Sep. 16th, 2016 02:22 pm
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Quick and easy one for you guys.

Who here is from or knows of Central City? And if you are one of those two options, how?

Bonus points if you can say which version you're from.

I think at some point we're going to need a list.


Sep. 6th, 2016 12:06 pm
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[The background in the video is the first Nonah housing block. Just outside of 003, to be precise.]

I'm not sure what's worse, the ending up in a different dimension thing or missing about a year and a half out of all of this.

Anyone have the Sparknotes?


Aug. 25th, 2016 08:30 pm
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C’mon, Peter. There are no take-backsies when it comes to Boogie Boogie Battlefield.

[The camera tips and wobbles slightly before focusing on the face of one Peter Parker. He looks fairly put upon, and the ribbing from behind the camera probably isn’t helping. The view tilts to one side as the cameraperson decides to take a more artistic stance.]

I can’t believe you said “take-backsies” with a straight face. Or “Boogie Boogie Battlefield.” What are you doing with your phone?

There needs to be video evidence. Just follow the script.

No, I mean--in portrait mode?

[With one last thwarted-videographer sigh, Peter brandishes an ink-covered napkin in his hand, takes a breath to speak, then cuts himself off.]

Do I really have to--

Absolutely yes. Think of the children. And portrait looks great, shh.

[Peter rolls his eyes to the ceiling, sighs, holds up the napkin, and in a long-suffering monotone reads:]

“I, Peter Benjamin Parker, do hereby declare on this date of August 25th, 2016, that Cindy Moon is the greatest Boogie Boogie Battlefield player--”

[He has to fight off a smile before continuing. It’s possible he’s not quite as put out by all this production as he’s acting.]

“--of all time, in this universe or any other where the game exists. She has crushed her enemies, seen them driven before her, and heard the lamentations of their friends, families, and significant others, of whatever gender identification or sexual orientation--”

Stick to the script, Parker! Though I appreciate your inclusivity. That should be enough anyways.

Fine, great. [He holds out his hand palm-up and waggles it.] Now give me my wallet back, you blackmailer.

[Okay, no, still a bit put out.]


Aug. 9th, 2016 07:57 pm
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[ Many may remember the cherub face of the man in the purple suit from the previous month's swear-in. He's looking more thoughtful, not grim, but if there's a smile there it's being held back like a punch line. ]

So, ah--

[ He's got a pair of swimming goggles resting in his curly (and notably dry) hair like a headband. A whistle hangs around his neck and over his partially bare chest -- he's also in a tank top bearing the familiar logo of a familiar water park, as well as the word "LIFEGUARD" emblazoned across the front. ]

--Asking questions is important. Even when you're an army guy with a clipboard just trying to shuffle out the latest ImPorts as quickly as possible.

[ He stops like he's flubbed a line, a little smile cracks through then. When he redirects, he gesticulates a lot with his hands. ]

So -- say you're interviewing somebody for a position here. [ He smartly holds up the shirt a little so the logo is more visible. ] What's probably the first question you should ask 'em before their first day on the job?

[ "First day on the job," you might be thinking? Come on, he's been here at least a month; you mean he hasn't reported in, in all that time, until NOW?

He allows for a requisite amount of dead air, eyes glancing to the side as he leans his ear close, like he's listening for an answer. No? Ah, well. ]

Say it with me, kids: "Can you swim?"

(OOC: Important note -- one of the Joker's powers is the ability to manipulate paint, which includes the ability to make his face look normal and unscarred [see the link in the early part of the post], as evidenced in earlier threads. This is how he'll normally appear unless it's otherwise noted in threads!)
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[Lex has spent the better part of the day perusing the network. Learning the news of this place. Reading, watching, listening. Seeing the faces and names of those present. Experimenting with one of the new powers granted to him by the Porter by telling the communicator to speed up the playback- not enough to make everything unintelligible, but fast enough to speed the process up so that it isn't as much of a chore.

It's only after he decides that he has learned enough from this that he sets the communicator a distance away, and sits back, his hands folded together, looking perfectly relaxed. He activates it mentally before he begins speaking, in an almost bored tone.]

How interesting.

A world where the USSR never collapsed. Technology able to bring people from other, different worlds.

And here we are, so many of us now granted abilities we didn't have in our own worlds, with the option of doing things with them.

The decision of what to do in our hands. Do we play along with this government- continue to abide by our own loyalties in the case of those of us who were Americans in our own worlds- and their expectations of what we will do for them in exchange for a basic standard of living, or do we deride it and not accept their assistance, and not assist them in turn? Or do we take some middle position, accept their aid while criticizing them at every turn?

What a fascinating conundrum it must be for those who think about it, particularly over the political aspects, with the presence of elected ambassadors. Even a candidate for the Senate.

It's an interesting scenario where power is concerned, isn't it?
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[ Bart's chilling on a swing in the park, although the swing itself isn't visible. The chains are pressed against his t-shirt, though, and the horizon is slightly swaying in the background. He's gone for a walk to think about whether he wants to make a Big Deal about this, because standing up on a soapbox and proclaiming a family member to be awesome is. Yeah, daunting. In the end, he decided that it's worth the embarrassment and whatever ribbing he might take for his sentimentality. ]

We interrupt your scheduled broadcast of humongous monsters, troll babies, and accidents to bring you this public service announcement.

As none of you know, today is National Aunts and Uncles Day. I know. You can't contain your excitement. It's OK to freak out.

[ Hang on. Is it okay to bring up something about family on the Network, or is it bragging that your family is here? He doesn't mind bragging about his family being awesome - on the whole, it is. But bragging about them being here, he doesn't want to do that. It's like rubbing salt in the wound, or something.

After a few seconds, he decides that it's probably more awkward to change the subject than to power through. He hopes people will understand.

Huh - actually, I'm kinda sorry I brought it up, because I know everyone's gotta be homesick, but my favorite uncle's here. It was only a three man race, sure, but he smoked the competition and this is the first year since I've known about this made-up holiday that I've been able to do anything about it. You all got Fathers Day and Mothers Day at some point. The universe owes me this one.

[ Getting so far off the track now. He better rein it back in before one of the more separation of name and codename types - like the one he's making the whole post about - has his head for naming specific relatives that aren't here. ]

So, uh. If you see Max Crandall today, be awesome to him even if he's being boring and cranky? I think I'm too old to make him a card, but I can try to give him a good day.

Oh yeah. I dunno if they'll never see this, but I'm giving a shout-out to my other aunts and uncles. Official and not. Even the one I've never met. I bet you're awesome; I know your daughter is.

[ He shrugs as if the statement is lighter than he means it to be. ]

You never know when people will turn up here, amirite?

All this needs is a BBQ, and it'll be my third favorite holiday. Hey, Uncle Max, you want to go get barbecue with me?


Jul. 24th, 2016 04:19 pm
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I'm curious, how many people here are gods or goddesses? Or other lesser deities? I know of one or two other than myself, but we can't be all there are here. I could divine it to find out for myself, but that would be rather rude of me.


Jun. 27th, 2016 09:41 pm
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Recent events have me thinking.

[ Stark says, taking a sip from his cup, before he focuses back on a camera. It's a lot more HD than your usual import camera -- then again, nothing but the best for Tony Stark. ]

In recent months, we've had people showing up, different times, completely different people, and now there's word of people sticking around. That's different, it's never happened before. [ A pause, a sip. ] But who knows, it could be a fluke, right? Or maybe I don't have complete data. Anyone else heard of anything like that happening?

I mean, that's as an aside. I've... I've seen a lot of people hold themselves responsible -- myself included -- for things that someone who isn't them did. Either a person they become, a person they were and aren't anymore -- or a completely different person.

Would you hold them responsible? After my...unfortunate incident I found people were holding me responsible for things that this -- different version of me had done. Is that a constant? Should people be held accountable for things that they weren't necessarily guilty of? If I'm ported out tomorrow, would the Tony Stark that replaces me be held accountable for anything I did over my time here?

[ Another pause then. His finger drums against the glass. ] Anyone have any thoughts?
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So, uh. Kinda a weird question, but hypothetically, if you knew that you could just... die or stop existing or whatever at pretty much any moment, like really knew it, what kind of things would you want to do? I don’t mean stuff you’d do if you didn’t have to deal with the consequences, cause you could die fifteen minutes or fifteen years from now. But what stuff would you not want to die without experiencing? Your bucket list, I guess.
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[Leonard Snart isn't the type to just blunder onto the network and ask confused questions, so by the time of this recording, he's already been busy getting answers.

This is further reconnaissance more than anything else. Oh, and puns. Mustn't forget those.

The camera comes on and he can be seen leaning back against a building's wall. Doesn't seem like it'd be comfortable, but he makes it work.]

So. The Cold War.


[It's possible that there's a chill running down the spine of anyone listening, but that might just be due to how terrible the pun is. Or perhaps his voice, putting just a little bit too much emphasis on everything. Possibly also because of his power.]

Where I'm from, we'd already dealt with that. Interesting times though. Got very heated.

So, this is a war. Who are we rooting for? Are the commies drafting random people too?

I've been inside a Gulag once, not really looking for a repeat there.

[The recording cuts off here, but as he packs the device away, he actually walks inside the building and enters Heropa #020, to see whatever expects him there.]

001 | Video

Jun. 5th, 2016 12:37 am
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[ A Hispanic woman— olive-brown skin, glossy black hair pulled back into a pony tail—is visible, and looking very clearly unhappy; she's on the verge of anger, really. The area behind her is very clearly in Heropa.]

I would love to know what makes people think it's fine to go around kidnapping people and force them into helping with their own goals, especially when it involves giving them crazy powers and dragging them out of their normal lives. [Especially now that this seems to be a recurring thing for her family.]

I know they say they still have the Cold War going on here, but this? This is absurd. Throwing superpowers at people isn't going to do anything.

[She takes a moment to compose herself. She already got angry with a soldier when she arrived in the first place. Other people in the same position probably don't need it too.]

I'm Bianca Reyes, by the way. Normally, I'm just a nurse, but they can't leave that alone either.
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[One recognizes the signs, when he’s been here for a while.

Waking up in a different house and room? Check. Getting a new job? Check. Having to go through the explanation of the basics? Also check. So while there’s only one question left to ask. Clark Kent looks kind of sheepish as he faces the network, rubbing the back of his neck with a sigh.]

So, how long was I out? I hope it wasn’t that much. Sorry to anyone I worried- yes, I know it wasn’t up to me but I still don’t like it.

Also, let’s get it out so we can get it all at once: I am, apparently, a glasses model. Writing for the style section wasn’t enough.

So go ahead, let’s hear the jokes.

[Read: Please joke about it, please. Anyone who does means they are still around, and well enough to make cracks about it. Anyone who does hasn’t left back home while Clark was taking some sort of vacation he doesn’t even remember having.]
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[Bart Allen is standing on the border of Heropa, by the ubiquitous 'Welcome to (City)' sign that towns just love to put up on the umpteen different major roads that lead in and out of town.]

Yeah, welcome to sunny Heropa, where the small town folks are the salt of the earth. An Earth. One of many. Or maybe many of one, but it's been splintered over and over again by time travelers stepping on too many violets until people walk on their hands and marry dolphins.

You know. Man marries dolphin is a total Florida man story. Do they have Florida Man here? What am I gonna read on this thing without Florida man?

So. Um. Do I get to object about being in Florida? Look at this.

[Bart swerves the camera down to his free hand.]

The humidity pools in between your fingers standing still. Forget jogging. That's like a blind date with heatstroke with about 2 seconds notice.

I mean... the beach isn't far, so that's one up on Alabama and like 15 up on Kansas. I don't know what people do in Florida. You know. Gators in swimming pools, sweating, beach, tanning, drinking 10 gallons of water, peeing, nicknaming each other Pork Chop, pimping out their cars with cell phone jammers.

All of that's great, but I'm bored man. If they're gonna suck me into an alternate universe, they could at least hook me up with some video games.
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[ Heat Wave turns on the video, wearing his signature costume, and tries to smile a little. ]

This is convenient, isn’t it? It's like having a support group for people stolen to an alternate universe. At least that's something. [ He wonders if it’s really a good idea, though. Mixing criminals, civilians and superheroes seems like a surefire way to get things heated. But he figures it's better than nothing.

Mick got here yesterday and has been figuring out his bearings. He’s less in shock now, so he might as well introduce himself. There’s also something he wants to address, especially given some of the folks he’s noticed merchandise for around. Just in case.

My name’s Mick Rory. They call me Heat Wave. I’m a hero. [ It almost sounds, very slightly, like he’s trying to convince himself when he says that. ]

I know I wasn’t always, so I wanted to make it clear. Save us all a headache. [ Pause. ] If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t worry about it. Just remember I’m one of the good guys.

[ Not sure what else to say, he’s about to turn off the camera when he remembers something important. ]

The pamphlet said Registration included health care – anyone know if that covers therapy?


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