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I'm usually all one for using this thing for communication only and serious blah blah blah but someone tell me:

What's up with all the sudden and unrelenting amount of royalty?
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[ The communicator is already properly situated when the video starts, a young woman framed from biceps up, silvery aviators pushed back onto the top of her head holding dark bangs out of her face. She lifts a hand and gives a wave, at ease with this technology, at least. ]

Hi, [ she begins, with a smile that's on the friendly side of polite. ] My name is Kate, I just got here in the last...batch or whatever, and I'm looking for a couple of my friends. If any of you guys are watching this, call me! For the rest of you, I put together a quick list that's attached to this message. I know it's probably annoying all of us showing up looking for people but if you have a minute to take a look, I'd really appreciate it.

They're-- [ here her smile briefly warms, and widens lopsidedly, ] --sort of distinctive? Or they usually are, anyway. I guess with the whole superhero craze here, maybe you have more than one guy running around in space pajamas, who knows!

Anyway, if you can point me to anybody on the list, I'll owe you one. Which! [ she raises a finger here and grins, excitement creeping into her voice ] I can repay in pancakes, because apparently I can do this now: [ this being the sudden appearance of a heaping stack of steaming, golden-brown pancakes, which materialize on the table in front of her, the plate they came on rattling as it lands. She frames them with her hands, Vanna White-style. ] Cool, right? I can do blueberry, too.

att: list.doc

01 | Video

Nov. 7th, 2016 07:55 pm
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Hi, I'm Steve. Pretty new around here, and I got a question or two for you folks.

[ The person on the screen is male, blond and blue-eyed, leaning against a tree in what look like downown De Chima. He's wearing a bomber jacket and what can only be described as a 'grandpa plaid' shirt. No, really, it looks like it barely escaped the least fashionable part of the '50s with its life. (Mostly because Nat and Pepper aren't here to rescue him from bad shopping choices.) ]

Does anyone know if there are any, ah, veteran groups in the area? Specifically here in the city would be nice, but I'm willing to expand out to DC or one of the other imPort centers. [ He reaches up with the hand not holding the video feed steady and rubs at the back of his neck. Asking about this is kind of embarrassing, but 1. he'd really like this information and 2. he's spent the past few years as an example, so why stop now. ] A friend of mine back home works -- worked at one, and I'd like to volunteer.

[ And also maybe talk to someone. Actually talk about war, being defrosted, and other difficult topics. Or at least keep the possibility open. Because waking up in a new century is one level of what-the-hell. Being brought to a completely new world is stretching his patience just a little. ]

So if anyone knows of one, or at least someone more official to ask, I'd be grateful. As for my other question, is baseball popular here? I kind of miss going to games and cheering on my home team. Any information in that direction would be helpful, too. Thanks.

[ He offers a little, shy smile and turns the feed off. ]


Oct. 26th, 2016 10:26 pm
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[ Everyone's favourite terrible magician is back with a new network post, and this time he looks like he hasn't slept in 4 days. To accentuate the look he has a large, shining purple bruise on his face. The cigarette he seems to always have in his mouth adds to the effect, casting an eerie orange glow to his features. ]

Right. For my next trick I'm going t' need some volunteers.

Anyone wanting to deal with that bloody "memory lane", meet yours truly by the placr 'quarter to midnight on the 30th. Adults with a halfway decent attention span preferred.
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[ Consider him curious. Maybe he shouldn't be and maybe he shouldn't even bother. But, sometimes at night—and after a martini or several, shh—certain questions and thoughts rise to the forefront of his mind no matter how much he may wish for them not to.

And, well, since he has some form of an audience here, Magnus figures: why not??

It's just audio for now, his tone is fairly even with just a small touch of amusement. Because if he can't poke fun at certain things, what's the point. Right? Right. ]

There's always quite a lot of discussion over what to do with time. Complaints about wishing to have more or wishing it would pass faster. So, I'm curious. What would you do if you had an infinite amount of time?
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[ WELL THE QUEEN OF THE MELODRAMATIC DAMNED IS AT IT AGAIN, lounging on a throne of brilliant autumn foliage and blooming squash vines and listen squash doesnt bloom in the fall thats why you even HAVE decorative gourds in time for winter but OK whatever.

It's all very well staged and impressive for a recording taken via selfie stick.

Important public service announcement, part one: if you're going to shorten my name, it's Ne, as in Ye, or Bey. . . . I guess NiNi might be OK too . . .

Second announcement: as always, Dorian Grey can eat shit.

Oh, right. Also, does anyone have any idea how the fuck to convert from an Attic to Modern calendar? Apparently I have a three day party coming up. Seems like a shame to miss it.


Oct. 7th, 2016 07:17 pm
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[The screen of their communicators flickers to life with a fluorescent glow. Initially, there's only a hint of someone there-- thick red fabric, chain mail, a hammer.]

I had prayed to come to good tidings. Greet friends, and assuage fears. To bolster thy strength with mine own.

Instead, I come here haunted by past misgivings I thought requited, by a name all too familiar to me. If you know him as well, I would like to speak to him.

[It doesn't sound like a request. The image swings up high to a broad faced man with long blonde hair. A winged helmet. His eyebrows are drawn down across a brow rigid as though it were carved from stone.]

To my friend.

001 | voice

Oct. 3rd, 2016 08:35 pm
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[ the network post begins with a disgruntled exhale. great way to start, jones. nice first impression. clearly, this mysterious new arrival is glad to be here. ]

I'll make this quick and painless. The name's Jessica Jones, and I'm looking for answers.

They brand us like cattle. Expect us to play house. Assign crapass jobs.

And of all the places to wage the Cold War 2.0, they pick fucking Florida. [ she scoffs, as if that's somehow the worst offense of all. ] How do we leave this shithole?

[ there's a pointed beat of silence, as she presses her lips together in contemplation. almost as an afterthought, she adds: ]

And where can I get a drink around here? The cheaper, the better.
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[As the feed begins, you, the ever committed viewer are presented with the image of a young man reclining on a couch that he’s presently appropriated for himself. To the more studious observer this young man has some little tells that just may give way who he is. The green eyes, the dark hair, better still is all of the green and gold armor, or maybe it’s the horned headgear…or perhaps you’ve met him in another life?

And for those who haven’t had the catastrophic pleasure, the day is still very young.

For his part, the young man appears to be more amused than hindered by his current predicament, or maybe he’s just really good at hiding it.]

It took me a little while to figure out what really bothers me about this realm, I paced my lovely new quarters, home to my lovely new housemates, [wiggles his fingers at the camera, if you’re out there lovely housemates “hello”] for a full hour before it hit me suddenly!

[His eyes go wide and bright for a moment.]

It isn’t the downsizing of my power, although that is really, really inconvenient and it makes me feel very sad on the inside. [Do you see his sad face, his terrible pout, it’s an awful pout.]

It isn’t the fact that I miss The All-Mother dogging my every waking moment, because I really do not. There is only so many times that the head of one’s mother can make an appearance in the punch bowl before one throws their hands in the air and declares themselves done. I lose more neighbors that way.

[What the Hel is he going on about?]

It is possible that I do miss my brother a bit, just a bit, but shush, that’s a secret. [Not so big a secret apparently.] That’s not what’s bothering me either, can you imagine? What’s bothering me is this: who comes up with all of these super hero and super villain names? I read comic books, I know generic when it cold-cocks me. Why, just the other day I was blindsided by a heavy-handed, well-meaning doer of good, upholder of lofty justice, and I can still hear the ringing in my ears!

[Now we’re at the heart of it, the meat and potatoes, the problem to end all problems. You'll have to forgive his wild tangents, he does that sometimes.]

What’s the secret? Is there a committee of seventy-three specific people involved? Do the unwashed masses come together and vote? Or, by Odin’s empty eye socket, do you unfortunate souls choose these names yourself?

[These are serious life-altering questions here, that require your serious, consideration! And, of course, someone needs to shut him up or he will go on like this all day.]

001 ; text

Aug. 10th, 2016 06:00 pm
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Two hot scientists seeking hot (?) lab for hotter (???) experiments. Absolutely must have:

> Soundproofing (unless you like 80s music)
> Explosion-proofing (unless you like explosions)
> Dedicated server room
> Mini-fridge
> TWO mini-fridges
> Zero questions asked

Willing to pay in monthly rent and/or incendiary devices and/or robotic helpers. No selling out to anyone (or anything) else except by contract.

Leave offers and bribes below.
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[It's quiet for a moment as the person making the request isn't completely sure how to say what he wants; he's used to staying to the shadows and working from there, so reaching out so publicly goes against most of his training. Still, he has questions, and it's not like his enemies from home can find him here. ...Probably. So he concentrates, stilling himself and throwing a casual tone into his voice that he's not actually feeling considering he just wound up on a world he's never heard of. His day had already been going weird, but this is the icing on the cake of crazy.]

So I'm looking for some people, and I was wondering if any of them are here or if anyone's seen them. Steve, Sam, uh- Scott. And Wanda. We were kind of all together back home and if I'm here, maybe they are, too, so if they are I want to track them down again. See if we can figure out what's going on, that kind of thing. If you know them, can you tell them I'm looking for them?

[The choice to leave out their last names is deliberate, but except for Scott they are his friends, some of the people closest to him in his life. And a group like that, first names are really all that's important, other details can wait.]

[But whoops, he forgot something. And this time he will use a surname.]

Oh yeah - I'm Clint, Clint Barton. Thanks, and see-

[He's interrupted in signing off by a bark off to the side. There's another brief pause, and then Clint speaks up again with a bit more confusion in his voice.]

Did anyone in, uh, Heropa lose a dog? I've had this guy following me around for at least half an hour now, looks like some kind of chocolate lab mix and he seems like he's been trained but he isn't wearing a collar. Do you think I have hamburgers or something?
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This - !

[is an angry wizard, actually, in a lovely little hotel room. A wizard who is only on his second glass of wine. But he seems to be referencing the movie he's waving angrily at his communicator.

It's "The Wizard of Oz".

- This is terrible! An absolute mockery, is what it is! I've had so many people bringing this up, and I think to watch it for myself, and I find - I find - right, so, the wizard is a fake. Let's address that first of all, shall we? They all go on this big quest to get to the wizard, and he's fake, but how did the people not realize that in the first place, that's what I want to know.

He doesn't even have a pointy hat.

[Rincewind waves a hand.]

It's all a bad message, is what it is! Making wizards look bad! And look, the whole thing about witches being green - I mean honestly, witches are scary enough on their own without all that. That's obviously added. And the flying monkeys -

[he shudders. Never mind, not addressing those. Those were terrifying.]

But I've certainly never heard anything about them melting with a bit of water. Even trained hydrophobes don't do that. Bloody ridiculous.

The whole thing is ridiculous, is what I'm really getting at. We're supposed to believe a scarecrow which can talk and walk about is brainless? Or what about it trying to get everyone to buy that the strange man with ribbons in his hair is "a lion"? And ignoring that whole bit about how this Dorothy person could have just clicked her heels the whole time, enchanted shoes aren't what they're cracked up to be in the first place, the University can tell you. Half of her would have probably been teleported back to Kansas faster than the other half, and that would have certainly been a bloody mess. Very gruesome.

Anyway, it was hideous and I don't understand why so many of you reference it in the first place.

[two thumbs down, says newly self-appointed movie critic Rincewind; only one and a half poorly-sequined stars.]
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If this is your cat, can you come get him, he's terrorizing my employees.

[Hey, guess what Dorian, he still has a business, stfu.]

And is it just me or has this month been particularly trying?


Jul. 24th, 2016 04:19 pm
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I'm curious, how many people here are gods or goddesses? Or other lesser deities? I know of one or two other than myself, but we can't be all there are here. I could divine it to find out for myself, but that would be rather rude of me.
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As seen on local television network:
In the wake of the strange disappearances back in June, the Maurtia Falls Police Department has issued a brief statement claiming that they believe that last month's bailjumpers have indeed been kidnapped and murdered, given evidence collected at crime scenes discovered in the city earlier this month. However, no more criminals who have posted bail have vanished, and although the Maurtia Falls department have yet to find the criminal responsible, they are optimistic that the crime spree, if that was indeed what it was, is over.

That said, reported disappearances in the city have climbed to an all time high this month, although this, a Member of the Court of Drunk Statisticians remarked for the Fall News, is no surprise: "People get jumpy when their loved one goes missing in a situation like this, hic. They might pay more attention to long absences when, hic, they might otherwise have not given half a s#&t about it before."

The accompanying news article seems to back up his claim. Local loan shark Joe "Fingerbreaker" Hammer disappeared on the 12th of June, and two days later was reported at missing, only to be rediscovered by his overwrought ex-wife. "He got drunk and fell asleep in the back of his limo, and ended up in Vegas. He didn't bother to call me back even though I left thirty-seven messages on his phone. He's a douchebag, I wish he was missing."

As seen on the national nightly news:
In related news, a seventeen-year-old boy who reported his parents and younger sister missing on the 7th, the day after his birthday, whom was later discovered to have killed them all, concealing their bodies by throwing them into the cesspit under their house. He has been remanded into custody and charged with three counts of murder.

As seen on international news stations:
Scattered reports from Moscow indicate that the USSR will be staging mass "duck and cover" demonstrations for children ages sixteen and under, in the event of uncontrolled imPort violence committed against the people of the USSR. ImPorts are depicted as extremely aggressive and heartlessly lethal foes, an argument popularized by boogeyman-like propaganda posters featuring the more infamous imPorts (notably Jonathan Crane and Lucifer). These posters flood public areas such as schools.

As seen in the Page 6 ads in all newspapers local to imPort cities:
82 101 109 101 109 98 101 114 32 117 115 63 32 87 101 32 104 97 118 101 32 98 101 101 110 32 119 97 116 99 104 105 110 103 46 32 69 110 106 111 121 32 116 104 101 32 115 104 97 107 101 45 117 112 46

As seen featured on
Ronald Chump fires back at imPort Kitty Jones when asked about her in an interview --

"Who?" Replied Chump, apparently unaware of the name. Shortly followed by: "You mean that miserable anarchist? Whatever."

More undoubtedly to follow.

As seen on national news:
WeCare, a non-profit charity promoter, would like to celebrate imPort-created charities and foundations this July. If you are a n imPort who has founded either of the above criteria, then contact WeCare at with your information. Everyone who submits a legitimate application will individually receive a 14k plated gold medal of recognition on July 30th! Representatives from WeCare will meet you at your home or business to present your medal and offer a brief interview of your accomplishments and passions.

As seen on the morning show "Cox & Friends":
Rumors are already swirling about the Senate race heating up in Virginia. Former imPort Ambassador Mitchell Hundred is in the thick of he-said-she-said talk about his bedroom preferences and habits. Most pundits dismiss all this to be nothing more than a whisper smear campaign against the imPort in his bid to unseat a senator.

The Homeland Security Advisory System has moved from FIREWORK RED to SHATTERING BROWN because of the rampant earthquake monsters running amok.

The Majority Report comes out the 10th and 20th of every month. You may find details and submit here. The cut-off time is 12:01 AM PST on the 9th and the 19th for the corresponding dates.
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[ there are a string of short, aborted videos on the network, most of which contain a blurred image of a strange blue uniform and a series of creative, mumbled expletives. when the video finally stabilises, an agitated man in his mid-thirties leans back in his chair. there are some childish drawings pinned against a whiteboard over his right shoulder but, other than that, it's hard to discern his precise location until a woman wearing brightly coloured scrubs walks past and gives him a funny look.

arms crossed over his chest and a scowl fixed upon his face that can only mean he's new here, dr. leonard mccoy is not happy with his current situation. prime directive be damned, they've dropped him back into the medical equivalent of dark ages and he's going to let everyone know how he feels about this. ]

Now this damn thing has finally decided to work, the name's Leonard McCoy. I'm your new local paediatrician. It's a pleasure. [ the corner of his lips twitch in what might be considered a smile. ] Now before you start asking: I don't practice the dark arts these doctors of yours call medical treatment, I don't make house calls, and I don't do any of this mumbo-jumbo magic crap either.

[ they seem to be a bit of a sore subject for the doctor. ]

If you need any medical assistance, I suggest you ask for me specifically, unless you want holes drilled in your head. God help me, I'll be here all day.
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[Hi, everyone. Have a view focused on a tray of fresh, hot pastries.]

While I was making these, I had a thought. Everybody here has obviously originally come from all sorts of different times and places, which makes for a lot of interesting conversations. Despite being someone who enjoys cooking and baking, I've never really asked about differences in food. So, if you feel like sharing the information, tell about your favorite dishes from your original universes. I'm curious.

[And then the view of the camera focuses on Wanda's face.]

Those things that you just saw are called kiflice. They're sweet pastries, and some of my favorite things to make and eat. I've filled some with hazelnut spread and the others with plum jam; you can fill them with anything you want, really, but those are my two favorite fillings for them.


Jun. 27th, 2016 09:41 pm
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Recent events have me thinking.

[ Stark says, taking a sip from his cup, before he focuses back on a camera. It's a lot more HD than your usual import camera -- then again, nothing but the best for Tony Stark. ]

In recent months, we've had people showing up, different times, completely different people, and now there's word of people sticking around. That's different, it's never happened before. [ A pause, a sip. ] But who knows, it could be a fluke, right? Or maybe I don't have complete data. Anyone else heard of anything like that happening?

I mean, that's as an aside. I've... I've seen a lot of people hold themselves responsible -- myself included -- for things that someone who isn't them did. Either a person they become, a person they were and aren't anymore -- or a completely different person.

Would you hold them responsible? After my...unfortunate incident I found people were holding me responsible for things that this -- different version of me had done. Is that a constant? Should people be held accountable for things that they weren't necessarily guilty of? If I'm ported out tomorrow, would the Tony Stark that replaces me be held accountable for anything I did over my time here?

[ Another pause then. His finger drums against the glass. ] Anyone have any thoughts?


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