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Feb. 13th, 2017 07:43 pm
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Yo, whauppppp party people!

[Axel is currently chilling out on his bed in just his undies because that's how he rolls. Truly he's a sight to admire. Or he thinks he is, given he's bare chesting it on the network. He's been working on his chest lately so behold the slow beginnings of muscle definition.

He might be an awful person but at least his undies are cute? Little duckies are totally manly pant-wise. Fight him.]

While I got an audience, I think it's time we all talked shop a little. Cause it's that time of the year for love and making connections so let's. Man to man. And, I guess, man to woman too. Now, I ain't saying I have any trouble in this area but I'm a little curious, just for arguments sake, what kinda techniques do you guys like to pull hot chicks? I'm talking A grade babes.

[Yes, hot chicks. He knows how to score 'below his belt', that's easy! He uses a wonderful mix of gently breaking them down and implying he's the best they can do.

He wants to get model level here. It's what a terrible dumpster goblin like him deserves - a sexy babe.]

That isn't all neither. Cause I'm like a total a feminist so I wanna hear from hot chicks too. Their side of things. [Cause he totally thinks this is a great way to bait them all out. Yes, yes, come to him, hot chicks. Admire how forward thinking and not at all gross and awful he is.] Like how'd you like a guy to romance you? What's your favourite move? How best can I get you horny? You know, the important stuff. Just how firm should a slap on the ass be cause, you know, guys don't know that kind of thing. We rarely get to experience that side of things unless we're like, you know, flaming or something.

[He shrugs his shoulders and leans back, grinning brightly.] Gimme something good and I'll share some of my moves. I got some good ones. I got a move called 'The Piper' that'll blow your mind.
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My "therapist" implied I do not seek meaningful connection and so here is a meaningful survey:

[He eyeballs the camera and barely constrains the frown eating at the bottom corner of his lip. He's sitting straight in an armchair in a vintage room. Anyone getting a good look at him might notice he's too old. Unable to hide his true face, but it doesn't matter.]

Are our lives worlds of actions and reactions, behaviours and reinforcements?

Do we live without freedom or meaning?

Is existence defined through external activity?

Are human personalities nothing but the sum of human behavioral patterns?

[His gaze wanders in the ceiling.]

Or, for the modern generation; what is personality? [¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the education system.] Let's hear you pose entirely different models of what a human being is, and then argue from there.


Nov. 3rd, 2016 06:13 pm
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[The video opens with not only one Reyes, but two, in the kitchen of Heropa 16. Both Bianca and Jaime are visible, and it's initially coming from Bianca's communicator.

Bianca begins to speak first. She at least looks more rested than the last time she had made a post to the network.]

Hi, everyone. I'm Bianca Reyes, and this is my son, Jaime. [In the background, Jaime waves dutifully at the camera, though he remains silent. Hi, imPorts!]

Thanksgiving is coming up, and we know not everyone is lucky enough to have family or friends from back home here.

[Something that certainly hit home for Bianca, last month when Alberto disappeared. She looks over at her son.

Now it's Jaime's turn to pipe up, though he's certainly not as skilled a public speaker as his mother is. He doesn't even bother stepping forward.]

So, I know not everyone knows what Thanksgiving is. It's got a long history with, um, pilgrims, and how America was founded, but that isn't really what it's about anymore. Mostly, it's about spending time with people you love, talking about what you're thankful for, and most importantly, eating a lot of food. A lot of food. [He has to grin at that.

Bianca turns a bit to glance at Jaime, with a smile, before returning her attention back to the camera.]

Because of that, we want to invite anyone who doesn't have anyone here or has never celebrated Thanksgiving before to come and celebrate it with us. We might all be stuck here for the holidays, but we don't have to be alone for them.

[Jaime glances over at Bianca a little uneasily because this is a big get-together she's talking about - come on, supervillains, give this one a rest - but instead of voicing those concerns, leaves everyone with a parting request:] Oh, and, uh, since we don't know how big this will get… please bring something if you're coming! We can potluck it up. How big is this grocery list going to get?

[Bianca looks back over, knowingly. They'll have this under control!] It might take a few trips, it'll be fine. [That's not fine at all!]

We'll make sure there's enough space for everyone. If nothing else, the weather will be nice here.
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I'm a thief. I'm a crook.

[As Len talks he counts the points off on his fingers, one by one.]

I'm a liar. I'm a criminal. I'm a bad person.

[Five fingers and he holds his hand up for another second before pulling his fingers back in until he's holding up a fist. The glare on his face is promising a punch.

Lowering his hand, he puts it down on the bed he's sitting on and leans forward.]

But whatever they're saying I've done to get me in here? Wasn't me.

[To illustrate what 'in here' means, he turns the device, showing what is very clearly a jail cell. Then the camera is back on his face, which hasn't gotten any happier.]

Sorry for any appointments I might be missing because of this. Also, I could use a lawyer.

[He moves the device a bit closer, blue eyes narrowed. For someone so cold, that's a lot of hot anger.]

To the coward who framed me? I'll be coming for you.

[ooc: This is a result of Jonathan Crane impersonating Leonard and robbing Bruce Wayne. Leonard doesn't know that Crane did that yet. He just knows it wasn't him.]


Sep. 17th, 2016 04:39 pm
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[Bianca is looking just a bit stained- nothing too bad, just tired, and she's recording this in what looks to be a large classroom, a variety of people behind her listening to an instructor give direction on how to perform CPR.

Several CPR dummies are visible, and there's one on the table next to Bianca.]

Hi, everyone. I was hoping to do this after I went through all the certification processes here, but with everything happening now is as good a time as any.

I don't think there aren't very many of us here who have medical training, or at least the kind that's up to date and useful as an emergency responder. Paramedic work isn't the same kind of thing I'm used to doing in the ER, for example.

[She's been keeping busy. The training for paramedic and the job she was assigned to is keeping her busy.]

I ended up in a discussion last month with the director of emergency services at the main hospital here in Heropa because of this and it went from there.

While they can't grant certification that hasn't been earned, they can waive the fees for everything from basic first aid and CPR classes to the paramedic course.

With everything that's going on- especially right now- if anyone can spare the time, you should consider doing at least the basic courses.

It can make a big difference at the end of the day.

[Along with the video, there's also a bunch of links to various organizations and schools that provide all of those classes in the imPort cities,  as well as what each state has for their basic  requirements. She did the research!]


Sep. 16th, 2016 02:22 pm
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Quick and easy one for you guys.

Who here is from or knows of Central City? And if you are one of those two options, how?

Bonus points if you can say which version you're from.

I think at some point we're going to need a list.
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I was going to report a crime.

[The voice of Leonard Snart comes on, distinctive as ever. He looks into the camera, apparently leaning against a wall in a dimly lit room with pounding music and some flashing light. In his free hand he holds a beer, on his head he wears a pointy head that says 'Wizzard' on it, which might be familiar to some.]

But I'm not even sure what's going on here.

[That said he turns the camera to show Axel Walker, who - as usual - is a sight to behold.]

Make it rain! Oh yeah baby, just like that -- oh oh you are so fine.

[Axel is throwing what little money he stole because, you know, strip clubs aren't the best place to steal from, right back at the strippers. It's noble, you know. Like Robin Hood. He steals from the ugly old owners and gives to the sexy girls in need. Honestly, it's like charity, he's doing a good thing here. How could anyone want to put an end to this? Sliding some ones into girls' thongs, he turns to Leonard. While he's not entirely sure why he's being filmed, he assumes good reasons? He grins at the camera and tries his best to look cool, his body language changing to a sort of obnoxious swagger.]

Hey, yo, it's the Trickster once again and if you wanna get a little wiggle in your lap, come on down. I'm gonna be throwing singles at these honeys all night. No one is gonna stop me neither.

[He smirks cockily and turns back to the stripper, throwing a load of money at her.

Not to worry, children and concerned citizens, in spite of them obviously being at a strip club, Leonard takes care not to show anything that could entirely rob one's innocence.

He brings the camera back around to his face, just about smiling and clearly more amused than horrified.]

Help? I need a hero.

[ooc: Plotting post can be found here if you want to figure something out, otherwise just go for it. Commenting to each other and threadjacking are both HIGHLY encouraged! Action, voice, video or text, everything goes!]


Jul. 14th, 2016 02:05 pm
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[[so after a week of aimless wandering and several failed attempts to return to the Dreaming or remove the tattoo on his wrist, the Corinthian finally decides it's time to say hello. Twin black lenses peer thoughtfully down at the communicator, their owner nestled in the shade of some nondescript building.]

It is a curious thing, to be out of place. They have done their best to make us fit, but ill-fitting it must remain for those who had purpose before. Ties are not as easily cut as some lesser materials, and I find these unwanted attempts to bind... [he hums] ...mm, an irritant. I doubt that I'm the only one.

[a pause. The Corinthian glances briefly down at the tattoo on his wrist, glowing in the shadow. He frowns, then returns his attention.]

...I am also aware that there are none here I know, and I am cut off from contacting them. So instead I would have your names and a word on your world, if you would give them. Or not - as you will. But it seems the only thing to do with a communicator is to attempt to communicate; there is no point to hiding in a false world. I will even begin, to make it more comfortable. [he adds, humored:] That is a rare offer from me.

[the nightmare touches a hand to his chest genially.]

I am known as the Corinthian, nightmare of the Major Arcana in service to the Lord Shaper, Lord Dream of the Endless.

And it is good to meet you.

[ Video ]

Jul. 10th, 2016 12:16 pm
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[ The screen focuses on a teenage boy with bleached blond hair. He's tapping on the screen with a somewhat incredulous expression. ]

You just touch—?!

[ Then he shrugs, his shoulders barely visible with the angle he's holding the phone. ]

Okay! So, the future is now, technology is amazing, blah blah blah. More importantly! Can someone point to me on a map where the hell "Virginia" is, because I slept through most of my classes and other than "somewhere in America," I am lost. "You're going to live in some town in Virginia," they tell me. Did you know America is huge? Because personally, I had no concept whatsoever.

[ He considers for a moment, then adds: ]

And the first person to tell me where I can get some weed is my new best friend for at least the next day, or until I forget I said that. Whichever happens first!

01 - video

Jul. 9th, 2016 10:16 pm
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[Okay so this tech? Rad as all hell. He has no idea how it works, how it's so slim lined and tiny, where the batteries go or why he even has it but it's so bitching, he's not even gonna protest it. His now. No backsies. Ever.

He doesn't quite get what's happening and he doesn't quite care so mostly, he's just looking to reach out. Communicate. Make friends. Maybe even a love connection cause, you know, yolo. Stranger things have happened. The video is on him and yes, he's rocking an awful outfit of blue and yellow and yes, he doesn't pull it off at all. Does he care? Naaaah. He grins an obnoxious grin that will kind of make you want to punch his little gremlin face in.

He decides to go with a time tested and flawless way to both express his interest in all these glorious people, all at once, and convey the right depth and emotions required for a first intro.]


[Nailed it, yo.]

This place is so dope! This is the Trickster comin' atcha and I am delighted to be here. How are you beautiful people?


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