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[Bruce had spent the afternoon wandering De Chima-- he found it odd. It fed off of the presence of imPorts, a title given to him unceremoniously upon arrival, while at the same time rebuffing their presence entirely. He judged the city critically; it was too bright, its grasses too green compared to the noisy, dirty, troubled city he called home. Even more uncomforting to him was seeing a skyscraper with a large "W" emblazoned on the side standing statuesque in the middle of the city proper. 

He had thought about just walking in, maybe taking his chances, but he was dressed in the wrong sort of suit for that and his cuff links were expensive. In the end, he settled for the only other option he had-- he pulled the small phone-like device from his pant pocket and considered it critically. Essentially, he didn't have a choice; the small screen illuminated with a projection of his face, and he addressed whatever-- whoever-- was on the other end.]
Wayne Enterprises has been a part of my family and Gotham's history for as far back as anybody can remember. I didn't grow up with an appreciation for that, but an understanding that it and Gotham's foundations were intrinsically connected since the beginning. It's why I'm so curious to see a building with my name on it in the middle of Virginia.
In the late 19th century my ancestor, Alan Wayne, along with other prominent families undertook the project of modernizing Gotham Township. It all started with Wayne Shipping, sometime during the early Industrial Revolution. In time, small businesses became large corporations bookended by my father, Thomas, who created the Wayne Foundation.
My point is that this company couldn't have continued to grow without the help of family. You do what you can to help an idea grow, but as time goes on, for that idea to survive, you have to let other people share your dream with you.
I think it's something I've had trouble accepting for a long time... even as my predecessors had been doing it for centuries before me. Eventually, the people that you care about carry your torch when you can't do it any longer.
I don't expect this story to matter to any of you. Gotham doesn't even exist here, but my company... does. My point was to talk about the importance of family. It's why my next question is so important...
I'm looking for mine.

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[ She's been fairly quiet on the network after her conversation with the other Eobard. And fairly scarce in and around Heropa. There's still things she's processing from the world turning upside down last month. And things that she's avoiding. ]

What do you do when you start to feel homesick? Have you felt homesick while here? I can't imagine anyone hasn't, but stranger things have happened. None of us can choose to go home, and it's not like I can go visit this world's version of my home because it doesn't seem to exist here.
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[When the video to this particular post turns on, viewers can get a look at one Jaime Reyes and one Dick Grayson. Neither of them look as though they’re particularly devastated - no proud teenaged boy wants to address the crowd as a whole with red eyes - but both are notably somber.

Jaime’s the first to speak, posture held unusually still, though at the edge of the screen, it’s easy to see him fidgeting, picking at the skin at the side of his nails, an absent, insistent movement.]

Hey. Um, we’re here to talk about some port-outs today. If you’ve been here for as long as us - [he glances over at Dick, then back at the camera] - then you’re bound to get to know a few people who get ported out. And these days, it seems like people who’ve been here for a year, maybe two, are starting to get ported out. Maybe we don’t announce every single one of them, but we sure notice them. Over the past couple of months, Tadashi and Hiro got ported out, though Cass covered that one already, and so did Ellie, Minato, Shinji, Akihiko, Traci... I used to think that the longer you stayed here, the more likely it was that you’d stick around, but it looks like a lot of people who’ve been here for a while are gone now. The trends are -- well, that’s another topic. We’re here to say that that’s not all of ‘em, though.

[Dick’s posture is unusually perfect; his hands, folded in his lap, are completely still. He’s composed - too much so, for anyone who’s used to his constant movement.]

Wally went home the other day, too. Just a little over two years here. [He looks as if there’s something more he wants to say about it, but that’s all he manages, for the moment.] I don’t know about you guys, but for me? The worst part about this place is losing people. Knowing we might not see them again, and if we do, they might not remember.

But… even if they don’t, even if you both forget, it’s still important that it happened, right?
[He splays his hands a bit, still folded.] If it hurts that they’re gone, it’s only because what you had together was worth missing.

[It is a rare day that Dick Grayson is more comfortable with naked emotion than Jaime Reyes, but it seems that today’s one of those days. Jaime gives Dick a little smile, though it’s strained around the edges.]

Anyway. What we’re really getting at here, is remembering these people. Not, these people specifically, but the people who used to be here. Or people you used to have at home; we’re not exactly picky. If you got any stories you’d like other people to remember, in case you’re the one who leaves next, we’d like to hear ‘em. [He should probably say something about how important these people are, but -- no, he seems to decide against it. He clears his throat a little.] Thanks for listening.
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[It was only on her second day here that Laurel decided to address the network at large, figuring it was the best way to gain some vital insight. She had read the file that was given to her upon her arrival several times, taking a special interest in the abilities that had been supposedly given to her. Not only did Laurel have extra powers but she also had her weapons and vigilante outfit (neither of which she had put to use yet)

When the video feed comes on, Laurel flashes a smile before getting to her point. She's friendly, but on her guard at the same time.]

Hi. I just have a few questions.

[She was used to speaking in public, given her career path. But there was something different about this, reaching out to virtual strangers over a device.]

First question - Does Star City or Central City mean anything to anyone here?

Second question - Where is a good place for coffee? I need caffeine.

And finally - Anyone have any experience with flower arranging? I can't say that I'm an expert and they didn't teach that in law school. [A wince.] But I really don't want to get fired from my job so any tips would be great.



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[ Babs isn't quite beaming at the camera when it turns on, but there's an obvious excitement in her expression, even as she tries to play it oh-so cool. she doesn't love being away from home without notice, but there's a lot to be done here, so she's feeling pretty good about it. good enough that she's feeling up to posting to this big wide network of people, despite knowing perfectly well it'll put her out there in a much bigger way than just, y'know, showing up here in the first place.

she knows she's not the only Batgirl here, but she's prepared to handle that too. yeah. this is all going to be perfectly fine. and no, this optimism doesn't come easily to her, it really doesn't. but it's not like she's about to talk about that here, so. who cares, right? it's all good. mostly she's just hoping to see a familiar face.

Hello, --network! [ amazing start ] Does the network here have a name? That is definitely something I should know by now. But, not important. Hi. My name is Barbara Gordon, I'm still very much new here, but I am officially moved into my new place, and I'm feeling properly acquainted with the city itself, so-

Now? Now I'm in the mood for a giant cup of coffee and some small talk, if anybody would like to hang out. [ she holds up a finger ] Only a little small talk, please. Basic introductions, then we can skip all the awkward weather slash local sports team or celebrity gossip for something a little more interesting. [ i'd like to make new friends now, please and thanks. and she'll of course be doing as much network snooping as possible before meeting anyone, but hey. only way to get her social life back in order is to get.. one. so. ] That's it for me, I think. I'll- hopefully talk to you all soon.

[ she gives a short wave goodbye, then disconnects the feed.

... the only problem with that is that the transmission only lasted a couple of seconds, and she somehow kind of sounded like she was talking in fast-forward. her words babbled out way too fast, kind of like this, yeah. woo! guess who has superspeed and has no idea how to control it yet? this girl! somebody help her. please. or just watch her transmission in slow-motion, maybe. that'll work too.


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