Sep. 20th, 2014 07:47 pm
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[The video starts abruptly, but it's definitely not Artemis's voice that comes through. It's Wally West, and he's giggling to himself like he's the funniest motherfucker he's ever met.

The view opens up on the popular Florida waterpark, Wet N' Wild. The video is a little shaky, and Wally's voice is muted like he's trying to keep quiet and hidden.

Also, his Artemis impression is terrible.]

Hey, like, this is Artemis and odds are I probably hate you and think you're pathetic.

Cut for length, language (WALLY), dumb teens, and butts in swimsuits. Yes, you heard correct. Cut for butts. )

001 - voice

Sep. 8th, 2014 01:32 am
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Hello, out there? Superboy? Robin? Kid Flash? Aqualad, Artemis-- Zatanna?
This might ... sound a bit silly, considering this place is supposedly full of um. Other heroes, but if anyone out there knows those names, I'd really appreciate having a hand in getting a hold of them.

Oh- Er. I'm Miss Martian. And while I'm majorly psyched that I'm in Florida right now? It's totally not where I'm supposed to be. I get there's a big mission thing going on but... I mean someone's got to have figured something out so far, right?

[ Ugh, hello Megan! This many superheroes in one place? If they had, I probably wouldn't even be here in the first place! ]

Oh! Or the Justice League. Martian Manhunter would be a big help, right about now... Thanks! Miss M out!

[ She's so always wanted to try that. ]

01 | Audio

Sep. 5th, 2014 05:18 pm
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Sooo... government registered heroes, huh?

I have to say, I respect their weird superhero initiative thing, noted and all, definitely noted, but I’ve got my own superhero Team I’ve gotta get back to. We’re sort of in the middle of saving the world. And Nightwing’s not gonna be happy if I miss training, and I’ve got all this school work I’ve gotta catch up on , and…[He notices he’s drifting away from his original reason for posting and gets himself back on track.]

Anyways, has anyone seen a Martian? She’s like 5 foot something , green skin – like me—, red hair, kinda hard to miss. She’s probably my ride back home.

Or does anyone know how to get a hold of the Justice League? That would be good too, if M’gann’s not around.
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[Someone is annoyingly energetic today. And bored. So here she is.]

What's the most badass super power? I know some of us come in with powers, and others get them when they're ported in, but you gotta admit--some are better than others. They don't have to be your own.

Me? I think telepathy is cool. Oh! And flying. Flying is definitely the best. Cool power or coolest power? Discuss.

... I guess ice would technically be the coolest power ever, literally, but you know what I mean.

video; 001

Aug. 5th, 2014 05:43 pm
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[ time to get in character ]

Heeeey Florida! [Oh hey, fellow imPorts, so much for a peaceful dinner time. Because that's a rather loud, rather hyper kid with a big ol' smile on his face popping up on your communicators] And North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and just about every state between California and Maine I'm assuming but these seem like the main ones. [Is he talking too fast? He's talking too fast.]

Bart here. Bart Allen. [Bart Impulse Allen, but he bites his tongue] New visitor, new face - you're welcome - tourist in name, make, and fashion. Just missing the Hawaiian shirt and camera combo. A uh- what do you call it? Impound, impress, imPort? All those im-words.

[He's starting to wave his phone around as he talks, not even fully realizing that means anyone watching the feed's gonna probably get a little motion sickness.] You know, with all the ru- traveling I've done, don't think I've spent much time in Florida. Keystone, Central, Washington the second, Rhode Island, those are my mains. Although there is this one beach in Brazil that's totally crash.

So if anyone has any tourist tips, I'm all ears! Movies to watch, places to go, those crash teleport tubes I've heard of, if there's anyone from the Justice League here, what corner store to stay away from, places to eat, places to eat that also have a twenty-four-hour option. [He's saying all of that so quickly it basically all blends together]

So yeah, hi, nice to be here. Oh! I'm in Residence 007 hah so roommates! Pretty sweet! [Look he can use retro terminology] I call dibs on the TV tonight.
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[ The camera turns on, and for a moment attempts are made to find a point of focus: first the screen shows the top of Annie’s head and part of Reiner’s arm, then just Reiner, Bertholdt’s elbow -- each adjustment forces the others out of the frame. Finally the camera is pulled out further and, as they all stand assembled, Annie climbs on top of a chair that gives her enough height to be past even with Reiner’s shoulder, ending the camera’s focusing woes. Shortie. It’s Annie who starts speaking. ]

ImPorts. In light of recent circumstances, we’ve spoken with representatives of the United States military in regards to this announcement... and now we’re speaking to any interested as a courtesy.

My name is Annie Leonhart.       My name is Reiner Braun.       My name is Bertholdt Hoover.

this confession is riddled with spoilers for anime-only viewers and also is very long and very oh you silly teenagers so we hid it behind this cut because we love you )

#2; voice

Jul. 19th, 2014 09:59 am
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[ it's early in the morning when Tommy decides to post to the network. very early, if the faintly audible morning chorus in the background is anything to go by. ]

Okay, so-- people date while they're stuck here? I keep hearing about it and every time I wanna know why, 'cause it's crazy. Prisoner solidarity, I get that much, but you're never going to see this person again, ever, so what's the point?

[ he pauses. ]

If you already knew them, that's different.
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[She hadn't decided that she was going to post to the network until the communicator was in her hand. The video comes on and Zatanna looks a little confused more at herself than the camera but that was a matter of perspective. There's a pause in which she's just staring at the camera as if she doesn't know what to say. Eventually her expression softens to something along the lines of calm with a hint of mild curiosity.]

You know I find this different version of Earth sort of interesting. I mean superheroes aren't really a new thing where I'm from, but they were also responsible for policing themselves for the most part. We don't exactly have hover cars back home along with several other differences.

[She pauses and then continues. She's smiling albeit a little tentatively, she is not very good with introductions which is funny considering she's a magician.]

Anyway, I'm Zatanna. New, and I may be looking for something to entertain me. Or I can possibly be persuaded to do the entertaining, since apparently that's my part-time job while I'm here. Suggestions?

[Satisfied with her intro she gives the camera one last curious look before the feed clicks off.]
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[Congrats Heropa, you have one uncertain looking teenager on the network. Both arms are crossed over his chest (which is missing the usual red S) and Conner practically glares at the phone that he's set up. Behind him is the turmoil of his room that the people currently in Residence 16 might have heard him tossing about. The bed has been upended and is sitting on its side against one of the walls along with the rest of the furniture - some may notice he's taken a couple of chairs from the common area. That doesn't leave a lot of open space in the rest of his room and that's the way he likes it.

He also may or may not have searched for bugs.

Curled up on one of those chairs is an excessively large white wolf, part of his body spills off the chair. Wolf has his resting on one the arms and doesn't seem to care about Conner or his public broadcast.]'s the fourth of July. A day of independence and freedom. Feels kind of ironic to have shown up on this day. [He doesn't elaborate on that more but certain people know.]

Are we expected to keep the jobs they gave us or are we allowed to find a new one? [Conner does not look excited about the prospect of having to keep it.] I'll give it a try but I don't know how well it will go over for me working at a fitness place.

[Sure, he can benchpress a small car but that doesn't mean he can teach someone to benchpress a car.]

#1; voice

Jun. 17th, 2014 02:03 pm
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-- So let me get this straight.

[ after a brief silence, there's a long, drawn-out sigh. ]

Alternate universe, something something Cold War, don't care, something something powers and imPorts. See? I was paying attention.

[ no, he wasn't really paying attention, he just picked up a couple of buzzwords. ]

Crazy reality-changing shit doesn't bother me, it's in the family. I can live with it. But, okay, all this mundane stuff? There's crazy and then there's boring. I'm in a different world with a different shitty apartment and a different shitty job? Great. I needed that kind of banal variety in my life. I wasn't getting worked to death enough already.

[ he talks fast. a little too fast, at times, because half of this is just him talking to himself anyway. it's like he's only vaguely aware that anyone's going to even listen to this message. ]

Wait, I know I'm forgetting-- oh, right, there it is, I remember now. What do the big guys do if you say no? Not to the job - hell, no one cares that much about tacos - but the other thing, the big thing. What were they calling it, again?

02 | Video

Jun. 10th, 2014 01:59 pm
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So, since we're all supposed to be heroes, people here know all about villains and evil junk, right? Like... [Uh.] What makes somebody evil? Is evil just kidnapping princesses or keeping people in lamps for forever? Or if someone's normally super neat, except they lie to you and say mean things, but then say someone else said the things but only they'd know the mean, hurtful things they said? And then those things they pretended someone else said make you angry and then you fight a guy and burn down his kingdom... Is that the person who lied being evil or are they just being a jerk?

[Okay, this is feels really weird. But it's still confusing to her, and people with more hero experience than her or Finn would hopefully have a better understanding.]

Or what if someone's born evil? Or... maybe they're evil and they don't know it yet? Would telling them they're evil all the time make it happen? And how would you even know somebody's a bad guy if they're not always really obvious about it?

[UUUGH.] Sorry. It's just so annoying to try and figure this out. I'm still pretty new to all of this hero stuff.
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[ The video clicks on to Freddie, frowning at the camera, still dressed for winter, black beanie hat perched on her head. Frown on her face, she gives the camera a small nod, trying not to show just how freaked out she is.

Because spoilers: Freddie's pretty freaked out.

I've just got two questions. [ for now, at least. ] One, what's this nonsense about super powers? And two... [ now her expression changes to something that's purely 'I can't believe this shit.' ] who knows anything about dogs?


May. 28th, 2014 08:25 pm
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Okay, okay, I gotta know, is there anybody here who's still set on rocking the secret ID? Even with the glow-in-the-dark tats and everything? Because I mean, they don't have our names on them, but they're kinda- y'know, YOO HOO, hero over here!

Or like, bad guy over here. Rogue, whatever. Just seems kind of like a pointless exercise, objectively speaking.

...seriously though, the wrist? We can't pick where? Personally I'd prefer the butt cheek. The right one.


May. 22nd, 2014 11:11 am
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[The video switches on to show Minako looking almost serious, though there is definitely a glint in her eyes. She's wearing a short, plain dress which ties at her shoulders but as always, her red bow is tied in her blonde hair.]

Ladies and Gentleman, today is your lucky day! For today, you will all witness the arrival of the one, the only-

[Here she pauses for dramatic effect, straightening up before holding out her arms wide with a big smile, her eyes practically sparking.]

The idol herself, the one and only expert in love shining brightly through the darkness- Minako Aino!

That's right, here I am, ready to take on anything you all can throw at me! So bring it on, I'm totally ready to take on the bad guys so they better beware now! I won't go easy on them!

[She gives a loud laugh, giving a peace sign to the camera, confident as always.]

But I hope we can all be friends! I guess I have to go back to school here so a lucky few may be my new classmates too, it will be lots of fun and I bet there will be a cute guy who would be happy to show a pretty new girl the ropes, right?
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[ The screen illuminates what is either a normal-sized man or a decently large teenage boy, his expression serious, brows knit low over his blue eyes. They are a bit shadowed in a way usually indicative of poor sleep, though he otherwise looks very healthy, if not a bit sun-ravaged if the red stripes of skin across his nose and forehead are any indication. ]


[ He blinks, then lifts an arm to wave a little uncomfortably to the camera. He's very clearly unused to this kind of thing, and has to keep redirecting himself to look at the place where the camera is. ]

Listen, sorry if I ask any stupid questions, I'm still working this thing out. My name's Reiner, I know a bunch of you already, I think -- if I have it right about how this works. I still need more practice. [ Which draws out a sheepish but affable grin from him briefly, and an accompanying hand gesture that indicates that's part of what he's doing right now. ] So, I've been sort of curious about... ah. Motivation, I guess is what you'd call it. What's inspiring you? Everyone has something, like a person or a goal. What do you do, if it's not here?

You don't have to say it if it's personal or anything, I'm just wondering. It seems like it'd be harder.

[ He pauses, as if trying to remember if there was anything else -- then he snaps his fingers. ]

Oh yeah, one more thing. If a guy like this shows up-- [ He holds a hastily done drawing up. ] And if anyone runs into him before I do, can you make sure he doesn't dehydrate and pass out like an idiot?

Thanks. I'm done now.


May. 19th, 2014 11:04 pm
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[A fifteen year old girl with a ridiculously long blond ponytail is sitting in a dimly lit room. She's been playing around with her communicator since arriving, trying to get a feel for the place, even though with her new super-vision the pixels give her a headache. Basically she's heard a few things about monsters, a lot about conspiracies, and none of it was particularly comforting.]

Here’s the deal: I think this is all crazy, but it's not like I’ve got anything better to do, so I’m going to play along. Apparently we’re all big bad heroes now, off to save the day. [She rolls her eyes.] Great.

But this? [Holds up her wrist tattoo for the folks at home] Is completely creepy. I can't even buy alcohol, but they gave me a tattoo while I was unconscious? That's beyond creepy. It's--ugh, I don't know. Super creepy.

[She looks down at the tattoo, scowling and muttering under her breath.] Seriously, my mom’s going to kill me if I come home with a tattoo… Thanks a lot for that.

[She leans back, arms crossed over her chest and favors the comm with a suspicious glare. She’s lonely and more than a little freaked out by all this, but you’d have to torture her to get her to admit it.]

So... what now?
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[Looking around Yomiel's living room, it's apparent he's just returned from a trip. There's a suitcase, and a boarding pass is visible sitting on the coffee table.

However, it seems the trip didn't go so well. He's not wearing his usual suit and tie, just a simple T-shirt. And boy does he look mad about it.

This place just gets more and more delightful.

So there I am, minding my own business at a software developer's conference for work, and all of a sudden gigabyes and gifs turn into ghosts and goblins. A whole bunch of monsters tear through the convention center, and all the software nerds turn into an all-you-can-eat buffet.

And the authorities say they can't say anything for sure. You're telling me they have no explanation for how a bunch of werewolves and vampires popped up in the middle of New York City?

And even worse-

[Irritably, he digs in his suitcase and pulls out what's left of his suit and shirt, shredded all around the shoulders as though he was... mauled in it. Which he looks pretty good for, if that is indeed what happened.]

This thing was custom tailored, and they're telling me I'm on my own to get it replaced!

Where am I going to find one of these in Florida in late spring?

[Because priorities.]


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