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[Hello Heropa, look who it is, your favorite smarmy celestial being. He's sitting on the roof of some building or another, the sky blue behind him and a bottle of some fancy looking champagne by his hip. He lifts the glass in toast before speaking.]

So in as many days we've had some rather colourful threats from folks. One promising to do "our" work for us. [He rolls his eyes, because wow, really?]

And another promising to come back and give the town some refreshing blend of trouble and mayhem... [He shakes his head and empties his rather full glass in one go.]

My question is what's the point? Really. I can understand persons wanting to do good because it's the right thing or it gives them a warm cuddly feeling or out of some sense of duty. And I can understand wanting to rebel or bend the rules or go out and indulge.

But the whole "I'm a villain, come fight me." attitude... [He fixes the camera with a curious expression, equal parts intense and intrigued.]

Why? What's the point? What drives you? Any of you? Good bad or whatever. Why? Why play the hero of the villain?

[And like that his expression shifts back to something more amused.]
As always, I'm open for discussion. Just wait till I get a little more drunk if you're gonna talk morality.

[The screen goes black. Over to you Heropa.]

002: text

Aug. 17th, 2014 02:26 pm
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[Mandrake hates typing. He's still not good at it. But he's discovered it's a better medium for keeping emotions out of his replies than video or voice. So, text it is.]

I've been having a discussion with a friend of mine here about the variety of different places that we all come from, and how some seem much more different than others.

With that in mind, I find myself curious enough to ask:

What is your home world like? Using this one as the basis of comparison.

Feel free to answer with as little or as much detail as you would like. You can also answer anonymously if you wish.


Aug. 17th, 2014 04:06 pm
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[There have been a few heavy network posts lately, it seems like. Some Big Bads showing their faces (or not) and making dire threats about things that were previously lacking in dire threats and so on. It might make a guy feel a little left out, and want to join in on the fun. Perhaps that's inspired Lucifer to share the gray walls of his cell with the world again.

There's no sign of his watchful guard, Bill, for anyone paying attention.]

They tell me if I comply with their rehabilitation program, they open the doors and let me out for good behavior.

Not even my Father gave me that option.

[Is he considering playing ball? Is he amused at the idea of rehabilitation? His expression makes it hard to tell. ImPorts associated with the justice system will be aware that Lucifer is presenting this in an extremely simple manner, whether he was actually offered this deal or not.]

And that's the question, isn't it. What would you do to unlock the doors of your cage?

[Finally there's a sign of emotion, his lips twitch into something that could be a smile. The gates are barred, the locks are strong, and there is no real way home- without someone else's say-so.]
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[The feed clicks on to show a stretch of sky over Nonah, North Carolina. There's a snatch of someone mumbling to themselves, clearly unaware of the video being recorded.. The voice quite obviously belongs to a young girl.]

- this thing work?

[There's a sniffle, then an impatient huff. Oh sure, how it works was explained to Toph when she arrived. Doesn't really mean she listened much, bit too busy staring at the ground with unseeing eyes so those pesky authority figures would see no tears. Self-taught is the way to go... even if that means messing up a lot.

The communicator is being moved around. Small, stubby fingers move over the camera, knuckles recently scraped red. There's a flash of an arm, the ground, then bare and dirty feet. The toes flex, burrow in the dirt a little. Finally the camera catches a face, more by accident than design. It's only half visible, and turned at an angle.

The girl is young, no older than 12 maybe. Looks East Asian, except not quite, with strange green and yellow clothes, black hair falling into her face, unruly. The child's face is round and sweet, but the small mouth pressed into a concentrated frown. She's still got some sand in her hair, on her clothes, hint of sunburn on her cheeks and nose, as if she didn't quite bother getting cleaned up in the short while she's been here. Clearly not a priority. Her wide eyes are noticeably milky, almost entirely white - she's blind.

Her head tilts away from the journal - she really is entirely unaware that she's managed to record herself on video, unfamiliar with the technology and unable to see the visual feedback on the device. Toph, as the girl's name is, lowers the communicator. It briefly shows Nonah's residence #002, lovely red brick and all. Everyone watching this will get a lovely, if shaky view of her walking into the building - by stomping the ground and punching a 12-year-old-girl-sized hole into the wall. Doors are for sissies. But hey, at least she stomps the ground inside, and the rattle indicates that the wall gets raised right up again. Convenient, isn't it?

Toph fumbles with the communicator, and the video feed ends. But audio is still working, so either she's getting the hang of it, or randomly pressing buttons is just getting her somewhere.]

Anyone hearing this? Still not convinced the library didn't collapse on me and this is just the spirit world's idea of a prank - lame one, the whole fame thing is kinda neat, gotta say. Finally the recognition I deserve. So who's ready to break some rules, or are all you imported folks just little do-gooders? 

[Look who's bratty and brash, not at all secretly a bit scared or anything stupid like that, okay, shut up.]


Jul. 25th, 2014 08:36 pm
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[Guess who looks incredibly unimpressed with everything?

If you guessed Kara, you're right! But she's still using video because she wants to prove that she's absolutely fine and not at all troubled by the past few days.]

Hey. I wanna know if anyone actually get hold of the assholes who kidnapped us, and if you did, why haven't you let me had my turn with 'em?

[She wants to know if she can beat the shit out of someone. That would make her feel better.]

And has anyone ever actually asked the government for a power, instead of just accepting whatever random shit they gave you? Thinking about getting a little something extra.

[After seeing people being able to summon weaponry, she wants to do something like that. But she figured she might see if anyone has experience before going to the government.

As much as she's a little loathe to do it, there's one more thing she should say:]

Anyway. [ugh] Thanks to everyone who came looking.

[She'll leave it there, just a little awkwardly, turning off the video without another word.]
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[The video feed opens on centered on Anna. She's not as perky as usual, expression a bit demure. There's a small wave before she starts speaking.]

Hello everyone. So it would appear that someone who was here from my homeland has gone missing. Hans? I've seen some people talking about this happening to people they knew too? After doing my best research, I realized I have no idea what happens when people disappear.

I guess I'm wondering if anyone has a more definitive idea of where they go.

Do they return home? When they do, will they remember everything that happened here? Are those of us still here just not there?

[Anna takes a deep breath. She's about to fire off more questions but thinks better of it. For now.]

If anyone has answers, I'd appreciate the information. ...And will probably have more questions for you.

[She is just about to turn off the feed but pauses.] Oh! And thank you, in advance. [Can't forget polite manners, stress or no.]
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[Someone thought it a bright idea to make the resident rebel angel a televangelist. This idea was a very poor one. 

One might stumble across this program by zapping lazily or specifically searching for it. Either way, what is seen on TV screens all over on the Christian Channel is what appears to be a constipated man fiddling with the little black microphone someone out of patience has lopsidedly pinned to his trench coat. His hair is an untamed mess and he clearly resisted going into make up a little too much.]

I don't understand why you want me to say my name and greet the camera. Or what you want me to say. [He seems to be very exasperated with whatever poor soul is hovering off camera, trying to get him to do his job.] God? God doesn't care about me, or you, or us. He left.

[Somewhere backstage, the producer thinks he might be very close to a nervous breakdown and gives Castiel instructions via his ear piece. The glare intensifies, but at least he somewhat listens to what he's been told, and wanders over to the speaker's desk. If at all possible, his frown deepens, and he flips a page or two in the book places there.] 

Talk about the Bible...? [he mutters, obviously to himself and blissfully unaware of the just what the microphone does. Finally, he squints at the camera.] Uhm. It... contains very many factual errors and mistranslations. Would you prefer I lie to spare human... sentimentality?

[It's at this point that the producer is convinced his soul just threw up a moderate amount. A message about 'technical difficulties' flashes across TVs all over, and a short while later some woman or another appears to announce a slight change in the program, clearly questioning her career choices.]

And now we've reached the Q&A part of our program. The lines are open, please dial the number displayed below to be put through to Castiel with your questions and concerns regarding your faith and your life. Also displayed below is our email address, so feel free to send in more questions and comments that way.

[The camera - reluctantly - cuts back to Castiel, who is currently busy not noticing the camera despite frantic off-camera hand waving, and instead toys reproachefully with an angel figurine. Someone put him in a chair next to a table holding several religious pamphlets, as if by sitting the angel down, this catastrophe can somehow be salvaged.

Here's a hint: It's almost completely impossible for this to improve in the way the show runners would like.]

[ooc: Feel free, if you don't want your character to contact Castiel on the TV show, to contact him later via the regular Network, just let me know in your header!]


Jul. 20th, 2014 08:40 pm
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[Somehow, for whatever reason, Gabriel is still sitting at the coffee shop. It's like he doesn't know what to do and just gravitates there, sitting outside. The staff know him as a permanent fixture, and that sure doesn't hurt when they give the odd freebie here and there. Today Gabriel is fanning himself with the menu, not looking too impressed with life.]

Heropa, I just can't quit you, but we have got to have words about this weather. I'm starting to suspect that the only place here with decent aircon is my brother's cell, and that's saying something. Nice to know where the taxes are going, not that I pay those. [Huffs] Anyone around here able to control the weather?

[Shrugs.] That reminds me, anyone seen Kaworu? Skinny kid, yay high, looked like an albino? Often seen with the most polite look of cluelessness I've ever seen? And trust me that's saying something considering some of the guys I know. I was starting to think the kid had gotten lost in the library, but maybe he went home? That or walked in front of a car, as nicely as possible. Both are very likely.

[Ugh no, it's still too warm. Thank goodness the menu is being put to good use.] And I doubt anyone is gonna bite, but anyone here managed to go AWOL yet? Or had any tattoo changes on them? Feel free to send your answers to that one on a postcard.
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[Hear that Heropa? That's the sound of what should be a destitute lounge singer. The sound of smite worthy caterwauling. Yes, ladies and gents, it's Celine Dion and that hell worthy song from that movie we all hate.

At least Balthazar hates it. With a passion. The camera is pointed towards the source, a simple radio while in the corner the angel seems to be scrambling for something heavy enough to hit it with.]

Unacceptable. Un-bloody-acceptable! This bloody fecking song!

[He comes up with a thick hardcover book and throws it. It does nothing, bouncing off the radio and there's a string of curses in french and gaelic. Balthazar doesn't seem to be away that this is being filmed. Someone wanna give him a heads up before he smites himself?]


Jul. 13th, 2014 05:15 pm
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[After speaking to Loki and a number of other individuals, Lightning resolves to make this commentary. Her experience with gods is lengthy, and what she's learning here in this world is that many are quick to dismiss them. While there were myths back home that people frequently ignored, it had never been the same. Myths included stories of the l'Cie, told to scare people when they would go to bed lest they might be turned into soldiers against their own world's gods. But that was different. Having lived alongside the fal'Cie all her life, she had accepted their involvement.

That this world dismisses gods, that the people from multiple worlds, can dismiss gods, strikes her as odd. To say the least.

There is much she can say on the matter. She only hopes that she covers all that matters.]

It has come to my attention that there are a number of people here who dismiss the presence of gods. Given the circumstances that we currently find ourselves in, I've chosen to share my experiences with you. I understand that many of you come from worlds where gods are uncommon or not present at all. Even in this world, gods are dismissed as myths ... or are a feature of religion, thought to be separate and distant. It's hard to believe in something you can't see. I don't blame you.

But my home world was one where gods worked alongside humans. Prior to my present, there was a war between worlds, between Gran Pulse and Cocoon. The gods pit these two powers against one another, hoping that they would destroy existence in order to bring forth a certain being for their own goals. Gran Pulse was wiped out as a result of this war, each and every person who lived there vanishing into thin air as a result of the apparent decimation. Cocoon, my home, prospered alongside the gods, the fal'Cie. They provided goods, electricity, and everything else we needed. For so long, we lived under their whims and according to what they wanted, not realizing that we were all up to eventually be thrown away when they grew tired or disgusted with us. We were their puppets, and we had to learn how to do things differently. That was a journey that we all went on from the beginning to the end, until we finally defeated god after god so that people's memories and experiences would be remembered.

That is not to say that you should all share the same experiences, but there is good reason to believe that we are experiencing that here. There is proof left and right. I worry about what this god ... these gods[the emphasis itself is said rather forcefully]—have in store for us in the long term. But dismissing them, pretending that it's not a concern ... that's the last thing we should be doing. Treating it like "superstition," treating it like there's a more immediate concern at hand ... is unwise. They are one and the same.

I do not know if this government is unwittingly playing to gods' whims. I can't say that for myself, but I've been asked many times what I'm prepared to do. If they are, we can help them unchain themselves. What I know is that gods shouldn't play with our lives, and we should be prepared to act to stop that

[There's a pause here, where she sighs and glances away in the video.

There's a huff of breath before she presses on:]

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Everything I know about these present gods I have learned from others, but I am more free to share my own experiences.
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[The video turns on, showing Sam Winchester. Hair a bit shorter than the previous one, looking a few years younger, wearing a green, light jacket and a blue and white check shirt.]

[He looks surprised. And a little lost.]

I've got to say. I expected Hell to look a lot less metropolitan. [He holds up a hand.] I know, I know. I read the packet. Not Hell, just Florida. Though I'm pretty sure more than a few people back home would have said that there wasn't much of a difference.

[The smile he gives his own joke is wan. Yeah, he knows it's a bad one. It's what he's got for the moment.] I didn't see it in the file, but are you here, too, Dean? Not sure if I should hope for that or not, actually. But if I'm hallucinating, I'm pretty sure I'd drag him in, too.

[He pauses a moment, considering, before adding--] If this ISN'T a hallucination, I suppose I should introduce myself. Sam Winchester. Uh...pleasure to be here, I suppose.
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[A young man is seated at a table when the video feed turns on. His head is propped up by a hand on his forehead. He looks beyond exhausted, but he's forcing a smile for this.]

Florida. Great. Why can't I ever get teleported somewhere fun, like Tokyo? It's always somewhere crazy and/or boring. I'm not even in Orlando. I can't even sing bienvenido a Miami.

[Yes, those last three words are spoken like the lyrics from Will Smith's Miami. There's a brief pause, and then he shrugs.]

Too dated? Florida's not my strong suit. We can call that objection one. Two, I'd like to have some say over any ink I get in the future. They could've at least put a dragon on it.

Three is a waste of breath, because it's about how I didn't sign up for this and because I've already tried shouting about it. Nobody cares. So for now, can someone point me in the direction of a 7-11? I'm hoping that this is all heat stroke. If I give myself brain freeze with a Slurpee, maybe I'll wake up back in Mount Wundagore.

[He sighs before continuing.]

If there's anyone on this thing that isn't suffering sun-induced delusions and suddenly in the army, my name's Robbie. I don't like pina coladas, I do like long walks in the rain, and I'm terrible at yoga.
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[ You guys have no idea how long it took Toboe to work with the communicator. He is a wolf, not a tech-savvy human! The pup watched others working with it and after he bit the device, threw it against a tree and poked every button, he finally figured out which one allowed him to post to the network. When the video comes up, you see a human boy around 14, brown hair and four silver bracelets on his right wrist. And wow, he is excited. Because he managed to turn the feed on; go Toboe! ] Ah! It's working! Finally!!

[ Okay, you can do this, Toboe. Act cool. ]

I was told I can talk to other people through this thing. My name is Toboe and I just arrived so I thought I should say hi and get to know you. [ because people, he loves people. And yes, he wants to talk to you all ]

Oh, and there is a big dog [ it's totally a wolf ] around, a red one with four silver bracelets on his wrist. [ like the ones Toboe has, why yes, indeed. That is not suspicious at all ] He is very nice and you don't need to be scared of him, so you don't need to hurt him. He just walks around, looking for food, and he will like it if you pet him. [ really, please don't hurt him and pet him forever. Toboe will claim to be the "dog"'s owner, so hopefully there won't be any issues. Certainly, he is not the best at lying but this is the best thing he could come up with so nobody would try to hunt Toboe down if they saw him. ]

And- [ he pauses because he realized what he was just about to ask. How can he ask? "Did you all die, that's why you are here?" or "Is it normal to bring dead people here?". Toboe doesn't want to think about his death, but he doesn't understand how they brought him to this world. He also wants to ask about his pack, if they reached Paradise or if they were here, but he is afraid to hear "no" just like he is afraid to hear "yes".

He can't ask any of that.

For a moment he looks worried, but he puts up a smile (tries to, though it's a sad one. Toboe doesn't hide his emotions) and finally he asks something completely different: ]
Can you tell me about super-heroes? We didn't have that in my world, I think.

002 Video;

Jul. 2nd, 2014 10:15 am
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[There's a moment of silence when the feed starts up before Dean talks. He doesn't look like he's doing too well. He has the look of someone who's been panicking and is trying to force themselves to keep it together. Stay calm.]

Hey. I'm looking for my brother, Sam. He's tall, needs a haircut. He's living in apartment 22. I haven't been able to get ahold of him, so if you've seen him... let me know. [In Dean's experience, nothing good has ever come out of him not being able to get ahold of Sam. He'd checked all the places his younger brother would be and tried his cell. Nothing. If Dean was worried before, he's bordering on panic now.

There's another pause and Dean manages a tight, humorless smile before the feed ends.


Jun. 22nd, 2014 09:43 am
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[Today is a nice looking day weather-wise and even Gabriel is chilled out, sat at a table outside the coffee shop. His chocolate orange mocha latte seems to be the kind where you either drink it or climb it.]

Couple of things been brought to my attention, guys. First one is the paintball thing. I don't normally do crap for this place, but this time I'm joining in on the fight. Team Unregistered are totally going to win it and I dare anyone to prove otherwise. You're all going down to China Town. It'll be good for a laugh, everyone's been so serious recently. Will be good to get out.

Secondly, I have a major sweet tooth but I'm trying to figure out why anyone would even put black licorice in their mouths. Answers on a postcard and sent to any apartment number that strikes your fancy.

[Takes a moment to scrunch a napkin up, pegging it at a random passerby.]

Lastly that other guy from before mentioned I die a lot when I help. For the record that's utter baloney, ignore it. He's a jerkwad anyway.

Alright, done. Go back to your whatever you were doings. [Feel free to harass him in person, the coffee shop is a popular one.]
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[The camera flicks on and... seems to be upside down. Castiel isn't looking directly at it, but glancing at his surroundings. He's frowning. Behind him there's open blue sky, and from below there's the faint sound of traffic. He seems to be standing on a building. Dramatically flapping trench coat and all, looking appropriately windswept.]

You managed to lock Lucifer into a cage. As that's the purpose I died for, I have questions.

[Others might introduce themselves properly, offer a greeting, or even attempt a proper sort of conversation. Castiel neither knows nor cares that such things might be expected. Lucifer is a pressing issue that takes precedent - especially given that not so long ago, Castiel was looking at his older, oh so fallen brother, and then felt his own body - both the vessel and his true self - ripping into impossibly tiny shreds.]

I'll have to know where he's held, how you have locked him up, and how you intend to keep him in that state indefinitely. The horsemen would be a solid start. Don't ask Gabriel for assistance, he's likely to die while helping. Also... [Here his nose scrunches up in a mixture between confusion and irritation.] Why are we painting? I don't un---

[The video cuts out. Looks like the blunt, put off angel found the off-switch accidentally.]
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[When the phone is turned on, it's evident the person holding it probably initially has no idea it can even record a video. He's a bit close, mostly showing a uniquely coloured (gold) eye before shifting back a bit and frowning in surprise when he notes it seems to be recording.]

Huh. This phone is weird. I never even knew they could....wait, this is actually recording now? Not just my voice? Stupid buttons being so tiny on this damned thing....

[Hey, it's harder and clumsier with his finer motor skills as a result of his auto-mail, okay. Which clanks lightly when he shifts, getting more comfortable on his bed as he considers.]

I guess I should say hi? I'm Ed. Not that I have any intention of staying here too long, but whatever. Apparently there's no figured way back, but if there is a way to bring us here, the reverse must be true, somehow. Just gotta figure it out. If people have been--arriving here, surely people have gone home too? [There's a shrug. Clearly, he's used to making his own exit if necessary.]

As for these powers....I don't know about everyone else's but...mine is not really a power. Alchemy is something I've nearly always been able to do since Al and I studied our father's books. It's a science, but I guess some idiots are dumb enough to mistake it for a power or miracle or whatever. So what other powers are there? Are they all things you could do back home or what?

[He and Al have alchemy. That's nothing new. But then, there are people like Winry, who back home had no 'powers' so how does that work, he wonders? All of this is so weird to him. The idea of going to school and having a normal job. This whole hero nonsense....]

For that matter, who the hell thought it was a brilliant idea to put me on milk delivery?! Yeah, that's hilarious. Real funny, whoever that was. I have too much going on back home to deal with all this, dammit....

[And here he grumbles, pushing buttons again to turn the damned phone off. ]

001 Video;

Jun. 10th, 2014 02:28 am
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[When the video turns on, Dean's new "residence" provides the backdrop and he's propped the phone up so he doesn't have to touch it and can keep his hands out of view. As for what can be seen of Dean in the frame, he doesn't look like a happy camper.]

Okay. So… As much of a fan as I am of being kidnapped to alternate worlds, well. Let's just say I'm not a fan of it. [His mouth turns up slightly in a tight smile that doesn't reach his eyes.

Previous experiences with Zachariah indicated that Dean wouldn't be able to leave this world until it was freaking done with him or whatever. Not that he was planning on making the best of the situation or anything, but maybe he could get information. Something.

Something that didn't involve him talking about his new "powers". Or them deciding to randomly flare up. Literally.
] I'm looking for information. And I'm not talking about the official bull that's in the freaking welcome fliers.

[He pauses for just a second.] And I'm looking for my brother. He's tall. Kind of shaggy hair. Goes by "Sammy".

[Dean glances down at something off screen just before a small flame appears, licking at the edge of the table.] Oh. Come on. Seriously?

[The video cuts to black on Dean trying to put out the fire, an irritated look on his face.]
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[A video image clicks on, revealing a broad, churlish looking man, in his late 40s but looks like he's in his 50s. His face is world-weary, haggard, with heavy-set wrinkles on his brow. His dark hair is flecked with grey, as is his beard. There's an angry concern in his hard eyes and his jaw is clenched tight. He looks like a man one wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of.]

--goddamn it.

[The video image switches off. That wasn't what he'd wanted to do. A second later, a voice feed starts instead, and there's a momentary pause as Joel examines the device to ascertain it is actually on. He was no stranger to technology similar to this before the outbreak but that was over twenty years ago. Reacquainting himself with technology like this, even after he was shown the ropes by that asshole soldier who escorted him from the lab, is foreign as hell after years of having to live with hardly any technology at all.]

Alright, look-- [A brief shuffling sound of him handling the device, switching it from one hand to the other. When he speaks, it's with a strong Texan accent, his voice gruff and hard.] I got no idea who's listenin' to this but I'm gettin' real sick of this bullshit. Just gonna cut straight to the chase:

First off, I'm lookin' for someone. A girl. 'Bout fourteen years-old. Red-brown hair, freckles, green eyes, scar on her right eyebrow. It's real important I find her. If you've seen a girl who matches this description, tell her Joel is lookin' for her.

Secondly, if the girl I'm lookin' for is here and I find out anyone has so much as touched a single hair on her head, I won't hesitate to hunt you down and pop your goddamn kneecaps off. I ain't messin' around here.

And lastly-- [another pause] I need, uh, need someone to point me towards a place where I can get my hands on some clothes.

[Because the clothes he's wearing right now? Are torn at the seams and shredded. Just in the last hour, he's transformed into a fucking giant bear twice without seeming to have any control over it and his clothes, the only clothes he's got, are now more or less destroyed.

And another pause, filled with the sound of a quiet, preoccupied sigh and the shuffling noise of the device being handled as he switches back to the other hand. Screw it, he'll just address Ellie directly. If she's here, if she's listening, he knows she won't hesitate to contact him. Jesus, he hopes she's alright.]

If you are here, kiddo… just lemme know, alright?

[The voice feeds ends.]

Video - 001

Jun. 9th, 2014 12:15 am
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[The camera takes a minute to swing around and settle on Anna's face, with her talking all the while.]

Right, okay, so I'm supposed to show up on the screen while I talk. How do I even see that if the camera is-- wait. Wait okay oops! There we go. Didn't realize it has two [said with emphasis] ways to to take pictures!

[For a minute or two she doesn't say anything, caught up in making faces at the camera and seeing how funny they look on the screen. Cleary, Anna is easily distracted. After a little bit more of this, she fixes her attention on making a proper video.]

Okay, so. There are a lot of things different here than where I'm from and I want to know all the good stuff! A world that has things like radios and televisions and cars? And I already know about the forty flavors of ice creams and the twenty-four hour doughnut places.

[There's a far away look of happiness in her eyes for a moment before her gaze refocuses on the recording camera.]

That's got to be the tip of the iceberg. So don't hold out!

[A pause.]

Please? And thanks too.

[Anna wraps her video up with a big grin before fumbling around to turn it off.]


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