. But normally before I jump across worlds for a job, I have a strict "call my assistant, iron out the contract and write me the check first" policy. Or at least, ask politely. Or ask at all. Or just give me literally any kind of warning whatsoever.

[He sighs and looks around.] But, okay. You guys need heroes. That's cool. I can work with that. I guess since I did get some kinda welcome when I got here, I'll take the job and the house and pitch in with the hero stuff pro bono. Can anybody fill me in on what this "swear-in" stuff I heard about when I got here? Didn't get too many details on that?

[There's a beat. He considers disconnecting, then pauses, then speaks again in a somewhat more curious tone.]

So, this is Florida, right? You guys got Disney Land here? The one in my world kinda. Got blown up before I was born.


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