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Oct. 22nd, 2016 04:01 pm
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[The woman on the video is tall and stern-looking, with blue eyes that kind of make you feel cold just by looking at them.]

This is Major-General Olivier Mira Armstrong. For those of you who don't know me, I'm the commander of RISE: Rogue Import Suppression Enforcement. We're an imPort-run group that works with the local law enforcement to police our own, and handle crises that local, unpowered officers can't. We're headquartered out of Helix Station in Maurtia Falls, and were instrumental in fighting back the Soviet occupation some months ago.

The whims of the device that brings us here and sends us home have left my staff limited. I need new recruits, both those willing to confront potential rogue imPorts, and those willing to bring them to justice via trials.

That is all. Armstrong out.


Sep. 18th, 2016 03:33 pm
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Hullo everyone. It's Kitty.

[ Kitty looks a little more normal than she did the last time she made a post on the network, since the last time she made a post on the network she looked like a tiger. She's bright-eyed, cheerful, and has a pair of very elaborate and beautiful earrings. ]

So, I'm taking a class in journalistic methods at the local community college - it's a brilliant class, too, I'm having an excellent time, school really gets much more worthwhile when you get to the college level, doesn't it - and we've been given an assignment to conduct interviews. I know that some of you are willing and happy to help me out and submit to being interviewed. [ Her grin is confident. ] It's nothing too personal, I promise - just some stuff on your attitude towards the locals here, that sort of thing. It'll be fun.

[ This...is not one hundred percent truthful, since the assignment is to interview one person, not the whole community. But, hey, why not do some broad info-gathering, right? ]


Aug. 14th, 2016 01:04 pm
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[ Miles' usual cheerful face is extra bright today; if he was manic before, he's practically vibrating with energy now. The very image of smooth confidence, starting with the friendly expression on his face and extending to his open, relaxed body language. Couple that with his crisp gray uniform and he's the very picture of a young mercenary admiral.

A little older now. Three years older, to be exact. Perhaps hard to see unless you know him well, and then only by how faded the pink scar on his face is. Hardly noticeable any more. ]

Well this brings back memories. Good ones, mostly.

For those of you who don't know me - I'm Admiral Miles Naismith, of the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet. Or perhap you know us a security company.

How are all of you? Anything important change while I was out?
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[The video that opens up on the network offers a scene of opposites. Aral Vorkosigan was a stout older man, square jawed and dark eyed. Wearing a pressed uniform, and sitting in formal attention, he's far more used to public address and time-lag communication than the casual back and forth of the network.

Sitting beside him in a bright and airy sundress, with vivid, curly red hair and bright grey eyes, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan leans against him, smiling and elbowing the stern man in a teasing fashion as he begins the ... incredibly formal address.]

The Vorkosigan House will be seeking a small number of employees for residential aid. In particular, those with skill in organization, cleaning and cooking are encouraged to reply. Pay will be equitable to market, though up for negotiation, live-in accommodations provided and not docked from salary should the applicant wish to remove themselves from government housing.

Please direct inquiries and offers within.

[He's clearly got this talking to the kids thing down.]

((OOC: HELLO looking for new CR to drag in, enjoy the country life, horses, dogs, espionage and bad decisions. Certainly nothing could go wrong with this.

Both Aral and Cordelia will be replying to this post!))


Mar. 12th, 2016 07:44 pm
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[ Naismith's beaming face is not a terribly unusual sight on the network. Still, something seems ... a bit different today. The camera angle is wider, framing him seated in a chair rather expansively, leaning on one elbow in a manner that is both relaxed and confident. Those who know him well - or have seen him in person and have a keen eye for this sort of thing - may notice what the change is: he's taller today, not dwarfed by his chair for once in his life. Perhaps the most obvious indication is a flicker of Gregor next to him, who is decidedly much smaller than Miles at the moment. They've swapped their heights thanks to Haen, and Miles mostly couldn't be happier.

But that's not what he's here to talk about. He clears his throat and brightens still further as he starts to lay out his proposal. ]

I'm happy to announce that the Dendarii Security Corporation is officially accepting new members. Our primary service is to provide protection to both natives and imPorts alike. Because quite frankly, things get entirely too exciting around here on entirely too frequent of a basis.

Currently we're looking for - well, just about anyone really. But we really need an in-house healer or medico, and at least a few who are more technically inclined. And of course we'll need plenty of muscle. Former soldiers, apocalypse survivors, et cetera and so forth.

[ A pause. He spreads his hands expansively. ]

What we are not is some sort of private army. Protection only, and I hope to funnel our resources into providing this protection to imPorts free of charge. It really is terrible that the only option for many of us is to register, if only for practical purposes. We ought to have a choice, yes? Especially in these troubled times.

Anyway. Contact Greg or myself if you are interested - and I do hope that many of you are. Naismith, out.

[ He also helpfully provides a link to this page, which has further information on applying and contracting the Dendarii. ]
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[ Here's a perfectly innocent post. There's a brief shot of several strategy board game boxes - Risk, Axis and Allies, Twilight Imperium, several versions and expansions of Catan - all upended, their contents having been spilled across a large table set up for this purpose. They're all kind of melded together into some super game, or perhaps some other form of information storage ... Alas, the view is just obscured enough that the whole thing can't be seen. Just enough for a glimpse.

Miles' hand reaches into frame, adjusting a few of the brightly colored war suns from Twilight Imperium. ]

Is anyone else thoroughly tired of this whole Russian occupation thing? It's downright annoying by now. [ He taps the little red plastic figure against a Catan hexagonal tile. ] I've elected to stay in and play war games, personally.

Anyone care to join me? We're a bit cramped for a crowd, but I have a running bet with Count Vorkosigan that he can beat me even an army of fellow strategists giving me help on the internet. He insists it's all about timing and supplies; I disagree.

Or we'll take board game bits and new rules suggestions, if you have any of those to spare. I've dumped out everything I could find thus far.

[ This is Miles' extremely oblique way of recruiting ICly for sabotage! It may not get threaded out completely, but if you comment to this post and mention something here, assume that Miles got back to you with coordinates for sabotage antics! They will be delivered by touch-telepathic Jim Kirk, who will be going around (with some teleportation help from Miles) to transmit the info directly.

Alternately imports can message Miles privately for a more direct response. ]


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