Dec. 19th, 2014 04:00 pm
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[As is his habit, Ted's probably surrounded by little bits and pieces of computers, machinery, and somewhere off to the side there are probably schematics for his next car or something. But today, at least, he's wearing one of those dumb menorah hats and giving the camera a little wave.]

Hey, Heropa! Happy Hannukah. Or Christmas. Or Festivus. Which I guess only applies if you're from the 25th century. If you are, don't worry! We've got you covered. Or if you celebrate anything else. What I'm trying to say is -- Booster and I are having a holiday party next week. A couple days before Christmas, so we don't interfere with anyone's plans. Whoever wants to come is welcome to! You can bring food, we'll have latkes, a Festivus pole, there'll be the airing of grievances. All sorts of good wholesome holiday fun. ...Okay, and we won't complain if you bring booze, too.

Anyway, let me know if you want to stop by! If you do, see you all on the 23rd.


Dec. 13th, 2014 05:33 pm
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[Val is back from her brief absence, with only a costume change to show for her stint at home. She's wearing a skin-tight black and green outfit that makes her look like the littlest Tron extra. It is, for the people who'd recognize such things, the kind of suit one wears under power armor.]

If someone you know is acting really weird but it's actually kind of an improvement, do you try to fix it?

This is not hypothetical.

[Dr. Doom said Reed had always been right. Frankly, she's worried about him.]

[locked to Peter Parker]

Peter, we need to talk. In person.

[Whether the fact that this is coming from a three year old makes it more or less ominous is up to him.]

[locked to Kate Bishop and Billy Kaplan]

I have news.

[Wait, that could be misinterpreted.]

...Good news. Probably.
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[When the video comes on, Sai has a book in his hand. From the looks of the cover, it's an encyclopedia of some kind. After a few more moments giving a mildly intrigued look to the page, he addresses the communicator.]

I've been reading up on sports, recently.

[He thought it might help him to relate to his classmates better. Spoilers: it hasn't.]

It's all very interesting--[read: weird as hell; the NFL makes about as much sense to him as the chuunin exams do to anyone here] but there's one particular thing I've noticed that keeps coming up.

Basketball, baseball, football, soccer, rugby, tennis, pool, hockey....they all involve playing with balls, somehow.

[That's delivered with a perfectly straight face. No snickers, no chortles, no smirks, nothing. So for a moment, it's left to hang, whether it was intentional, or whether the boy is clueless enough to have missed the double entendre entirely. And then:]

It rather makes one wonder...if the players might be compensating for something.
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hello everyone! this is aiichiro nitori again.
i didn't realize so many people talked on here until now, but i don't know if i would have said very much anyway. i feel like i have a ful schedual with school and a job, plus getting sick over break wasn't fun (๑-﹏-๑)
i've a pair of questions, however! one is that i need help with something, and another is advice.

1) is there anyone who's good with animals. see, my powers are that i turn into a duck, and i'm not sure how to do that yet, but i think i figured out how!
the problem is that... i'm worried that i might be more duck-like than person-like and might fly away or something. or event that it could take a while for me to turn back.
if there's anyone who doesn't mind watching over me for a little while, i can pay you a little as well!

2) how do you deal with homesickness?
i'm from japan originally, and not a very big city at that, so everything still feels very... overwhelming.
or is it just something you get over eventually? (′︿‵。) it feels like forever already.
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[ When Shade flipped on the camera, those who'd seen him back in prison will be able to note how much better he looks. In good humor, even. Light spirits, no drab clothing, not even a foul brick in sight behind him. Instead, it's a dimly lit room, with a wallpaper that looks so painfully victorian it's almost stereotypical. Although next to Shade, it almost is, considering his clothing is back in order, the usual top hat, sunglasses, and even the edge of a cane, his fingers brush against a fine silvered eagle's head.

He's exuberant, and he's celebrating.

Isn't there a phrase about something being just in time for the holidays?

It was a long time since I'd been in prison, and I'll admit, the ones back home were much more accommodating to people of my...particular proclivities. [ They didn't get rid of his powers. ] They also didn't make an effort to try and...rehabilitate me. But perhaps that's where they went wrong, yes? An honest effort to making sure an old criminal like me will come back and never thieve again can make all the difference, can't it?

[ His smile is... strained. ]

I would suggest, for those of you thinking to commit crimes, that you don't. After all, you never know when you'll be caught -- or who will catch you doing it, yes?
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[ Hey-ho, there's a martian on the network again! Except this one is green and a short haired redhead. She's also been kind of MIA for the past 2 weeks, but that's her own business. (And the Porter's.) ]

This is probably a really lazy way to go about this, but ... Is anyone hiring? Not really feeling the whole part time journalist anymore.

And, um. If anyone's seen Impulse lately, can you let me know? He's pretty short, brown-red hair, talks faster than a bullet... I haven't seen him around, lately.

[ She's tried his communicator and come up with nothing. This is an easier way of getting it onto the network than shoving bad news on everyone. ]
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[ The video opens on Booster Gold, shirtless, in blindingly gold spandex shorts, standing in front of the ocean. It's sunset, but the lighting's all wrong. Almost like it's... a fake backdrop in someone's garage.

Oh. ]

Hello, fellow ImPorts! Booster Gold here. Like what you see? Of course you do. Want to see more? Of course you do!

[ Photos flash on screen: Booster in an open-chested Santa Claus costume. Booster surrounded by teddy bears with a rose in his teeth. Booster dressed as what appears to be a sexy Thanksgiving turkey. Luckily that's the last one. ]

Enticed? Entranced? Other E-words? Shh. Don't speak. I know.

For the low, low price of only $19.99, you can be the proud owner of the Officially Licensed Booster Gold Mancalendar. Twelve months of yours truly — and what's more, all proceeds go directly to charity!

The Booster Gold Mancalendar — just in time for the holidays! They make the perfect gift for family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and your paperboy. And even better, each and every copy is autographed.

All naysayers will be put down for five copies each.

[ WINK. ]

[Mercifully, there's a loud throat-clearing from behind the camera, which is hastily set down on a table or something.] Booster. Get to the cars already.

[After a moment, Ted comes into view.] What my friend here means to say is that this calendar here is sponsored by Kord Enterprises. Or, uh, what's going to be Kord Enterprises. Eventually. [He picks up the camera again and turns it around, to reveal what looks to be a stunningly gorgeous, new and improved Kord version of the flying cars that are so prevalent around Heropa.]

We probably should have included more of these shots in the calendar, but hey, here's a free first look for you all. So if you're interested, if you want a Mancalendar or just to take a look, come on by. The address is on the calendars.
[And in case you don't want a calendar, he gives the address here.] 

001; video

Nov. 17th, 2014 09:45 pm
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[This must be from one of those costumed superhero types because the ID reads simply 'Green Lantern' and the man himself is glowing and wears a green mask. The background is... well, basically space. He's flown up as high as he can get and still maintain a connection.]

So how many of you guys have heard the 'stop leaving the country' spiel? Because last I checked, there was no way to stamp our passport when going off-planet. And even if there was, I have an obligation to the universe not just the political borders of one country.

[Says the guy who's clearly American.

A sigh.]

Not that it matters much, I can't get in touch with the Guardians or any other members of the Corps and this sector doesn't even match up properly.

[He falls silent for a moment before he snaps his fingers together as he remembers.]

Oh, right. This message was brought to you by your local space cop. So if there's any Leaguers out there, this is Green Lantern reporting in.
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Right, um. I have a question.

Is it lying to little kids if I get a job pretending to be Santa Claus?

I mean, I know it's lying, I guess I just... Is it a mean thing to do? 'Cause I have this reindeer, and somebody offered, and extra money's never bad, you know? But I'd feel bad if I was lying like that, and if it might be, like, morally questionable.

I didn't know people went around telling kids they're Santa, that's all. Is that just a thing they do here? A-okay?


Nov. 15th, 2014 06:52 pm
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We don't talk much, Network. I should be blogging more. After all, they gave us these comms for a reason. They want us to chat.

I've been thinking a lot about names lately. They tell more about your parents than they do about you. I never asked mine about my name, but I think "Robert" means that my dad won that particular argument so I got a name that would look good on a business card. Robert J. Baldwin, attorney at law. If my mother won, I'd probably be Dakota or Jaden or something else offbeat.

There's always that one kid in every class, though, who gets saddled with a name so awful that you have to think the parents are outright sadistic. Crazy consonant clusters, random zs, silent letters all crammed into one word, sometimes with a "helpful" apostrophe to sort it all out. Is it unique? Is it traditional? Does anyone stop to think if it's fair to give a kid a name that they won't be able to spell until they're in high school?

Codenames aren't much better. Everyone assumes that you pick them yourself, but I didn't pick mine. It just stuck. I think it's that way with a lot of people. No one sits down and thinks "I need a cool moniker if I'm going to fight crime!" ... well, maybe some people do, but I don't think names like "Marvel Boy" took a whole lot of though, especially since there was already a Marvel Girl.

Thoughts? Complaints? I know, really deep stuff getting talked about here. Take your time. Incidentally, if you do have a crazy first name by New England standards, I found something that belongs to you, but, since I can't figure out how to say your name to save my life, it's on you.

[Individually privated to Peter Parker, Valeria Richards, Kate Bishop]

So if I strip a file of some of its content, can you still find out anything about it? You being yourself or a more experienced hacker. Because I'm not sharing it as is.


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